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30 Day Shred Challenge

I have seen a couple of these challenges, but they are old now and no one is posting on them anymore. I am starting the Jillian Micheals 30 Shred tomorrow it is a work out video designed to make you shed fat. I think this makes it perfect for the Dukan.
So the challenge is to do the 20 minute work out everyday for 30 days (10days at each level). Provide my Dvd turns up for amazon tomorrow I will start then.
So who is with me? Let firm up our new found muscles together!
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I completed it a long time ago with good results but tried to do it the other day and gave up. I just don't have enough energy on DD and think it might be a bit too intense, as the book says to avoid strenuous activity.

Wish I had the energy to join you!
Thank you, I tend to find the more I do the more energy I have, but push through that first barrier and getting the motivation is hard.

I will let you know how I get get on, Fingers Crossed
I've been doing 30-day Shred, I'm on level 3....Best of luck, the first 4 days killed me but from day 5 onward I felt a massive change in energy and strength and obviously you will get serious tone x *especially on abs for me!*
I've been thinking about doing this after reading posts on here about it. It sounds scary!!! What I'm wondering though, is as my belly is v flabby (it's where most of my weight goes) is there any point doing it yet or should I wait til I've lost more fat before toning it up?
I've just got myself Zumba, which I've been looking at and looking at, but haven't been brave enought to start yet!

I shredded last year and wow it was good but really tough!!
@Jade25, if you build muscle you burn more fat all the time, so its never to early to start.
I am starting tonight I will give you all a break down of my starting measurements. Wish me luck.
Good Luck Jade! I am almost done with level 3 and whilst I've not lost 20llbs in 30 days, I have lost lots of inches and I can see (with the help of DD) my shape has changed lots!!! Hope it arrives so you can crack on with it! :) xx
Ohhhh I've done it twice now yesterday and this morning. Its hard, but I like it because the wholetime you are thinking its nearly over and Jillian reminds you constantly you dont get results with out hard work. I love it xxx
Christell does it get easier?
Jade have you tried it yet?
only 20 minutes its tough, but the whole time you can think its nearly over. And i lost a 1lb today.
Go for it hun
Aaargh I've just ordered it! So should hopefully get it by Monday and I'll start then I'll be interested to hear all your results after a week hopefully they're good which will help motivate me, will keep u updated how I get on!
Hello Ladies, my legs and arms are feeling it today, but I am really looking forward to squeezing in a work out before I go out tonight.
I forgot to do my measurements before starting tho :-( but everyone is saying they can see my weight lose now, :)
I am loving the dukan right now I went out last night and had a lovely fish dinner but tonight is Jimmy Spices, I think I may have to double my work out tomorrow to make up for the damage.
Just completed my first workout and I am absolutely fooked!! Like I actually feel like im gonna be sick how bad is that! Can't believe how unfit I've gotten. As soon as I saw the press ups on the first circuit my first thought was "GIVE UP!!" but I pressed on an found it actually got easier as it went on, still bloody hard though! Carly how are you getting on, have u seen any results yet and have u managed to stick at it every day? Im gonna note my measurements tomorrow so I tell when it starts working x
Just ordered it!
Hello, I am 1/2 through level 1 today. It gets easier everytime I do it, I have muscles in my legs and arms that I never new I had,my boyfriend is shocked at how quickly my arms have toned up and everyone is saying my tummy looks smaller. :) so stick with it girls, its hard at first, but results are starting to show so Im sticking with it.
How are you doing Jade?


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Yeay you two! So proud you stuck at it even though you felt the burn!
In level 2 she says "I want you to feel like you are going to die....!" That's a given!!
Gets easier and easier, and more enjoyable!
Just heard she has another DVD out "killer buns and thighs!" I NEED that DVD!!! ;)

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