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points wise, all your mullerlights are best as you get a lot for 1.5 points.. i noticed the other day that asda now do a mullerlight sized copy.. but i dont know how many points there are in them.. sorry :(

obviously, all your WW yoghurts are low pointed - they are quite expensive but they are often on offer which isnt too bad :)


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i may have to check it out. thanks for all your help. you've been answering all my questions, ha.

i'm just trying to get to grips with what i should buy as most of the things i thought would be ok turned out to be quite pointy when i checked. i have cooked extra dinner tonight though, and i think it was 6 points but i'll double check, which takes me up to 19 for the day so far. and there may be an options hot choc in my future or something :)

abz xx
options hot chocolate is the shizzle.. totally worth 0.5 points a cup :)

and you're very welcome for the help :D i'm stuck home not feeling too hot, so if there are lots of questions to answer, i dont feel so sad hanging around on here all day lol! :p

so thank YOU for asking the questions :D xxx


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Ooo im loving muller at the moment, Any ideas how many points the new ones are? the orange and nilla with choccy sprinkles oh and the black cherry and choccy one to !

xxx love em!
The new ones are 1.5pt as well. I love vanilla one with some extra berries on top!

Tesco has got WW jogs on offer now and the lowest is points are lemon, lime, grapefruit, mandarin - 0.5 each. Very nice but I found them too small for my apetite.


Going From Flab to FAB!
OOo ive not tried those ones Sandy! ... maybe ill give them a go when im in there next! :)
and a bargain at 1 point!

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