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Yo-Yo's Diary

Okay, so I can finally join you lot on this Lighter Life path.

Funnily enough I weighed in 4lbs lighter last night, than I did when I went to the information session last Thursday! So I am 13st 9lbs instead of 13st 13lbs, which I was pleased about, so that is 52lbs I want to lose instead of 56lbs!

Where do I start?

Today hasn't been that hard. I did think work would be my downfall. It started off with a disaster when I went to mix my milk-shake (banana) and despite using the shaker, and sieve thing in the top of it, it was just hideously lumpy.

My colleague said the only way around that is by using a hand blender - so much for trying to keep the fact I am doing this anonymous, I'll be drawing attention to myself walking around with a hand blender. I'm amazed no one asked me what I was adding to my water. The milkshake tasted palatable but there were just too many lumps in it so I ended up chucking it down the sink.

It also put me off having my 'lunch' as I knew the soup would end up the same way. So I just drank as much water (with flavouring) as I could and have had my four litres intake today, which was really easy.

The only hunger pangs I had were about half an hour ago, so I knew it was proper hunger. I'm having the soup now (chicken) and there are no lumps in it, and it doesn't taste that bad. I have to get it into my head it's not food, it's medicine/treatment.

The office had an Indian take-out today and I was so jealous. It was such a success that they have declared they will have one, once a month! Oh well, at least I will be able to join in, in October.

I kept getting really excited when I thought about how slim I could be. I hope I can last the course.

Should I have had any 'counselling' last night, cos we didn't. We didn't even have time to watch the video all the way through. I got measured (44" bust, 39" waist, 45" hips) and had a photo taken. There were 8 new starters in the class last night, two of whom were at the info session last week.
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Good to almost get through that first Day.

I use a hand blender at home, but doe work I have a tiny wisk or use a fork. Can be a bit limpy, but generally ok for the soup tend to have.

I also try not to draw attention to packs, and people at the moment think I just prefer soup at work!!!!!

Did you have many people in your group and did youseem to get on with them. I think it took time for our group to really trust and bond, although for me and one women thought we got on well from the begining.

Sure you will have a bill loss this week, although as you say have some Lbs already in the bank,



likes posting.
hiya well done for getting though the first day, i tried a pack once without my blender it almost made me sick.when you see the results it will be worth it.Good luck with your journy.
I felt absolutely awful last night. I had a pounding headache and felt dizzy and light-headed. I was all clammy/cold/sweaty at the same time in bed and thought "God, can I bear to feel like this on the diet"? However I do feel okay now.

I'd had a Thai soup for dinner and that was absolutely revolting (no lumps though) and I chucked half of it away so I think I will have to swap the other one for a shake when I go to pop in on Sunday.

I had strawberry shake for supper however I still felt a bit sickly from the soup and I'd made the shake a bit too thick (350mls water) but the taste was nice.

I'm having a caramel shake at the moment, and have put 400mls water in that, and it tastes/feels a lot better.

Can I ask anyone - what times do you have your packs and why? Is it cos you are hungry, or they are conventional meal-times?
Well done on your first day of LL I have my packs like I would if I was having a meal get up have vanilla with coffee in it for breakfast . Go to work have bar for lunch dinner time. About 6pm have soup, than when my partner when has his biscuits with his cup of tea about 10is I have my last pack made in to a muffin (chocolate pack) or poppadom (soup pack) and of course water,water,water,water through out the day.:character00238:Good Luck on your LL journey


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Aha yoyo, I've stalked you all the way to another web site! It's jd here from bmc.

You're so lucky to know of this site. I didn't find out about it until after I'd finished management!

I'm glad I found you though because I was going to email you recommending this site. Now you've saved me an email!

Don't worry about all the horrible pysical symptoms, you're just detoxing from all the bad stuff and after the first week you should be on the up. I had all the same symptoms in the first week. I thought I was dying :rolleyes:

The counselling doesn't really get underway for the first few weeks as it takes a while to get the group all organised and settled in. It takes so much time to take the photos, do the measurements, hand out all the books and do all the packs that it doesn't leave time for much else. If you find that you're not doing anything by week 3 though I'd challenge your counsellor about it.

But one word of caution - don't treat the class like WW. Don't expect your counsellor to provide you with everything. Don't expect them to keep you on the straight and narrow or you'll fail. This diet teaches you that you, and only you, can take responsibility for sticking to it, and the therapy helps you to find out how you can take that responsibility and control back, as long as you really get stuck into the homework.

Best of luck. I'm sending you lots of determination vibes. Can't wait to find out your pop-in weight and your first week weigh-in weight.
Yay JD!!!:bliss:

Yes, I was reading a thread on Mumsnet, and saw there was a lighter life thread, and then someone had posted on there with the address of this site.

I did e-mail you, did you get it?

Well today I have felt much better and I cannot believe just how much. I don't know whether it's the "detox" working already, or whether it's psychosomatic, or whether I have just had a good day!

I normally feel tired and sluggish (due to my crap diet) and hate attending meetings as I always fall asleep when people are talking at me, but today I managed to stay wide awake and concentrate all the way through without feeling sleepy. This was despite me waking up at 4:45am instead of my usual 5:15am.

I haven't had any hunger pangs through the day (honest) until I got home just before 4pm.

Have just had my 2nd pack - mushroom soup - and that was palatable too.

I've told two more colleagues about me doing LL, one of them is jealous and said she can't do it as she can't afford it, so we are going to support each other at work.

Today's food in the office I missed out on was a big bar of galaxy chocolate.

After the meeting there was a buffet, of course me not partaking in real food didn't stay, but my colleagues were playing hell when they came back because by the time they had got to the table, all that was left was a few lettuce leaves. :p :p :p :p :p (am trying hard not to laugh)

I went grocery shopping last night and I felt so liberated being able to chuck what I wanted in the trolley without having to think "should I buy this? Am I on a diet or not?" and check the calorie content of everything.

So, yep my 2nd day almost over and done with. 2% of the way through the programme LOL.
Day 3 (Fri)

I've noticed my mouth is tasting horrid (bleurk). I've bought some of that Gold Spot spray from Boots.

I told a few more of my colleagues as they were teasing me for "being good" when I didn't organise the butty run, and it made me really angry! I told them about LL and said I'd be grateful if they didn't rub my nose in it, when they were scoffing what they wanted. They all seemed very supportive.

I was absolutely famished yesterday, proper physical hunger pangs, loud growling tummy, mouth watering at other people's food etc.. I wasn't tempted to have anything to eat though, I just hope it passes.

Still have lots of energy. On an evening I am ready to go to bed at around 9pm (I wake up for work at 5am) but yesterday I kept on going til 10:40pm. Quite often I feel the need to have a nap around 4pm when I get in from work, but I haven't done that since day 1. Surely it wouldn't be making a difference already?

Yesterday's water intake was 4.5 litres (9 small bottles). Thanks to the flavourings I am finding it really easy. I never drink enough water at the weekends, when I am at home (at work I am at a desk for 9 hours) so I'll have to make the extra effort today.

Food I missed out on in the office today that would have made me fat

1. Greasy Spoon butty run (normally - if I was having a fat time I would have had sausage, egg and mushroom with tomato ketchup and a side order of black pudding. If I was being good I would have had bacon on brown with no spread - either way, I would have definitely had a sandwich).

2. Someone brought in 2 x 6 pack of Jam doughnuts, which I love.

If there is one thing I want to promise myself, it's that when I get to my goal weight, I wont snack at work, will just have my lunch and breakfast as snacking at work has been my downfall causing me to gain 20lbs in 24 months, even though 50% of that time I have been on a diet. This is why I am keeping a note of all the food that is brought in because I WOULD have had something of everything.
PS - tried two new flavours yesterday

Vanilla shake for breakfast (nice)
Vegetable soup for lunch and dinner (again, v nice).

So the only thing I will be swapping on Sunday is one sachet of Thai Chilli soup - I didn't get chocolate shakes, so I might try one and have a hot chocolate.
Well, it's pop-in day today - I will update later with news of my weight loss (hopefully).

I definitely feel less bloated and my spare tyre, (the one under my bust and above my stomach) is definitely flatter!

Day four went okay and I didn't have any hunger pangs. I suppose when you eat normally you get some days when you are hungrier than others?

I think I am going to return a banana shake today too, the jury has been out on those (I got 4) but after my third I have decided they leave an unpleasant aftertaste, and taste a bit foamy.

I was drooling yesterday over the kid's Chick-Sticks and chips, believe it or not. They just smelt so delicious! I wasn't tempted to eat any but the smell of them drove me crazy! One of my son's was eating some chocolate but that didn't bother me in the least.
Good luck yo-yo. You've done so well. I've had a rough week with food this week so hearing about your success is a bit of an inspiration. I'm going to set aside some time tonight to go over my books and come up for a plan of action for the week ahead. Time to do a bit more 'managing' and a bit less playing!
Have you got your book with your homework in it yet?
Well.... (drumroll)....guess who's 6lbs lighter?!! Yes, that would be ME.

I'm very, very, very pleased and happy and feel like crying. I mean, 6lbs in a week is good going and not unachieveable on any diet for the first week, but this is in just 4.5 days, not 7!

Although she did bring me back down to earth by saying that if I don't lose any more at weigh in on Tuesday I must not be disaapointed because it's only two days away, and I get weighed on an evening when you are normally a few pounds heavier than you are in a morning.

I was there early so only saw one of my fellow group members, and she'd told me she only started it yesterday as she had a big night out on Friday, and when she got weighed she'd still lost 1lb from last Tuesday.

My urine was checked, the stick went pink, so hello ketosis!

Swapped the Thai Chilli soup, and banana milkshake for chocolate shakes, and I am having one now, and am quite pleased with it.

Just off to update ticker!
Good luck yo-yo. You've done so well. I've had a rough week with food this week so hearing about your success is a bit of an inspiration. I'm going to set aside some time tonight to go over my books and come up for a plan of action for the week ahead. Time to do a bit more 'managing' and a bit less playing!
Have you got your book with your homework in it yet?
Hello there JD!!!

No, haven't had a book with any homework in it yet. Maybe next week?

Your success is MY inspiration, so don't let it slip LOL.

Let me know how you get on.


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Well done, that's a really good loss, a great start to your diet .... the rest will soon follow!

Well done, that's a really good loss, a great start to your diet .... the rest will soon follow!

Aww, much thanks!

Day 5 was another doddle. Still enjoying the shakes and soups. Can't wait to get the bars next week, not for the taste, just so I can discretely eat something at work next week. I don't want to draw attention to myself with my blender, and have them all staring at me saying "Ugh, it looks like wee" and "what does it taste like"

Today I have a pair of work trousers on that have been a bit tight for me for a few weeks and now they fit and I can actually pinch fabric at the sides, and my belly doesn't hangover the top of them!!!

My ex-step-mum-in-law who is in her fourth week (weigh in tonight) phoned me to say she's cleared out her wardrobe as she is now officially a size 14, and she has a load of size 16 clothes I can have, so she's going to bring them over. I love new (to me) clothes!

The weather is vile and disgusting. Someone is meant to be starting work on my decking today, bet that doesn't happen!


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You can probably get away with making the soups in work, I do every day and don't use a blender or anything - just mix them well with a spoon as you would a cup-a-soup. You might get the odd little lump on top but not much more than you'd get in a normal soup.

I love it when clothes don't fit anymore as it's a true sign of you shrinking .... apart from the stage I'm at at the moment with my jeans - size 18 too loose and looking baggy but a size 16 isn't going to fit yet ..... but will do soon :)

Good luck with the decking - it's pouring down here too!

Yay, another good day although I did have to cram everything into the last two hours of my day as I was so busy between finishing work and going to bed.

Food in the office today:

1. Mini flapjacks and cornflake buns, danish pastries and jam doughnuts (someone's 40th birthday)
2. Quiche, mini sausages, pork pie, scotch eggs (a colleagues leftover picnic food, which needed eating up)
3. Big bar of Galaxy Chocolate.

So far, there has been delicious food every day that I have been on this diet but I have not been tempted - jealous (yes) tempted (no). I am so relaxed around food now, it's amazing.

Two more plus points for this diet

1. Haven't had heartburn/indigestion/upset tummy since I started and this was something I suffered from a lot.
2. My skin looks brilliant, really even and clear.

Official weigh-in tonight. My mantra today is "don't be disappointed if I haven't lost anything since Sunday"

Decking wasn't started yesterday cos of the rain, but it's stopped raining now (yay)

Someone is coming to measure up for a new kitchen today (yay)

Those clothes my ex-step-mum-in-law gave me are all lovely but they wont fit me for long so I'll have to try and wear them all as quickly as possible.

The lady at work who did LL and got to maintenance told me she'd put 7lbs on in two weeks, so she's going to have a week of packs. SHe said she only ever had three packs a day so she's got a surplus of 100, is that a good idea? Has anyone else done this?
You can probably get away with making the soups in work, I do every day and don't use a blender or anything - just mix them well with a spoon as you would a cup-a-soup. You might get the odd little lump on top but not much more than you'd get in a normal soup.

I tried this last night but there were too many lumps for my liking. I wonder if I am a little paranoid and see lumps where there are none, cos ordinary cup a soups don't bother me. See - a bad experience on day one, and it's going to affect me for the rest of my (lighter) Life. I'll be alright as of tomorrow when I can have bars.
It sounds like you're doing fabulously well. I too had a problem with lumpy shakes at the beginning, but now I shake and shake and shake everything for about 100 shakes, and it comes out nice and creamy and lump free (i put in approx 350ml of water). One of my favourites is caramel with a teaspoon coffee and 3 or 4 ice cubes (which i make in the smoothie maker if I'm at home) - that gets me through the afternoon if I feel an extra bit of energy. And it makes me think I'm really drinking a Starbucks Caramel Frappacino :)
It's so good to read about your excitement at losing weight so quickly and your wonder and amazement at all the positives this diet brings with it. It's quite an infectious positive feeling.

I find I have far more energy on the packs too. I only needed about 6 hours sleep a night when on abstinence and normally I like about 8-10 (if I can get it of course!).

I've been thinking of your weigh-in tonight and just wanted to pop on and say good luck. If your counsellor doesn't offer you your book with homework in it I'd ask for it, but you should get it tonight. Enjoy your meeting and give us all an update soon.

One week down already. It's flown by.

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