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Hello everyone, I started sw on Friday and so far I think I am doing okay but would like other people's opinions.


•Breakfast: 2 slices of wholemeal toast

•Lunch: pasta with some broccoli and cucumber

•Dinner: jacket potato with cheese and sweetcorn

Snacks: strawberries, grapes, a pear, a clementine and 2 Alpen light bars (I think the Alpen bars are 3 syns each but I'm not too sure)


•Breakfast: nestle bitesize shredded wheat, fat free vanilla yogurt, strawberries and some grapes.

•Lunch: quorn curry (mayflower curry sauce mix, boiled rice, quorn pieces and some veg)

• Dinner: quorn roast and mashed potato with some gravy and veg.

Snacks: carrot and hummus.

So any advice on how I could improve my food diary? Thank you:)
Welcome Buttons 222 to MiniMins:)

I have moved your thread to the SW forum and left a redirect as it will get more attention here,

I am sure someone will be along shortly who can help out.
Hi Buttons
Your food diary is looking good- lots of fruit especially on Friday which is brill- I tend to have my Speed incorporated in my meals but as long as it all works out at a third it's fine.
I find it easier to list my syns as I eat them and have a total at the end of the day ie. dinner: Quorn roast with veg, mashed pots and gravy (4 syns) or whatever then I can see how many I've eaten (and more importantly how many I have left :p)
Alpen lights are 3 syns I think (around 60 cals)
Is your wholemeal toast from the little loaves? And did you have any butter on? That would need synning.
Also, did you weigh out your cereal and cheese? The healthy extras bit is important to measure as it's so easy to overeat, especially with cereal.
A really good start though! Hope you enjoy SW x