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Fuzzys Angel

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.... Just wondering what you would do?!

I weigh myself in the morning of my WI each week, my scales always show a happy weight :) :) But when i go to my CDC later in the evening her scales show me much heavier :( & it always makes me feel really disheartened!!

If you were me, would you take your own scales as a true weight for the tricker or would you take the CDC scales reading???

I would be interested in your views on this!...xxx
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Hey Fuzzy did you have a good time at the festival??

My mum has always told me that when you weigh in the morning you are alot lighter than when you weigh in the evening. Infact she is the best example of this. Yesterday morning she weighed in at 5lb lighter than the evening. Apparently it effects some people more than others.

It could be that your scales are slightly different maybe? I think ours our quite similar to our CDC but I still go by the CDC's scales. It wouldnt harm anyone if you were to take yours along next time and compare though would it?

Don't be disheartened you've done soooooo well 71lbs is AMAZING. xx


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Hi Fuzzy

Don't get down about it. We all weigh heavier over the course of a day than we do first thing in the morning. Most places tell you to weigh at the same time, on the same scales and in roughly the same clothes every week. That way you are getting consistent results.

I'd say go with your home scales for personal happiness :))) and for your ticker plus you can keep an eye on your weight through the week. Then let your cdc record your weight properly for her records. You could always tell her what you are doing, i'm sure she'd be fine. My cdc has clients who don't even want to know their weight, just know how much they have lost.


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Hey Mandi,

Great to have you back on the boards - I hope you had a fabulous time at Download.

Due to my schedule and holidays etc I have not always been able to see my cdc every week on the same day so I have 2 weigh in's a week - one on a saturday morning at home as that is the day I first started the diet and one when I see my cdc for her records.

I have my own weigh in as I want to have a record of what I have lost each and every week for personal motivation and that is what I update my ticker/signature with each week. My cdc knows I do this and is absolutely fine with it and I take comfort that my losses week to week between the 2 different weigh ins are more-or-less the same. I find that the personal weigh in on saturdays keeps me motivated for the weekend too (food bad water good!!!).

From previous experience due the amount of water I drink on this diet and the weight of clothes I have found I can weigh 5lbs+ higher in the evening so please don't let your evening weight get you down - it will all be gone the next morning when you are at home, on your own scales, after a wee and weighing naked!!!!!!!!


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Hi. i have the same problem. I am about 3lbs heavier at night. Boo!
The way at look at it is if I go with CDC scales I will still lose the same amount of weight relative to her scales. And, when I get to goal on her scales I will in fact be about 3lbs lighter. Now that can't be bad can it?


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hey fuzzy

i`m on week 9 now
my scales at home always weigh me 3lb lighter than my cd`s scales
as my start weight was actually recorded on her scales its those that i go by every week

so realistically what ever scales you were fist weighed on and written on your card
they are the ones that will show weight loss each week


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