18th day - Lipotrim "restarter"

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Anna40, 15 February 2009 Social URL.

  1. Anna40

    Anna40 Member


    Started Lipotrim 2 years ago but stopped before getting to my ideal weight, puta ll back on pretty soon afterwards.

    Started again this year, it was my day 18 on the 14th and so far lost 5kg which I am pretty happy with.

    Anyone else in their third week?

    I have MAJOR problems drinking so much water, forever looking for the look, sometimes 4 times per hour which makes it pretty imposible to lead a normal life.

    I am also very, VERY hungry about 2-3 am - please do not tell me to drink water when I am hungry as this increases the loo trips and I won't get any sleep at all :cry:

    Finding it quite hard to be honest.....

    HOpe everyone else is doing much better?

    EDIT - I do not seem to be able to add an avatar here, the "No avatar" is ticked (radio button) and impossible to change for some reason... Any idea why?
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  3. Yorkshire Adam

    Yorkshire Adam Gold Member


    am not far gone from week 3

    dont no what to say about the water really

    goodluck with it anyway
  4. Anna40

    Anna40 Member

    Thanks Adam....and well done to you :)
  5. hells

    hells Full Member

    i had my 3rd week on the 13th also findin it much harder the second time round but i ve lost a stone so far so going to stick at it dont feel hungry tho this stuff fills me up x try sipping hot water it doesnt make me wee so much and i quite like it x
  6. blue eyes

    blue eyes Positive and focused!

    I'm officially restarting today. Lost 3 stone in 10 weeks from sept to end nov. Have maintained and now want to lose the rest. Its not easy restarting. XX
  7. ChellyWellyBoot

    ChellyWellyBoot I will be skinny again!!!

    Im not sure what to suggest... Im not really awake at that time lol!!
  8. Anna40

    Anna40 Member

    Thanks for the replies - just got back from a weight in and only lost 0.5 kg in the last week (about 1lb)

    I guess eating honey with a big spoon from a jar at 3 am is no longer an option :cry:

    I have serious issues with water though, I feel like I am completely house bound when I drink it :(
  9. Purpleangel

    Purpleangel Silver Member

    i was like that when i started.

    Honest to God i have the bladder the size of a peanut!

    What i do at work is have my water 2 parts cold to 1 part hot. It makes it warmer and therefore i don't get the shivers and my bladder holds it much better.

    On weekends i confess to barely drinking. I cannot bear constantly peeing when out and about. I try to drink in the evenings when i know i am not going anywhere
  10. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    I wont be much help either Anna as I never see that time of day! I'm just starting week 7 and find the trips to the loo do slow down as time goes on. You seem to get used to holding more water.

    Are you sipping your water through the day or drinking vast amounts at one time? They say its best to sip through the day and take a bottle of water with you when you go out.

    Sorry I can't be any more use to you but good luck and stick to the diet and the weight will come off. Keep up the good (hard) work!
  11. ChellyWellyBoot

    ChellyWellyBoot I will be skinny again!!!

    Yeah eating honey or anything is a big no no!!!!
  12. Anna40

    Anna40 Member

    Oh I know about honey... it is just that at 3 am I sleepwalk to the fridge ;)

    Getting used to water? Nah, done it before for 2 months and never got used to it.

    Bladder size of a peanut - that seems to be me too, unfortunately.

    Thanks for replies everyone :eek:
  13. matronix

    matronix Full Member

    warmer water

    Hi Anna
    Have you tried leaving last shake until later in the evening, or try splitting one to give you an extra drink. Cant help with peeing later though as someone said before try warm water, not so much a shock to the system and might say around longer.:eek:
  14. Anna40

    Anna40 Member

    Right, woke up just before 4 am, absolutely dying for the loo and absolutely starving.

    Munching through a tin of kidney beans as I type.

    No hope for me.

    Wanting to pee wakes me up and when I wake I am absolutely starving and not able to go back to sleep till I munch on something.

  15. Anna40

    Anna40 Member

    Just looked at everyone's "mini goals" and maybe that is what I need too?

    Rather then think "I have 15.5 kg to loose" maybe I should just look at and take tiney steps?

    Ok - first mini goal then:

    1) Get under 70kg by Thursday the 19th...
    EDIT 70.0 on the 18th Feb so far so good :D

    It is only 0.5 kg (about 1 lb) but I seem to have stopped at 70.5 for quite a few days now (yeah, I know my night time cheating) so if I get to under 70kg I will be over the moon... for a bit

    Yes, it is 4.17 am as I type

    Had a whole can of kidney beans, gobbled it down like there was no tomorrow, feel awful now.

    It will be 1 month since I started the Lipotrim on the 28th Feb (started 28th January) and I know people loose much more then 1 stone (6.35 kg) per month but I will be happy with exacly 1 stone per month.

    To get there I need to get to second mini goal:

    2) To get to 69.15 kg by 28th Feb
    Last edited: 18 February 2009
  16. LovelyLauren

    LovelyLauren My husband = My hero

    Lol at eating kidney beans and spoons of honey!!

    could you maybe get a flapjack, and have 2 shakes in the day and leave the flap jack next to your bed so when you wake up at 4am nibble that instead of going downstairs??

    that way your staying away from the fridge!!

    Best of luck with the mini goals love x
  17. Anna40

    Anna40 Member

    Oh thanks but I have tried a flap jack the first time around and it felt like I was chewing on a shoe sole....


    So really for me, every day is day 1 LOL
  18. Anna40

    Anna40 Member

    Oh.. 70.2 today - won't adjust the ticker till I get to the 70.0 ... bettter not to tempt fate or the weight may still go up LOL
  19. Anna40

    Anna40 Member

    Woke up again - 1:45 am

    Have not eaten anything.....for a change :)

    Fingers crossed to 70.0 - hopefully LOL
  20. Anna40

    Anna40 Member

    70.0 on the scale :D:D:D

    next mini goal (they seem to be working)

    67.5 by 28th Feb
    Last edited: 18 February 2009
  21. LovelyLauren

    LovelyLauren My husband = My hero

    Well done love that is fab!!

    just try an break the habit of midnight eating and i bet us top waking up soon enough


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