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WW meetings transfer .... not sure what to think!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Ok so ive transfered to a different meeting because a friend of mine has just become a leader so i have decided to help out with the shop ...
anyway! the leader i had before has sent my new leader a note ...
i dont know the full note
(ill find out next week)
But it said somthing about my weight loss being consistant ... but that if you become a helper you lose sight of your own goals! ...

Not really sure what she ment by that! any ideas? ... and does anyone think it would be a BAD idea to help out ??
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I don't think so, Kirsty. I think it's just that you can get very tied up in helping other people and there's a risk that you'll forget why you are there in the first place.

If you know that's not going to be a problem for you, then don't worry about it. If anything, it may well motivate you more - I would be less likely to skive off after a bad week if I knew I was letting people down for example.
Kirsty,i new someone who when she was helping a friend didnt ever loose as it was a friend and she never said nothing to her if she put on,then she would go and not get weighted,just something to keep an eye out for hun x
Maybe you should make a point of going to sit with the rest of the group once the class begins - that way you can still help your friend out with the shop, but still be part of the group too.

In classes i've been to in the past the people who run the shop stay sat at their posts so are slightly separate from the group, and therefore less involved, which is probably where the comment comes from.


Going From Flab to FAB!
yeah i agree with that comment also! i did help at the shop last time but think im on with the tea and coffees next so once everyone has theirs i can go and sit with the rest!
I need the meeting part of it to keep me on the straight and narrow
I know when i've helped out in the past it's easy to sit there and not be included by the leader as much, not through any fault of theirs, but if you're not sitting with the group it's easy to get overlooked.


Going From Flab to FAB!
hhmmm im having second thoughts now! ... do you think that i could have a way round it and still be involved! .. Its starting to seem like the sorta thing to do once at goal maybe ? ..
but dont wanna let my friend down! .. what to do
Totally agree with Jen think thats the perfect way forward!
I help at my meeting and run the shop. I must admit I am too busy to be a full part of the meeting but it doesn't bother me. Could you not help your friend but go to the other meeting as a member

Irene xx
Whenever i've helped out in the past I find it means I can't find an excuse not to go, otherwise i'd let the leader down - I just made sure I dragged a chair over to join the rest of the group and got my clap when I deserved it or support when I needed it!
After I clicked 'post reply' I realised how it sounded - I should've guessed that someone would've picked up on it!!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey .... well im going to meet up with my friend and chat to her about it but i cant go to her meeting for the next 2 weeks because mark wont be home soon enough for me to set off and bec is in cornwall so she cant watch the lil man! ....
so will be getting weighed in lym until then but i think ill offer to do the coffee and teas and then sit in on the meeting i think .... see how i go with that for a month or so!

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