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Total Solution Youngdons' 4 week challenge

OK, if I keep a diary it will hopefully keep me on track - no-one knows I'm doing this diet apart from my husband, so this can be somewhere to vent! :wave_cry:

I've been doing SW but I lose weight very slowly on it, I have every time I've done it. I'm aiming to stick with Exante for 4 weeks in the hope of shedding a stone, and then I'll get back on to SW, which will seem like an absolute luxury after a VLCD! I'm sure I'll put a little back on when I do this, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

So... Day 1 was yesterday. The delivery of my bumper pack came at about 1pm, I'd just had water up to that point so practically snatched the parcel from the delivery guy and legged it to the kitchen! Had a choc shake for brunch (quite palatable I thought), a toffee, nut & raisin bar later in the afternoon (these are going to take some getting used to, and taste nothing like toffee, nuts or raisins to me :p) and a tomato soup for dinner (I think the least said about this particular delight, the better ;)). I shall not lie, I was STARVING all day. Managed about 4l of water, including 1 bouillon and 1 peppermint tea.

Today is day 2 - banana shake for breakfast (nice!), choc orange bar for lunch (better than the alleged toffee flavour) and am still deciding which soup to have for dinner, but am hoping that whatever I choose is nicer than the tomato flavour. I'm kind of wishing I got a big pack of shakes rather than the mixed pack, I like them best and find them the most filling so far.

I've read on here that people find the bars really filling - I totally don't! Maybe when I'm in ketosis which can't come soon enough as I'm still ravenous (although dreading the arrival of the dog breath).

The postie brought me some water flavouring this morning (apple & blackcurrant) which I really like and will make the water go down a bit more easily. Is there a limit on how much of this I can have?
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Oh, I also had a peek at the scales this morning, despite this being very naughty and a bit meaningless as it's only day 2 and it'll just be water loss etc, but I'd magically lost 2.5lbs overnight, which is spurring me on today! I'm not intending to weigh myself every day but until I reach ketosis, I'm going to need all the help I can get...


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well done on a good start - if you can make it through the first few days you should be on to a winner! Plus just keep in mind that end date if you are just doing 4 weeks to boost the loss - 28 days is not long at all and before you know it, it will have flown by! (its just the first few days I found dragging!) You've almost completed 2 days already - roll on the next 26 LOL!!
Thanks Sammeh - that's a good way to think of it, just 26 days to go......

Am feeling a bit light headed and shaky, but am really determined to give it all I've got - I've had to cook for my daughter and haven't been tempted to pinch any even though I'm starving. Roll on my delicious dinner of soup (if I say it often enough I might believe it ;))....
Day 3. I had the mushroom soup last night (with loads of extra water added, the small amount of water it directs you to add seems weirdly low) - it was really nice :bliss:! A huge improvement on the tomato.

Minging choc orange bar split out over the morning, strawberry shake for lunch (nice!) and a trip to the supermarket for Dr Pepper Zero (I'm not a drinker of fizzy drinks normally but this seemed really nice after plain water in such huge quantities!), mint tea and fizzy water. And loads of nice food for my friends who are visiting tomorrow. Haven't told them I'm on this diet yet, not sure how they'll react to be honest, we normally have a big scoff-a-thon when they come, but I'll just have to be strong.

Still feeling a bit headachy and weirdly spaced out. In fact, I nearly crashed into another car this morning, very much not good. Really hope this passes soon, I feel like I'm wading through treacle :sigh:.


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Welcome and good luck

Don't worry, once you hit ketosis you'll feel much better

Stay strong

Well done for getting through to nearly the end of day 3. It should get better now, although I don't envy you with your mates coming round tomorrow. Just be strong and remember if you give up now that will have been 3 HARD days wasted.
And please be careful when driving. LOL.:giggle::giggle: How would you explain that in court? "Sorry M'Lord, I'm on a diet and it caused me to crash".:rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao:
:8855:"M'lud, I am only permitted 600 calories a day and it is making me see double and nearly pass out. On the plus side I lost loads of weight!" <driving licence revoked>
Day 4. Had my 2 best friends and assorted kids around for most of the day, which was good in that it kept me busy and distracted but bad in that I had to make loads of yummy food for them and they'd brought loads of Easter chocolate down too. I stayed strong though, had 1/2 a bar before they came, a veggie soup (while they had my favourite tomato & wensleydale soup, chunks of fresh bread and cheese :jelous:) at lunchtime, and the other half of the bar after they left. Was great to see them though.

Vanilla shake for dinner. Have tried all the flavours of soup and shake now, and have been quite pleasantly surprised, apart from the aforementioned revolting tomato (although I think it might improve if I add extra water like I have to the others). Really not keen on the bars though, I find them so, so unfilling and get jaw-ache from trying to chew through them. Still, I've bought them now so I'm darn well eating them :D.

Still have a bit of water to drink, better get to it....

Definitely less dizzy today, progress!
Oh, and I had a naughty go on the scales this morning - 6lb off :happy036: Will resist for the weekend though, and do an official weigh on Tues morning, which will be a week.


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Well done
Day 5. Today was easier, I definitely didn't feel as hungry and not dizzy or headachy at all, hurray! Having a celebratory Dr Pepper Zero to celebrate :bliss:
Hi young dons, im on day 4 and have had the same kind of start as you with the headches and dizziness, although it did go away yest only to return today, lets hope it gets easier, good luck :)
Hi Chazz, hope your headaches are gone for good, mine have (I think).

Well, this is day 7, and the first day I haven't felt hungry, hooray! Was out and about all morning, took a bar with me and realised about 11am I hadn't eaten it! So far, I've been counting down the minutes until I can have one, so that's real progress.

Went for a long walk around the park yesterday with my hubby and daughter, and was KNACKERED when I got back, had to lie down! Was thinking of exercising when on Exante (doing my Davina DVDs probably, I'd been doing them when on SW) but am now thinking I won't have the energy with the low calorie consumption and might take a little exercise holiday courtesy of Exante!

Bought some Biggest Loser bars today, as I saw on here that they can be used as a substitute for Exante packs, so am quite excited about that but a bit :eek: at the price.

Weigh in for week 1 tomorrow morning, so hopefully I'll get a good first week loss, some of the ones on here have been amazing. Everything crossed!
Oh yes, and bought some strawberry and kiwi fizzy water from Sainsburys (one of the ones with malic acid that we're ok to have) and YUM is all I can say, highly recommend!! Minimins is great, you learn so much :)
Day 8 - weigh in! Well, when I initially stepped on the scales it revealed a 4lb loss, I nearly fell off them as it had been 6lb a few days ago! This must have been a blip, I weighed again 3 times and all 3 showed........8.5lb loss :bliss:.

Yours sincerely
Thrilled of Leeds :D


really trying again!
Woo hoo....'thrilled of leeds' (love that) Mighty well done on your fab loss. Great news indeed. Here's to another fab week for you xx
Thanks ladygaga and Chazz, am feeling really motivated now, the hunger has gone and I feel really good. I know the losses after the first week aren't as big, but I'm well on the way to losing the stone I wanted to get off as a mini goal, hurray!

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