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15th November Challenge


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I know there are so many challenges going on... but i just wanted to start this (as im doing it in my books..) and thought if there is anyone else who wants to join me they are more than welcome...

i have my final (well should do) Wedding Dress fitting (we are having a wedding reception in australia for all my friends and family in December) is on the 15th (or there abouts)

i started last week and had 20 weeks...
so now there are 19 weeks to go... i have 39lbs to lose (2 stone 11lbs)
ive lost a pound so far...
so ive got 38lbs to go!

Kes: 38lbs to go! (1lbs lost)

Good Luck Everyone who wants to join.
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That date is my birthday so if I could be 10 stone by then I would be very happy! Here's to a good challenge!!


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Nothing to do except lose weight

We could all link up through text or email to encourage each other along, how does that sound to everyone?

Kikola- we have about the same to lose...
Evening All,
Can I join this challenge please? I need as much motivation as I can at the moment and this is challenge is perfect!

Am happy to link up via email or through the forum

Sharkbait1983 x
Quite happy to link up through the forum, I got weighed today put on 3lbs but this has been on of the worst weeks for me ever! I had some bad news and turned to junk food, was straight back on plan this morning. Drinking 2 litres of water a day helps! I reduce my bread intake and ryvita instead.

I've started the challenge today!
Let's go!!
Any tips from anyone else?


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Can I join in? My goal is to get into size 10 clothes by my birthday, which is one week after the goal date.


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we have all been a little slack (me included!!)
i have tried really hard over the last few weeks, and because ive probly been over doing it on the gym visits, my muscles are extreemly sore, and well weight hasnt been falling off me as i had hoped.
BUT... im going to still give a good stab at it...

Kes: 36lbs to go! (3lbs lost)


cos i need this xxx
oooh ill join you guys!! i'll aim for 39lbs by 15th november! thats 2 days before me n my exes anniversary and we're in process of getting back together so idlove to look fab on that date!!

Hi guys,

That's a week after my birthday so this should give me the focus to keep on track. I'd like to be weigh 212lbs by the 15th Nov.

Best of luck gang.
Hi Kez,

how are you, great to see another one of your challenges up!

I have not been trying very hard at all for around a year now. I would like to lose another 3 stone to get to my ideal weight (already lost 4 1/2 stone) Its an absolute nightmare to lose these last couple of stone.

If I lose 1 stone a month i'd be at goal by the end of your challenge, but I dunno if my body would allow that so i'm gonna say i want to be half way through my personal goal by Nov...so i'd say I wanna lose around 21lbs.

I weigh in on a Monday, since tomorrow is the start for me, i'll post my start weigh in, and also change my user stats.

Hope everyone is good!! And good luck!!



cos i need this xxx
yay littlemiss!!! we're both back :p x


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Hey ladies...

Welcome back and also welcome to the challenge.

My body is being really pants and I can't shift any weight, although I'm losing in size I'm not losing enough. Very worried that I'm not gonna get into my dress. So I need help

Would love some food ideas.

Please help me
Hi Kez

Its excellent news that your getting married, I bet your really excited. How many sizes do you need to go down to fit into your dress?

My body's a pain too, I seem to have shifted the majority of bulk but im still a bit flabby all over, so i still cant really wear the clothes I would like, and im sooo not confident about my body either.

My meals have been a bit boring recently, just been trying to keep to low cals. If your into microwave meals you should try sainsburys healthy meals, in the fridge section, they're the nicest micro meals i've tasted, all around 400 cals. And 3 for £5.



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I need to lose about a size on my top and a size or two on my bottom.
We are at the airport now waiting for our flight to Majorca for a week. I'm hoping that a week kinda off, but still being reasonably good.

Then its back to the diet, exercise and being 100%.

Do those sainsbury's meals have less than 5g of fat per 100g?

Oh well, you've not got much to go weight wise then.

I remember being a size 22 and thinking i'd never get any smaller i'm now 10/12.

I think the meals were quite low in fat, i dont normally check fat content, but i shall check and let you know.

Hope you have a great holiday!!


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back from holidays
and well lets just say ive not done too good this week
5lbs ON! woops

back into it this week and throwing everything i have at it....


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hello all!

how is everyone doing???

well i just wanted to ask some advice.... and to find out where all of you are doing your weight loss journeys (or if you are doing your own.)

i am thinking about doing Cambridge.. (anyone on here doing that?) but imnot convinced that i can do it... we will have to see. ill have a chat to the cd consultant/councellor person tomorrow on the phone. but im still not sure... any advice anyone?

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