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You Have Reached Your Goal


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I wanted to start a thread where you write about your goals as if they are true now. This is a powerful way to tell your subconscious to start working towards that goal.

Please reply with the sentence "It is ...(state date you aim to achieve goal). I am/weigh...

Daydream and enjoy!

I'll start...

It's September 2011. I weigh 10 st 6. Today I bought some size 14 trousers and a size 16 top. Yet another person commented on my weight loss. I have really done it ! I still want to check the scales to see if they are faulty but you cant argue with size 14 clothes!
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that sounds very inspriational i'll have ago.

it is sept 2011 and i am 9.13. i have just brought a size 8 pair of trousers (i'm a 10 now) and i feel amazing people don't regonise me.


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It's March 2012 and I am my target weight of 11st and a size 14-16. i am so proud of my achievement, I am comfortable in my own skin and people do not recognise me.
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It's 28th July 2012, its my wedding day!! I weigh 10st and look amazing in my size 12 wedding dress!! I can't wait to see all the photos of my big day and to show my new husband my sexy underwear ;-)

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Great idea for a thread!

It's my 25th birthday! (Jan 2012), weigh 9 1/2st and for the first time I am happy about who I am! My plan for today is to go shopping with my birthday money to buy some new clothes, as all my clothes are too big! No one can quite believe how much weight I've lost and I am so confident within myself.


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S: 12st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 10st6lb Loss: 1st1lb(8.57%)
This is great - I feel better reading all your replies! Let's add some more details...

I have been doing my abs exercises every morning since July and they are really making a difference
It's Christmas 2011:

I'm at a christmas party in my size 12 little black dress. I feel confident and pretty. I can walk around the room full of confidence, chatting to people and feeling on top of the world. The world is my Oyster and Im looking forward to a New Year!!!!!!


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It's June 2012, I'm a bit nervous because it's my wedding day. I'm wearing a beautiful dress, have beautiful hairdo. I'm wearing a little makeup and perfume. I'm very beautiful, slim but curvy (my breasts are still size C, they look gorgeous in the dress). My husband's brother and friends are attending the party. I'm a bit shy and pretend I don't see the looks they're throwing at me constantly. They all envy my man that he can call me his wife.
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It's September 2011. I have enrolled at college for an adult hairdressing course. I am surrounded by slim 19 year olds, but I do not feel out of place, despite being 32. I am a size 12 and look great in my hairdressing uniform.


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It's June 2012, I have lost 9 stone and am now a size 12, I make sure I take a long walk through the village where I have lived my entire life so that everyone who has made my life hell for nearly 20 years because of my weight can see that I am now slim and gorgeous, I then get into the waiting car, head to the airport and take my first ever holiday abroad, 2 weeks in Cyprus where I feel confident to walk round in bikinis instead of shorts and tops.

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