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xxITS WEDNESDAY!xx Lets Do It Hour By Hour xx



I will get to goal .....
Morning Guys,

Poor BF was subject to a rather large paddy from me last night :eek:. A big proper crying, sulking 2 year old tantrum .... all because I wanted to eat :rolleyes:. So I have decided that it's not fair to keep being this thing possessed for him to deal with so I'm going on 790 as of today :D. Why put myself through all the stress of SS when I'm only a couple of lbs over BMI 25 anyway. So I've popped into Asda on way to work and stocked up on 790 yummies. Looking forward to a nice chicken salad later and milk in my tea is divine.

So let's have a great day on here - aiming for 12 pints again today. Still retaining from TOTM :mad:. I will get it flushed out! LOL!!!

How's everyone else doing??



Good morning all - god I'm soooooo tired today I don't think I got a wink of sleep cos of that flamin rain!!! RARARARARAR!! I'm worried cos when I'm tired I eat so have to keep busy - I get the feeling today is going to be a tough one for me.

Oh Dobbie - I know how you feel - I'd have done anything to eat last night so I'm thinking of switching to 790 too - I'm miserable and I'm taking it out on hubbie which is not good. I'm going to try one more day of SS and see how I go.

Good luck today everyone Vx


I will get to goal .....
Morning Vikki,

Yeah me too with the rain ..... got about 3 hours in total and feeling like cr*p today as a result.

Good luck with SS today hun - got everything crossed for you. I don't think I could face another day of SS even if I wanted to!!!

Plenty of water and we'll be ok. One day at a time!!!
Morning all!

Daughter had me awake at 3.00am this morning and golly I am really exhausted today!!!!
Last night I went to CDC and had another weigh in ......lost 1lb!!!! After the weekend of piggery, I am really pleased that I didn't gain...I will not become complacent, as I know that I can't get away with it the next time!!

That didn't stop me crying to Hubby last night that I wanted a large donner kebab and chips!! He refused to go and get one and I went to bed! This morning I feel better for not actually giving into my demons, so Dobbie I know what you went through last night too!!!

Any way, I am positive, the sun is shining and I feel thinner!


Thanks Hun, yoo too, I'm having my nails done after work so won't have time to eat anyhoo otherwise I'd be on 790 today. When is you next WI?
Hi guys,

Can I join you today?? This is my first day back on ss after my hols. My brain wants to do it but my tummy dosent! :D

Aiming for 3.5L today. Im bad on the water so we'll see how it goes.

Im trying to weigh up the pro's and con's of ss or 790?? Ill stick to ss for as long as I can though!

Good luck today girls x


Hey Mrs V - that is great news to hear you lost. I was thinking of you last night as I stepped on the scales (as you know I fell off at the weekend too) am just glad I didn't gain either but I think I have learnt my lesson that's for sure! Have a good day Vx


I will get to goal .....
Louise - best of luck for today. Get on that water girl and it'll soon be gone!! Just think of all the pee breaks as your body ridding itself of fat ... makes them quite enjoyable LOL!!!

Mrs V - 1lb off is great going. Don't go giving into food now - you must nearly be back in ketosis after the weekend. C'mon hun - you're only 1lb off the magic first stone!! I expect to see that well and truly off by WI next week!!! Stay strong. And your hubbie sounds adorable - bless him not going for a kebab - good lad!! Make sure you give him a massive snog later to show your appreciation ;)!!

Saffron - thanks hun. Feeling much more positive about CD today just knowing I can have food and will still lose. Still retaining from TOTM think I'm 2lbs up :mad: but still 9lbs down overall so it's not too bad.

Vikki - thanks hun. WI is tonight, not hoping for anything spectacular with TOTM and all. Think I just need to stay focused on the bigger picture today as I expect I have gained :rolleyes:.

Let's have a good morning :D
How funny, have just popped to the local newsagents havent been in there for a couple of months and the FELLA commented on my weight loss!! told me i am looking good!! told him i have lost just over 3st, and he were amazed and told me i would have all the fellas after me now!!, walking home i glad i saw noone as they would have thought i had lost the plot ( ok i no i am a mad woman anyhow lol ) as i was smiling and having a gigle to myself!!!

right of to my mums now my sister has popped round there so i will get to see my fab little nephew
see you all in a while, be good and keep gligging the water xx


I will get to goal .....
Now that's some great motivation for you Tara!!! A complete stranger commenting on your loss .... woooweee!!!
Awww, Tara, what a pick up!!!! I bet you are on cloud 9 now aren't you!!!!

Thanks for the replies about my loss. Vicky, I am gald you didn't have a gain either, we will get through this Hun!!!
Dobbie, Hubby is a good 'un sometimes!! Lol!! I think he does deserve a snog later for not giving into my temper tantrums!!

I now have to deal with serving another load of sandwiches through a meeting, but do you know what? I don't want them - I'm going to try these psyllium husks I got in the post yesterday instead!!!

Keep drinking that water!!!


I will get to goal .....
Woo hoo Mrs V!!! Way to go on not wanting the sandwhiches - and anyway they are stuffed with carbs and by the end of the meeting those not eaten will be turning up at the edges .... mmmm ..... NOT!! :sign0137:

Onto pint 6 now and contemplating another half pack :D. Let's keep it up girlies and have another good day ... nearly half way there now ;)
Afternoon all!!!

Well, after I saw who was eating the sandwiches, I wasn't remotely interesting in picking them afterwards!!! Lol - I am cruel!!!
There was mostly prawn left anyway and I can't stand prawns!!

Litre number4 well under way and I have just tried those psyllium husks and a vanilla shake warmed - not exactly delicious, but palatable!!! I can definitely see myself eating it again!!!

Thank you for the recommendations!


I will get to goal .....
LOL Mrs V!!! Anytime you are tempted to cheat again just imagine all those grubby fingers pawing over the food ..... :sign0137: that'll put you off!! You're doing so well on your water too - check you out you water glugger you!!!

I'm onto pint 7 :D and the gazillionth trip to the loo. I'm sure there's more coming out than going in so I'm hoping that some of the retained water is escaping at last :innocent0001: (fingers crossed eh?!). Maybe I won't show a gain for WI?? Perhaps that;s wishful thinking but it can't hurt hey?!!

What's everyone got planned for later? I'm turning up curtains :mad: for my ungrateful SIL .... raffle snaffle!
Awww, Dobbie!

I am sure you will have the loss this week!!

Hmmm...later, after I have collected Jessica from Child Minder, I am going to brave Tescos, prepare hers and DH's tea and then pack some more of our things ready to go into storage! Then I will have a bar and another litre of water before bed!!!


On the slippery slope - help!

Hi guys - I can feel myself falling off this diet today. I'm sooo tired and want to eat (not hungry) just want to EAT!!!! I thought this might happen today as I'm so tired and that's normally when I sit and eat a pack of Haribo to myself:cry: I so want to get through the day. I've tried everything so far to steer myself away from temptation and so far so good. I walked around the shops at lunch to try to find myself a piece of clothing as inspiration but found they were either too small, not right for my shape or just to darn expensive. Getting in a rut and don't want to get stuck :( I know what I need to do to get myself out of this pickle but just have no energy or motivation to do so - little self is getting louder and louder I can hear her saying it's easier to stay fat just jump off and go eat but I'm ignoring her at the minute hopefully I can remain strong (god I want to punch little self in the head!) Anyway just a rant Vxx


I will get to goal .....
Oh no Vicky!! You have come so far - you can't eat now! Think about the weight you have lost and how much better you will feel if you stick to it. Jumping off and stuffing your face will only cause you to feel worse .... you'll be cross at yourself for giving in and you'll put the weight back on and you'll be back to square one.

It's only your brain trying to deal with your emotions. Your body doesn't want the food ... your brain will try and lure you back into old habits like comfort eating which is exactly what you don't want.

Why not take 10 mins out and go for a little walk to clear the chatterbox from your head. Maybe make up a bouillion for a different flavour or chop a bar up into little bits to nibble on.

Please don't give in now - you are doing soooo sooooo sooooo well. It will pass I promise, just hang in there chick xxx

Dobbie is right...don't give in now!!! Just think you will go through hell all over again, just beacuse you think you want something when actually you don't need it.
I pigged out over the weekend and regret it so much - although I lost 1lb this week, it's made me think how much I could have lost!!! I want to loose 14lbs a month and that is my little challenge to myself.

Sheer determination will only get you through this - set yourself a mini goal, even if its something small - try something that you have never done before and when you have done it, try something else!!!

Please, don't give in to temptation Hun, it really isn't worth it.

Cuddles for you.



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