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1.5lbs to go to re-feed...

Down to 9st 4.5lbs so 1.5lbs and I will start re-feed though had to eat some peppers and turkey in front of collegues today but had like half a slice of turkey and prob less than half a pepper so hopefully that won't make staying on TFR to Monday too tough...

I know my target is 128 not 129 but I think I can drop the other lb through re-feed and excercise...
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Congratulations..... you have done really well and an inspiration to the rest of us to keep going until we get there too ...
really pleased you are just about there, fab weight loss :) i'm sure the pound will drop off easy on refeed x
well done thats fantastic, bet you cant wait till that 1.5 is gone. im so envious. long way to go for me yet! xx
Thanks folks- I think Mark put it best when he said looking back the time flys so bear that in mind when looking forward. The next few days seem like an eternity (due to blip yesterday) but I also gain motivation from not wanting the to let the team here down...
Mrs jk you couldn't have put it better. This site has been such a support I can't stop telling them about it at chemist. I would have quit long ago without it and feel refeeding and maintainence is not as scary with the back up here.
You should be proper proud of yourself.
i agree with losit i dont think i could have coped without this site. ive done lipotrim a few times before but never stuck to it as i had no support and didnt refeed as i didnt know how so it all went straight back on, this time however i will be doing it properly and for the long run x
Well done JK, you're so close now! Don't worry about the blip at all. Consider it a brief introduction to the real re-feed! Hope you'll keep in touch when you're all done and maintaining!

x S
Well I crashed last night and had a jar of Salsa (70 cals) and a red and yellow pepper to dip/scoop the salsa. I really didn't think it woudl do much damage as Sat morning I hit the 129 mark and stocked up on veg etc and was looking forward to re-feed today. Anywho Monday WI had me back up to 131 and my tummy is soo bloated. I guess others can get away with big blips and still lose but I have about 300cals and I bloat like a sponge!!

Now not starting TFR to Wed/Thurs depending on how scales go and if spinning is on tonight doing it and an hour on Wii Zumba.

Bit down about it as I know TOTM will be due at weekend as I finish my tablets today but it's a good lesson the only person you cheat is yourself....
Thanks pet- I'm not really sad just more disappointed KWIM? I must have retained water as really there would have been 1lb worth of veg.

Back on track again and maybe it's just a flag for others that while many will get away with binges not everyone will...

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