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Losing the mummy fat
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I do quite a bit of cardio during the week but to tone up I usually do sit ups, squats ect.
However I was reading a mag last night and they were reccomending yoga & pilates for toning the whole body.
Just wanted to know really if anyone does these and ave you seen results?

Thanks :D
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Hi Doodle

I used to do pilates and it was fantastic! Spent a week at a yoga place in Lanzarote too and love it because the teacher was so good. They aren't really comparable as they work in different ways so I suggest you try both and see how you go? Pilates is particularly good if you've ever had any back pain as it's major principle is training of the core muscles of the abdomen which support the back. From a medical standpoint there is a lot of concern these days about yoga and joint problems; a lot of classes have too big a teacher:student ratio and as a result posture of students is not being closely managed enough resulting in a lot of people attaining the postures through hyperflexion of their joints rather than stretching of the muscles. A lot of gym instructors have jumped on the Pilates band wagon to and advertise 6 week classes in the gym with poor teaching methods.

Basically when choosing a class find a properly qualified instructor by checking out the relevant yoga and Pilates associations. A decent class will have no more than 10 students per teacher; larger classes should have assistants who move throughout the students correcting them in their postures. Most instructors will have a long history of "studying" Pilates or Yoga themselves and will run long-term class courses so you can progress from beginner level upwards. In many Pilates classes you will not be allowed to progress up from beginner level until they are sure you have the basic postures learnt.

I'm hoping to start a class in both again.

Good luck which ever you try.



Why Be Normal?
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Hi Ladies,

I've done pilates at the local leisure centre and I agree with GG a big class makes it difficult for the instructor to assist the newbies who are working on the form. That said -- I think it was fantastic and will trying a new class tomorrow morning.

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Hi Tasha,

I started doing Bikram Yoga (the really hot one!) around October 2009 and have seen amazing results. Never done anything like it before as I always stuck to running and swimming but got badly injured doing running and wanted to sort out my body! Haven't looked back since and I go 5 times a week now. The toning is phenomenal and it is just so good for your body.

Yoga is great for the mind as well, I find it really helps de-stress me, no matter what has happened in my day. I did Pilates a few years ago and really enjoyed it too - just depends which one you prefer.


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Hi NEC --

You attend five yoga classes a week? I impressed.
Best wishes on your upcoming wedding.

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getting trim for my wedding is paramount - I have no intention of being a fat bride and having horrors years later looking back at pictures! That's some motivation....I've only recently increased to 5 a day. There's another girl on Slimming World in my class too so we swap notes. She's hardcore though and goes every day.

The thing with yoga and pilates is you can go every single day of the week and it will just do you good, unlike something like running which you have to have rest days from to prevent injury. And you feel fab too :)


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Wow -- I do not think I could find five classes a week to go to around here, even if I could afford to go. Keep it up -- that's great.


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