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20lbs to goal? Let's help eachother!

Meeeeee....I have 9lbs to my official WW goal but then I want to lose another 7lb so that's 16 in total!! xx
Hi LikeASweetShop, I'll call you LASS ;), and Ukgal!

Lovely to meet you both! You're doing fantastically Lass. Very steady weightloss there and great to see you got you're first silver 7 after only 3 weeks-my fingers are crossed for WI on Tuesday! Hope you'll be successful this week too.

Have you been on WW long Ukgal?

Went out last night and afraid I think I've blown my weeklies til Tuesday. Just made cauliflower mash with roasted butternut squash for lunch though.

Talk soon!
Those figures are out Of date now-I lost 25lb for my wedding (last august) on pics-after I got married I put on weight til I'd put 15lb back on! (after christmas) Shock horror-anyway, I then lost 14lb for my honeymoon (April) in Florida and had put 7lb on and then I've STS since then pretty much!

Anyway-lost 3.5lb last week and then put 1.5lb on this week (after 1st wedding anniversary meal out)

So...there u have it-my WW life story!! ;-) xx
For 6 weeks hol it's a Wednesday but when I'm at work it's a Monday (I'm a teacher) xx


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@sayyes - Hi!
just started at 140lbs this week so first weigh in tomorrow. I'm in Germany and using the iPhone iwatchr app which is great (doing it alone).

Some stuff isn't available food wise here as I'm nothing to do with the army so don't have UK goodies readily available.

Would be good to keep this thread going to record WI's and motivate each other?

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That's great Ukgal, sounds like we're in a similar weight zone. Best of luck tomorrow with the weigh in-fingers crossed! Where in Germany are you? I LOVE Berlin.

Kind of jealous of your Wednesday WI Lass as I could do with two days to redeem myself after the weekend :0

Definitely lets keep this going til we reach goal.
i have alot to loose but yes for a month, m wishing to loose btw 15-20 lbs
I am doing it on my own, using web calculators and loving what u can eat in the daily allowance
its my 1st week n i ll weigh myself on thursday, i hope i dont mess up tomorrow as its our anniversary :)
Welcome willtolose! Hope you're doing well today. So it's you're WI today Ukgal, good luck! I'm trying really hard to be very good today! What you guys gonna have for dinner tonight? :)
I sts sadly but only started last Wed evening so not so surprising. Went out tonight and had pasta with about half a chicken breast in and an orange and ginger sauce with courgette. Pointed that at 9 and then 2 alcohol free beers. Stayed within points (just) today. Also went jogging. I'm on day 1, week 3 of couch to 5k running plan.

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Just got the biggest loser wii game-it's ace!!!! Workout number 1 at 11pm-hmmm!! Strange!! xx


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Hi Sayyes and thank you! Slowly notching them up :):) Not been exercising really, poor health is preventing it, but I try to walk everywhere I can, it all helps! Yoga would be fantastic, get those muscles toned and stretched!

UKgal - STS is good, at least it's not a gain :)

LASS - is that game for the wii? debated getting it as I'm SO BORED of wii fit I can't even be bothered to start it up! lol

Just agreed to go jogging at 6:45am tomorrow (before (I) Mummy needs to be on duty!). Must be mad as I am not fit!

If anyone wants to have a look at the app I'm using this is the info. Watch this space!

Get Running app (couch to 5k) £1.49
By Benjohn Barnes

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