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Yoyo no mo'


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Over the years my weight has yoyo'd a lot. My heighest was 17 st 10lb then with a mixture of Orlistat and slimming world I got down to 13 st 7lb it gradually started creeping up again and I tried WW and lost a stone around the 15 stone mark then, it started going up again and when I weighed myself and it said 17 st 5lb I made myself a promise I would never let my weight get to my highest ever again.

I have very bad eating habits, I live alone and have got into a very bad routine I rarely have breakfast and I eat my dinner very late in the evening. I choose the easy option usually and rarely eat enough fruit and veg.

I made myself an appointment with the weight loss clinic nurse at my Dr's and got my measurements done we had a good chat and I got lots of information on portion sizes.

The nurse measured me at 106.1kg and 125cm girth (just above bony protusion of hip) I don't like kg they confuddle my brain 106.1kg is about 233.9lb. I have already lost a bit according to my wii fit graph but I'm going to use the weigh in at the nurse as the official starting weight and future weigh ins as my progress.

Its been a week so far since I saw the nurse and I haven't really been very strict with the diet what I have done though is started to change the way I think about food and the amount of fruit and veg I eat so I am pleased with that. I started properly this afternoon I had grilled chicken breast, rice, sweetcorn and peas for dinner and did 1 hour 40 minutes of exercise.

Ive set myself a goal to do 13.5 hrs of wii fit this month as per the exercise forum here at minimins. Another goal is to have breakfast everday this week starting tomorrow.

I'm going to make myself a hot choc and have a bath and read of my diet book from the nurse.

Onwards and downwards :D
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Rather annoyed I didn't get breakfast this morning that's going to be a hard habit to break, just don't feel hungry in the morning but I know I must force myself into it as its much healthier to eat a breakfast. I have got in 30 mins wii fit so far though :D going to do some house work and reward myself with a go on just dance :D


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Ok so for lunch I have had a packet of Uncle Ben's express Special Fried Rice...

392 cals which isn't so bad BUT 1.6g sugar, 8.2g fat and 2g salt!! Thats 1/3 of the daily allowance of salt right there and looking at the ingrediants the sugar is coming from glucose syrup!

Next time I fancy a rice dish I shall cook it myself from scratch, can probably halve the amount of fat and theres certainly not going to be any glucose syrup in it LOL

I'm not angry at myself I'm happy I learnt something. Part of this journey is education so I can become completely in control of what I eat and don't eat :D
Good luck Ali! I am the same, in the morning I don't feel like eating at all and don't really have time to, but all this week I have been forcing down an apple before leaving for work lol.

Good luck with ur challenge xx


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Thanks!! Well done for getting an apple a day in, maybe thats what I need to do I can eat an apple on the go :D

For dinner this evening I was at my parents we had roast chicken, salad with light garlic and herb sauce and I had 2.5 pieces of bread with it. It was very yummy :D
Yeah that's the good thing about grabbing an apple.

Mm roast chicken, sounds good! xx


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Had 2 healthy living croissants for lunch with a very thin spreading of anchor. I later succumbed to 2 slices of my mums home made bread but it was very very nice hehe.

Have done day 1 of the EA active challenge, I restarted it because I tried it last week and it nearly killed me but this time I was quite out of breath but managed it without stopping :D my fitness levels have improved so so much just doing wii fit and walking about. I know it doesn't bother me to walk into town anymore where a while back I would always hope to get a lift and its only a few mins into town! I'm surprised tbh how quickly my energy levels and general fitness has increased :D
Woo hoo! Well done on the breakfast! lol xx


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LOL thanks, was at parents so was a bit easier tomorrow morning might be harder hehe we'll see.

Have eaten too many bread products today.

Exercise for today: Wii Fit - 33 mins, EA Active 17 mins 44

Feel a bit iffy this evening probably all the bread but I am watching Next Top Model which is one of my major inspirations to loose weight.

Have a weird craving for porridge its an itch that must be scratched lol
Lol yeah maybe lay off the bread a bit tomorrow lol.

What is the EA Active? xx


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Its a Wii game its really good!! I do it on low intensity and its one hell of a work out lol I daftly chose high intensity the first time I put it on and OMG I managed about 30 seconds before I thought I was gunna die.


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Didn't get up till 12 midday so no breakfast but I walked into town and had a fruit salad and cup of tea for lunch. I did some shopping and had a chocolate bar oops I went to boots and re-did my body fat test and I've lost 2.1% body fat!! Have walked 2.5 miles and half of that was carrying 8 tins of beans lol.

That can be expected at this time of the month, don't worry it's not the diet, it will come off next week xx


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Thanks :D fingers crossed its just water :D

Today for tea I had a medium jacket potato with 109g of sweetcorn 67 calories worth of tuna (line caught and doplphin friendly) light mayo and a huge pile of salad it was very tasty!

To think just a couple of weeks back I hardly ever ate veg and rarely exercised, now I feel awfully jittery and yucky if I do not exercise. Such a short time but big improvement. Today I walked another 2.5miles but have hurt my lower calf muscle some how, it hurt but since I've sat down and rested the pain has got worse, don't really know why.

Guess tomorrow I shall have to take it easy.
Mm yummy that's what I had last night for tea lol, except I have the whole tin! lol how greedy!

Well done on the exercise, it probably hurts more because it has seized up a bit after the exercise, hopefully better tomoro xx


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Thanks! Ankle/leg was fine this morning :D

I have done 90 mins of free step, 8 mins of free jog and 12 mins of balance games on the wii fit today, also I walked 1.5 miles. Hadn't before realised how great the free step and free jog are! I can watch trashy shows and not feel guilty :D

I have been thinking about why I want to loose weight. I think confidence is my number 1 reason, when my weight is high I slouch, hide away from people, dread going out, dread getting caught in pictures etc secondly is vanity I want people to look at me and think she looks nice or I wish I looked like that etc like I do when I see women my age, it'd even be great to be not noticed! in that I mean when I see a larger person it triggers a bad thought and I feel terribly guilty for that judgement because I know how hard it is myself, I don't want people to look at me and judge me on my weight. Thirdly it has to be for health; my mum, dad, brother and nan all have diabetes so I'm at a real great risk of developing it so bad eating is just tempting fate a little too much.

I'd love a figure like Linsay who came 2nd in Canada's Next Top Model.


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Have decided to try and follow the weight watchers plan but from home for now because the portion sizing in the book the nurse gave me is just confusing me :sigh: I have lots of WW recipe books, the scales that weigh and point your food, a points calculator for when I'm out so it should be ok.

I've worked out for my weight, age, activity I can have a whopping 25 points!! I went to burger king and had a kids meal and still have points left to spend. Hope I've calculated right.

Weigh in day on monday first one as I will be seeing the nurse every other week. I so so hope I've lost at least one pound but I don't think I've shifted anything.

Have walked 2.68 miles today. Not sure I'll get any wii fit in today because I have had bad anxiety so am a bit drugged up, early night maybe.

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