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xX The Maintenance Diary of Emma-Jayne Xx Thin for Life! xX

Hello everyone!!

I am thrilled to be joining you all on the maintenance section. I've dropped in a few times but I am now here to stay! I finished refeed yesterday so today is my first official day of maintenance. As of today I am 40lbs (2st12lbs) lighter than I was 10weeks ago. I am the proud owner of some size 8 clothes (very few but still) and feeling great. I don't EVER want to go back to my old ways and lose this new found confidence so here's to a healthy new lifestyle! I'll be posted my food at the end of every day, just wanted to drop by and say a big hellloooooooooo.

Have a great day everyone, we all did 100% so we can all beat the food demons. Xxx
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Welcome to maintenance and congratulations on your losses, you have done really well.

I bet you are loving the taste of food now that you have finished TFR.

Just keep posting and dont be afraid to ask for any help you may need along the way.

This is now the difficult part, keeping the weight off, but just follow the 80/20 rule and you should succeed.


2 Years Maintaining :)
Welcome Emma - Jayne :) Well done on your losses so far xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Welcome and well done on your loss on tfr! :)

Now the hard part starts though! LOL Like Mary said, don't be afraid to ask if you want some advice/want to know something.

Personally, I feel keeping track of everything I eat is the best way to keep on maintaining.

Look forward to having you around :) x
Thank you everyone! I feel so lucky to have found this site and have all the amazing support! I've seen most of your maintenance diaries and I think you're all doing brilliantly. I'm prepared for the hard work haha, just hope it continues! Xx


maintaining since June'09
Welcome Emma-Jayne ... :) well done on your losses - it feels great doesn't it :D:D!!

Good to have you around. Make sure you stay here - even if at any time you find you're struggling .. that's when it's most important not to disappear and be on your own!! :) x
27/11/11 Food Diary

Breakfast: 40g Porridge oats, 300ml water

Lunch: 2 slices weight watchers wholemeal bread, prawns, lettuce, a tomato (made into open sandwich) with carrot sticks

Dinner: 100g wholegrain pasta, 1/4 red onion, 4 cherry tomatoes, garlic, crab meat

Drinks: 3.5L water, 4 green teas, 2 black coffees

Snacks: Plum, handful of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and grapes with fat free natural yoghurt

Feeling good about todays food. Have felt satisfied and enjoyed what I have eaten. Bring on tomorrow! First dreaded weekend over and done with lol. Xx


maintaining since June'09
Looks good :) .. You'll be fine, enjoy the tastes :D xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Menu looks good :)
Thanks guys :) Feeling a bit peckish now though! Grr. I'm to ignore it, have my second black coffee and go to bed. Watching Fatima snot everywhere on I'm a Celeb has certainly put me off eating anything this evening :-S Hope you've had a fab weekend guys! Xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Haha I'm watching that with the bf and littler brother and all 3 of our reactions when it came out was 'uuuuurgh!' lol

It was so vile! I was glued to it yet it was turning my stomach at the same time! She is a beast of a woman lol. My other half is terrified of her haha. Xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I didn't see your diary here. You're off to a flying start with your maintenance. Good luck.
I was rooting for Fatima tonight. Pat was too smooth.
28/11/11 Food Diary

Breakfast: 30g porridge oats, 200ml water, teaspoon of sweetner

Lunch: Prawns, lettuce, a tomato, cucumber, chopped carrot

Dinner: Salmon, herbs, green beans, cabbage and leek

Drinks: 4L water, 3 green teas, 2 black coffees

Snacks: Apple, banana, handful of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries with fat free natural yoghurt

First gym session tonight! Going at 8 :) I'm really looking forward to it. Just going to do some light cardio on treadmill, cross trainer and bike to see how I get on. Might also get to work on a 6-pack and do some crunches haha!

Feeling good about todays food, made less porridge than yesterday as I didn't eat it all yesterday and added a small amount of sweetner. I stopped myself 'boredom' eating when I got in from school (trainee teacher) because I wasn't actually hungry at all and was just trying to avoid my work! Hope everyone is well. Xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Looking really good today and have fun at the gym!x


maintaining since June'09
Your food looks great Emma :D - Hope you enjoyed the gym xx
Thanks everyone! This may sound odd but I feel 'clean' with the food I'm eating. I think my body appreciates it. I'm in a much better mood all the time, I have so much more energy and my skin etc just seems nicer. I definitely don't miss that sluggish, lazy, fatty, guilty and depressed feeling from eating loads of junk the way I used to. Really appreciating all your support guys! It's keeping me going.

Gym was great thanks! I managed a steady powerwalk on an incline and then a 5minute jog/sprint. Spent about 15mins on the bike and then some leg weights and crunches to tone those abs and thighs! Sorry if I'm rambling haha... I'm writing it to have something to look back at so I can see progress etc.

Here's to another day everyone Xx

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