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Has anybody ever heard of this or used it to lose weight? I think that they are some kind of tablets so would not recommend them but quite a few people have asked me about them this week.

Apparently Helen from Big Brother has been using them...whether that's supposed to add to their "credibility" I don't know!!!!
I used them (shock horror, no not you D_Q!! :rolleyes: ) They are meant to 'swell' in your stomache, thereby making you feel fuller for longer and lessening your appetite. Costs roughly £22 for two boxes, or 60 days supply.

I bought 60 days supply and sold 30 days worth on Ebay - let's just say they weren't the answer I was hoping for :p
I have 4 tubs of them sitting in my cupboard. I bought em when there was an article in the daily mail saying how great they were, medically proven etc etc. But then I went onto vlcd and forgot about them.

Hoodia tablets are supposed to be very good tho ???
I just wondered as 3 people have asked me about them this week and I'd never heard of them...which is quite unusual...a diet that I hadn't tried!
There's Adios ones too. Supposed to change the way you metabolise what you eat.

One friend says they are brilliant...the other says they are a load of rubbish. Go figure:confused:
I have tried Zotrim and Adios both were no good, the best i have tried was from the doc and that was Reductil, i used them when i last lost 5 stone on sw as it takes away any appetite u have.
The problem with Reductil is that you can't be prescribed it if you have higher than normal blood pressure so that counted me (and probably lots of overweight people) out. Also, many people don't just eat in response to hunger so dulling the appetite isn't the answer in many cases. They don't really address the issue of emotional eating and encourage the development of new coping mechanisms. If the NHS prescribed them in conjunction with CBT and nutritional advice then they'd have a better chance of working.

With regards to the plethera of other pills on offer (adios etc etc) I think that they can sometimes give some people the impression that they can carry on eating as before and the pill will 'magically' do the work - which they don't.

The blurb accompanying the pills often say 'use in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet ...' Really? Any possibility that it's the reduced calories that's having the desired effect?

Problem is, it's hard to tell whether they're having any effect or not if the person taking them IS eating fewer cals and IS subsequently losing weight. How much of it is down to the diet and how much the pills?

However, the person taking them is likely to attribute their success to the pills and be reluctant to stop taking them - they'd also then 'recommend' them to others.
The whole slimming pill issue is a bit of a minefield IMO.

Debbie x
Here here Debbie. I was obsessed with water tablets (not prescription diuretics) as a teenager and younger woman. Now I accept that my body retains water premenstrually and it is normal for me. There must be a valid physiological reason for the body doing it so i've let it go and i don't worry about it. That said, i don't like it and the sore boobs that go with it! But , I'm not sure I've finished having a family so i don't want to mess with what has worked perfectly well up to now!
Like others been there tried the lot! Zotrim are rubbish as are Adios! Reductil was the only thing that worked for me! I fell pregnant while taking them! So stopped and put all the weight back on and more that I'd lost. I have a friend that swears by Adios but I worry about her as she is always taking them! Everytime she eats and drinks one per drink! She is slim now and doesn't need them but its almost like she's addicted!
Kam x
I tried them a few years ago when I was doing WW & the first week I lost 6lbs which was amazing for me - after that I lost either nothing or 1/2lb a week - they didn't do a lot :rolleyes:
I must admit they'd never work for me because I'm so useless at taking tablets - I can just about take my monthly Nurofen!!
Diva said:
I must admit they'd never work for me because I'm so useless at taking tablets - I can just about take my monthly Nurofen!!

For someone so incredibly organised, you can be so blonde!! :rolleyes:
PMSL!! I know!!! :D :D
I have two boxes in the cupboard - I only tried them for a few days but saw no difference in how hungry I was at all. I've tried loads of slimming pills and you'd think I'd know better tbh - my MIL has a heart condition after using weight loss tablest when she was younger (she's in the US and they were prescribed but then withdrawn).

Lynne x