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would these be free?

Yup. And blooming tasty. I don't have a micro anymore, but it's almost worth getting one just for those! lol

I'm afraid I don't think they would be. If you remove the water content of the potato and drastically change the way in which they're eaten then they won't fill you up as much as they do if you boil, mash, or chip them, so you would end up eating a whole lot more calories which defeats the idea of free food.

I'm pretty sure that someone on another message board checked these, roasted chick peas, lasagne tortilla chips and some others with head office and the official line was that they should be sinned as you're changing the way in which they should be eaten and how the sin content was calculated as it's being eaten in a different way.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but I too was merrily tucking into them until I saw the post on another board!
Jen, it seems to vary depending on which official source is consulted. lol
I know, but i'm fairly sure that was the official response from SW head office as it differed between consultants, and I guess when you apply the logic of why foods are made 'free', being that they're low in calories, fill you up and are slow to burn off the energy. If you then think about how long it would take to eat a potato or two baked and how long it would fill you up for, and then compare that to how long it would take to eat a potato made into crisps and how long it would fill you up for you can see that the difference it quite great.

A year or so ago I'd got into the habit of making great batches of vegetable crisps and hadn't lost anything for ages, stopped eating the 'free' vegetable crisps and started losing again.
Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. That's the reason fruit needs synned if it is in anything other than it's natural form
You could well be right about it being from head office.
Like with couscous cakes, chickpea nuts etc. I agree, if you have reached a plateau, and you are eating alot of the 'grey area' foods, then cutting them out probably will get you losing again. On the other hand, if you are steadily losing, and occasionally enjoying them, then it probably is fine to treat them as free. (That's in my head at least! lol)


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