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you know you getting old when.....


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i can remember all that FBS am i that old?????????? x
you can remember all the words to 'the fresh prince of bel air!'

you owned a pair or reebok pumps and thought they were class

you remeber ant and dec as PJ and duncan!

haway then what makes you feel old??
I must be ancient then, I still think of Byker Grove as the young upstart that would never be as good as Grange Hill and I know all the words to Diff'rent Strokes!!


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:wave_cry:Bloom eck......In west Philadelphia, born and raised..............Oh my lord im old....sob sob......Anyone remember Nike Air Jordan Trainers and Baggy tops with hoodies the first time round????? What about KLF...anyone remember them, aha aha aha!!! There gonna rock u?????? Prob not...am really showing my age now then:cool:

hey i remember ALL these things... but come on guys... WE ARE NOT OLD!!!!!!!! LOL

I am guessing everyone who remembers these is 30ish??

Once we loose our weight and we maintain it and live a healthy lifestyle we should live a LONG HAPPY AND HEALTHY LIFE.

If we all make it to 90 then we are only one third of the way through life, so that just proves how young we really are!!!

I loved the early 1990's though... I was such a raver.. went to all night raves and partied like a mad thing! lol


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Yeah Julz....its just gonna be reaaly wierd at our 60th Birthday parties when they put on the golden oldies of Smack My B***ch up by the prodigy eh!!!!!!!!!!!!lol (image in head of blue rinse and big fish little fish)!!!!!!

You have a blue rinse though... think ill have some funky blonde hair style over the greys lol ha ha ha

Well you know what they say....

30 is the new 20
40 is the new 30

We really only 20ish you know!!!


fat boy slim

gaggin for a beer!
i remember getting home from school and watching the cosby show, the wonder years and roseane. great days!....oh and golden girls on a friday night when i was allowed to stay up late!
Gotta go dye my hair now as my luverly 4 yr old just asked mummy why she has a black line down the middle of her head!!!!! Ya gotta luv em eh... sticking to the Blonde look for another 26yrs at least!
i used to love the golden girls when i stayed at my nans i stayed up with her and watched it.

when i was little i used to love button moon too x


on the up lol
i used to love the golden girls when i stayed at my nans i stayed up with her and watched it.

when i was little i used to love button moon too x

rofl button moon, lol use to luv that and finger mouse ? :p so cmon how old are yas all ? i will start im 29


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Lol i was so in love with Dec when they were PJ and Duncan!! I feel old when i hate remixes of old songs..and when younger people dont remember the originals lol xx


weighs a lot less
i remember baggy huddies and dungarees and what about grolsch tops on your shoes,trainers with huge tongues were the best and "why dont you "during the summer holidays,im 30 xx
I know i'm old when, i look at kids in the street by a bus stop for example and there cheeky little runts, swearing and spitting etc, and i say to myself "i was never like that when i was smaller".

I also knew i was old when i got mega excited when they brought back Wispa's for a short time, just like back in the old days.

I also realise i'm old when i take my daughter to school and find myself talking to other mums and dads who i was in primary school with.

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