WW Ready Meals


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I add loads of veg to them, but only have them in emergencies- they're still quite high in fat/salt content even though they're 'diet' meals!


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Thats good advice.....all the pre-packed stuff seems very high on fat/salt...wonder are there any good pre-packed prodcuts out there??


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Iceland are very good, there meals are gm ingredients and some are low salt, fat ect and low points. I do bulk out with veg as they are a pathetic size!!!


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they are too small, when i used to do WW i was constantly hungry...:rolleyes: I had to add tonnes of veg (though thats not a bad thing really is it!)

Some of them are quite tasty.


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I used to have these meals, I too found them really tiny!! Not bad if you put extra salad/veg with them. The one with the potato wedges is quite nice (i think its the chilli?) but I wasnt keen on the rest. The pizzas are terrible too!!!

You're better off making your own and stashing a load in the freezer!


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i thought the pizzas weren't bad at all if you put extra tomatos on them :) Only thing is my hubby would feel sorry for me and grate extra cheese on top :8855:
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I like the spaghetti bolognese (even tho it looks a bit gross) hehe

I think the pizza tastes a bit like cardboard tho! and its quite expensive so i try and stay away from most of the WW meals! x