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2nd day on LT

im currently on my 2nd day of LT and to be honest i've taken to it very well, im not craving food like i thought i would cos i think the water is filling me up lol.
one problem i have got is that since yesterday pm i've been suffering with massive headaches, now anyone that knows me knows that i dont complain about headache's and stuff and just put up with them but these are real servere.
has anybody else suffered these? and is it ok for me to take my normal pain relief? eg co-codamol / ibuprofen.

thanks for listening guy's
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headaches are normal the 1st weel can be rough but it does get better well done on getting this far, not sure about ibroprofen but i know paracetomal is ok
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Perfectly normal for the first week but will soon go, I take paracetamol.
Good luck with it :) Me & Hubby are on week one & it got rough at times but just come on here & shout cos these lot are great to help ya stay on straight & narrow & its so worth it


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I am on day 2 also!! Second round of TFR. I got absolute migraines the last time but they were from days 2 to 5 and then I was fine. I have just taken headache tablets for one starting now! But they do pass and it is all Soooooo worth it on day 7 when you weigh in!


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Sorry your headaches are bad. It's due to a withdrawal of starches (sugars etc) and caffiene. :coffee: Just take the painkillers (as Cankster said, no sugar coated ones) and they'll pass in a day or so. Also, drink at least 3 litres of water a day. :strikeout_button:
Hope you feel better soon Hun. xx
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babe? I'm sure Lee is a boy? LOL

welcome to the forum lee and good luck xx
lol thats what i was thinking.
thanks for the advice everyone it really helps. i didnt drink much tea or coffee yesterday cos i was struggling with getting 3 litres of water down but im managing a little better today so hopefully that will help. i really surprised myself at how well im coping with not eating, although i never used to eat anything in the day AT ALL i used to really look forward to my evening meal so i think thats been the hardest bit. i've just discovered though that i really cant stomach the vanilla shake, it taste really oaty and feels a bit too heavy after you have had it.

never mind though, day 2 is neally done then onto day 3.
BRING IT ON !!!!!!



Always welcome new m8's!
Lol babe...classic

Hey and welcome! I suffered headaches and like you i dont complain but i did mutter a few choice words about them! I havent suffered any since day 3!
Excellent your doing so well, nice one!
Again welcome xx
Hi Lee glad not eating is going ok, the headaches are normal and I just used co-codomol but not the soluble ones cos have a bit of sugar in.

Great to see you have your Christmas goal in place, it really makes a difference on the bad days to know what you are aiming for, good luck x
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Hope the headaches are gone Lee.

Well done for getting through the 2nd day intact!

You'll soon be the fittest player on the pitch - we'll need a pic of you in your kit to prove it though!!!!!! Of course if it included the rest of the team as well we wouldn't mind!!! Honestly!

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Welcome on board! I'm on Day 2 as well, having taken a month break whilst on holiday. The first week ain't much fun but it gets much easier as time goes by. Good luck mate (I think mate is more appropriate than babe tbf.)

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