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  1. I had a go at making this for the first time yesterday and can not believe how easy it was to make and what a success it was.

    I have been trying to make plain yoghurt in my Easiyo container and a flask but the results have not been great.

    This slow cooker attempt though is fantastic!

    I am now in conso but have been using lots of yoghurt for dips, sauces, desserts etc and it costs quite a bit to buy.

    This way will save you lots of money.

    I followed the instructions on this YouTube vid but used the following ingredients:

    1 ltr UHT milk

    1 tbsp Live yoghurt (Yeo Valley etc)

    1 tbsp Marvel dried milk powder

    Making Yogurt in a Slow Cooker w/ 3 Easy Steps! - YouTube

    I have read that you should use room temperature starter yoghurt so take a tbs out of the fridge for half an hour or so before you add it to the milk.

    I used a small slow cooker ie the ones that are for 2 people (1.5ltr).

    It is in the fridge at the minute whilst I drain some of the whey off (I am using a cotton handerkechief in a sieve over a bowl as I don't have muslin etc).

    It tastes lovely, smooth and creamy, not tart like shop bought plain yoghurt.


    Give it a try, hopefully you will be as impressed as I am with mine.

    I was paying 90p for a 500ml tub of low fat greek style and buying at least two tubs a week.

    When I make the next batch I will use a tbsp from this as a starter yoghurt so won't need to buy anymore Yeo Valley for a while.



    I let it drain in the fridge for 2 1/2 hours and it is the same consistency as clotted cream but I have read that it becomes thinner when you stir it, or just leave it for a shorter time to drain.


    I highly recommend that if you haven't made yogurt before to buy the Yeo Valley yoghurt to use as a starter as it contains live cultures. I have used other Probiotic yogurts and they have not worked either at all or as well. The Yeo Valley that I used is only 48p a tub in Tesco (green tub) and this will give you about 4 or 5 starters if needed (but you can just use starters from the yogurt that you have made).

    *** UPDATE ***

    You do not need to leave for 3 hours after switching off the slow cooker.

    I have tried it after 1½ hrs and it has worked, often producing a thicker yoghurt.

    Dip your little finger into the milk, if it is still hot but you can keep your finger in there without burning then it will be fine.


    ** Update **
    If you are in a hurry to make your yog and have a small slow cooker, see post 212 for more information.

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  3. Snakes and ladders

    Snakes and ladders Silver Member

    This is such a fantastic idea!

    I've been trying for a while to make my own yoghurt just by putting a spoonful of live yoghurt in some milk and leaving it out, but it was never quite warm enough.

    Will definitely try this (as soon as the slow cooker doesn't have beef in it any more, lol!).

    Thanks! x
  4. I can't believe how good it is to be honest, I wish I had found out about it ages ago, it would have saved me a small fortune on bought stuff! :D

    I have been using the Moo UHT milk as they have it in Home Bargains for 49p a litre at the minute.

    It will make a great addition to sugar free jelly because of the thickness, will be like eating jelly and thick cream if I don't stir it.

  5. By the way, it makes 600ml of yoghurt if strained untill quite thick, 1 ltr if left without straining.

    I have kept my empty 300ml tubs of Tesco Value Cottage Cheese and have just filled two of them.

    I am off to buy some more Moo UHT milk later, I think I will have to buy a tray of it at 49p a carton.

    Last edited: 6 September 2011
  6. Snakes and ladders

    Snakes and ladders Silver Member

    I've always got a tray of Sainsbury's basics skimmed UHT, yoghurt and skimmed milk powder in the house anyway, so I've put my first portion of yoghurt on overnight. So excited!
  7. Great!

    I will be waiting with baited breath in the morning to hear how you have got on.


    I bought 12 cartons of Moo milk today so I am going to make some more tomorrow using a tbs of this one as a starter.

    I have eaten nearly a tub full of the stuff today, it is just so moreish. I don't know what fat content other UHT milk has but I bought the semi skimmed which is 1.6% fat, 1% saturates so I am sure it is ok.

    I have had it with my oatbran, jelly, rhubarb!

    Think I will have to measure it out into smaller pots so I don't go mad with it.


    I bought one of those ice cube trays from Poundland that have a silicone bottom. The ice comes out in the shape of those Amercan Hard Gums. The main tray is rigid plastic as is the sides of the little ice cube bits but the rounded bottom of each cube bit is silicone, makes it really easy to get the ice out. I froze the rest of my original starter, the Yeo Valley one and used 3 of these ice cubes (when defrosted) as the starter.

  8. Snakes and ladders

    Snakes and ladders Silver Member

    I was really excited to have some yoghurt this morning! It was pretty thin though, so I am now straining it.

    I think I'll go and buy the Yeo Valley yoghurt to use as a base: I used the Sainsbury's basics yoghurt as a base, which is labelled as "probiotic", but not "live". I'll make more tonight with my new base!

    Oh: and I just mixed everything up, left it for 8 hours, and it did set quite well. I was too impatient to follow the video's steps 1 and 2...

    SL x
  9. Mirjam

    Mirjam Never Ever Give Up!

    I don't know what I've done wrong but my mixture hasn't turned into yoghurt at all :(
    I just 1L UHT milk, 1 tbsp milk powder and 1tb yoghurt. Let the milk warm up for 2.5 hours, then added the milk powder and yoghurt,turned off and unplugged the sc and let it settle for 3 hours, then wrapped the sc in thick towels but it's still as thin as the milk I put in. Al that time for nothing!
  10. I would probably bin that lot and start again with some Yeo Valley.

    I used the Lidl Probiotic stuff in my Easiyo jar and it didn't set.

    I have just started another batch so that should be ready to unplug at about 1pm.

    Give it another go with Yeo Valley, it should def NOT be thin, I could stand a spoon up in mine and that was before I had drained it.

    I probably didn't need to drain it but I wanted it really thick.

  11. You didn't do it right Mirjam.

    You let the milk warm for 2.5 hours, then you unplug it and let is sit for 3 hours THEN you add the milk powder and starter.

    You added your stuff too early.
    Last edited: 5 September 2011
  12. Mirjam

    Mirjam Never Ever Give Up!

    I see! Told ya, am blonde :D:D:D

    Will have to give it another try today then.
  13. I think I read somewhere that even on low the slow cooker heats up to 200 degrees and you need to add the starter etc when the milk is 110 degrees, ie when it has cooled down after that 3 hours of being unplugged.

    You must have killed off the bacteria in your starter because it was too hot.

    You murderer Mirjam! :cry::D

    I am sure the next batch will be fine.

  14. Mirjam

    Mirjam Never Ever Give Up!

    I feel guilty now... sorry lovely bacteria, didn't mean to kill you! It was a stupid mistake but won't do it again! :D

    Thanks DWTBFA50, will go to Asda now to buy me some more UHT milk
  15. Snakes and ladders

    Snakes and ladders Silver Member

    Well, I drained mine and it tastes very nice. But I definitely will get some Yeo Valley and start again. I want it to be super thick!!!
  16. Mirjam

    Mirjam Never Ever Give Up!

    Just bought myself 6L of UHT milk at Asda for £4. Could have gone for the Asda Basics one but that had more salt in it. Have just poured it into the sc so we're up for round 2.
  17. Yep, Yeo Valley def makes a thicker yoghurt.

    Try draining it and making the Boursin cheese that I made, it is lovely.


  18. Yeh!

    I'll keep my eyes open for your post later tonight, fingers crossed.

  19. Snakes and ladders

    Snakes and ladders Silver Member

    Mmm, I like my yoghurt! I put some vanilla essence in it as it was setting, and it's made a really lovely mild sweet flavour, and Greek texture.

    Can't wait to make some more later, using the Yeo Valley!
  20. I have just had the same as my sweet but I added a tbs of my oatbran, mmmmmmm!

  21. Snakes and ladders

    Snakes and ladders Silver Member

    Thank you so much for your advice!

    I was very happy when I unwrapped my slow cooker this morning: nearly a litre of thick, velvety yoghurt was waiting for me! It didn't need draining and it was so smooth. Very happy :)

    I certainly won't be buying any more yoghurt - and that's coming from someone who'd happily spend £10 on expensive Onken throughout the week.

    So thanks again - I will certainly be spreading the word.

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