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Another question...sorry if I sound a bit dim, I ve also been prescribed Xenical by the doctor but reading the leaflet it says it just stops you absorbing fat from food. As I m eating no fat is it really worth taking them? Has anyone else ever tried the two together?
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reaching my goal
I wouldnt recomand it ,your on a no fat diet anyway it would be pointless you taking them x
I tried Zenical once. In my opinion its just a glorified laxative lol...everytiem i ate i had to run to the loo. i lost weight but im not surprised, cos nothign stayed in long enough lol (sorry tmi). I wouldnt bother tho cos ur not wating any fat anyway x
I thought that would be the case, am just so desperate to get this weight off :fingerscrossed:
I know..its great reading how well everyone else is doing, I m off work today so was aiming to do a mad springclean ( burn calories and have a sparlky house) but I ve been reading through all the old threads on here, if I can do half as well as you lot i ll be happy, not weighing myself til Sunday when my friend starts but am hoping for a decent loss to keep me going. I suppose I should get on with some jobs !!
Annie I am sure your weight will fall off, just please be very careful how you go about it. I tried Annie which did the same as Xenical and the doc asked if I was still taking it when I started this, he said if I was I should stop immediately. We have to be very careful with a diet as extreme as this.
thats true. on xenical i was monitored by the doctor, it can affect your blood pressure etc and thats when ur still eating. trying it with this diet might not be good from a health perspective. id give it a huge miss lol


is slowly shrinking
u r not eating any fat so pointless, i would continue to save them and store them for when u start eating again, as they are hard to come by. i would pretend to doc that u losing on xencial even tho it is exante and get a stock load. naughty i know, but u will need them another time.
Yep I agree. I had Xenical about 10 years ago when it was fairly new on the market. I stopped it as it was incredibly embarrassing - as babystar said..... except sometimes I didn't get to the loo on time!!!!!! :censored:


reaching my goal
i tryed xenical for 2 days and i was on the toilet constantlyx


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I had to run because I had the runs...not good!lol


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It is the devils tablet lol

I tried reductil last year and that was quite cool. But I do prefer to do dieting without these things x
hmmmmmm dont think its such a good idea then lol, bought my ketostix and it did nt even change colour....gutted, but still going to keep trying cos others have said it does nt always change


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If you drink the required water you may not see much on ketostix. They are a tool, but not the be all and end all. Plus, can take up to 5 days to get into ketosis. For some it takes longer :)
I did it again (sad I know) and ITS WORKING !!!! am sooo happy, was worried cos I d had fruit too, had thought that was ok ...I need a little treat xx and i m drinking LOADS of water, I normally drink about 2 litres a day so have nearly doubled it, have you decided diet or band..you re doing really well so whatever you decide it can only be for the best


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Decided to turn the band down :)

I know you say you need a treat, but to do this successfully you need to leave that mindset behind. Treats are for when you get to goal. Fruit will be limitless by then. It is worth a small sacrifice now for long time weight happiness x
Annie, without wanting to be the master of doom and gloom, if you are doing the total solution you cannot and I mean cannot eat anything, fruit, salad, nothing, the object of the total solution is to only consume 600 calories a day and if you oo so you will lose weight quite quickly, not sure what your starting weight is and what you want to get to but if you eat at all it will slow the weight loss down.
You cannot have little celebratory treats and expect to lose the weight. Celebrate when you have got to your end target.

This is the most extreme way of dieting and if you are not in the right frame of mind going into it then be prepare to cheat and be prepare for failure.

Sorry if the above is to blunt and to the point for you but that is the bottom line.


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I don't think it is blunt Mark. It is the reality of what us Exante Ts lot do each day lol

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