4.5 stone to lose with 5:2

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  1. keleta79

    keleta79 Full Member

    Hey peeps.

    There's not many threads on here when I came here looking for inspiration.

    Guess this plan really needs to get more out there. It doesn't even have it's own forum! Lol

    Anyway, I started this on 8th dec. after a family pic of us visiting Santas grotto. I looked huge! Promised myself next grotto pic I will be half the size. We going same place next year!

    I am also getting married next July 2015 so even more reason to get some weight shifting!!!

    I did this for 3 weeks before chrimbo and lost 7lbs. Break for Xmas and by nye I had gained 11lbs!!!! Doh!!!

    Have done 2 fasts since then and am 6lbs down again so prob just water retention.

    On my 9th fast today. Have struggled a bit today & picked at the boys lunch. Like little bits. Slaps hand.

    I usually avg my fasts between 550-700. With so much to lose I think this is ok. So when I get closer to target I can drop the fast cals.

    Also have high blood pressure which I have tablets for. Got this when I had my first born 3 years ago, and docs won't let me stop. So hoping this will help me get off them

    So far had

    Ww soup 87 cals
    2 satsuma 36 cals
    2 mini flumps 18 cals

    Bite of fish finger
    2 jelly sweets
    (Not sure of cals! Eeek!)

    Still to go

    Ww lasagne 257
    Green beans 26
    Asparagus 13
    Broccoli 49

    Options 40

    Without my little bites that's 525. So say 600?

    I do normally cook. I cook for my family. Just find it easier for ready meal on fast days at the mo.

    Roll on tomo!!!!

    Off to have my tea!!! I'm starvin!
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  3. keleta79

    keleta79 Full Member

    Weighed this morning & scales haven't moved since last fast. Was a bit disappointed but then shouldn't weigh more than once a week! Doh!

    Just to make myself feel better I have decided to change my starting weight!

    Before I started this early dec it was to see if it worked, if I liked it. I put on a lot over chrimbo and ended up heavier than when I started in dec!

    So I'm drawing a line under that and starting from 1st jan as I weighed on 31st dec!

    So since then I have lost 6lbs in 3 fasts.

    So can't complain about that. Gonna try not to weigh now till next Friday!!!

    Today's food started off with peanut butter n jam on toAst. But then son no1 at nursery & son no2 in bed I had a few moments with a packet of Jaffa cakes!!!

    Cheese omelette for lunch & hula hoops & choc roll.

    Burritos & rice for dinner

    Hoping that hadn't taken me over my TDEE of 2300!!
  4. ktcymru

    ktcymru Full Member

    Hi Keleta,
    Congratulations on the wedding, great to have such a big inspiration to lose!
    I'm new to fasting too, only on my 1st week but so far so good. Like you I'm bad for picking, hope I can drop that habit :)
    Good Luck
  5. iamslimslim

    iamslimslim New Member

    Hi Keleta79 and Ktcymru:)

    I'm going to be following the 5/2 plan....using exante diet packs for my fast days as I know I will be having 600cals a day and no more! I hope it will work for me. I've set myself 2 goals... one to be down to 14st by the end of April '14 and to be at my goal weigh 12st 8lbs end July '14

    I think 2lbs a week is doable on this plan!

    I lost 4 stone during the summer of 2010. Started Jun and got down to 12st 8lb by mid Oct 2010 following Lighter Life. It worked for me as I was in the right frame of mind to stick to packs only.
    I stayed around 12st 8-10lbs for just over a year...but... divorce, a sedentary job, eating, drinking and being a tad lazy too...and of course, the lbs piled back on. So here I am again and taking a more patient route to losing weight this time!

    Good luck to you both and I weighed in today at 16st 3lbs and a size 18/20......eeeekkkkkk!!!

    Sarah ( Iamslimslim )
  6. ktcymru

    ktcymru Full Member

    Hi Sarah,

    I feel you on the sedentary job, lazy bit! I'm an awful picker, not keen on massive meals so grazing is my downfall. That's why I'm loving this, on fast days I have a 100cal healthy snack & a 400cal meal. Nearly a week in and 3 fast days later I've not been hungry once & feel very motivated. I'm also tracking my cals on the other days so I don't just stuff my face!! Really want to be fitter & slimmer again, tried a fair few diets but this just feels normal & like it suits so fingers crossed I keep this one up!!

    Good idea about the packs, I'm not a fan but I've seen them work really well for others.

    Good luck & keep posting so I can follow your journey too, nice to have company lol!

  7. keleta79

    keleta79 Full Member

    Hello!!! :)

    How are you all?

    Sarah - how you getting on. I bought 6 weeks of exante in the bid to do 2/3 weeks at start of jan to get the weight moving...... I had a couple of packs and then had the sheps pie, and gagged!!! lol. I did exante a couple of years ago and lost a stone or so in a couple of weeks. Shame I didn't get on with it again. I haven't dared go near them again. and now am trying to shift 6 weeks worth on ebay!!! doh!!!! So id be interested on how its going for you?

    How you doing too Katie? you on week 3 now?

    on my 11th fast in total today. Mondays fast went really well. was quite busy and lasted till tea time which was fab for me!!! also went to bed with 45kcals still to spare. Today again I lasted till tea time, but I did have a couple of mouthfuls of rice I had cooked for the family dinner!!!

    I have discovered tortilla pizzas!!! was blooming lovely. bits of onion, ham, mozererlla tomatoes and peppers and some lettuce leaves!!!! 357 cals!!! and then a 8cal jelly.

    wil have a hot choc options thing and hopefully that will be it!!!

    roll on tomorrow!!!

    However, have defo ditched the scales. my partner has put them in his car so I cant actually go and get them as he leaves for work at 6am. So no chance of me getting out of bed to grab them!!! and I defo will not weigh after ive eaten!! Im too number obessed so I going to try to hang off until a) my clothes feel looser or b) someone asks me if ive lost weight or they can tell!!!
  8. smurfette84

    smurfette84 Silver Member

    U may find Slimming world easier as they no calorie counting x ive lost 12lbs in 2 weeks and i dont have to restrict myself x
  9. keleta79

    keleta79 Full Member

    No I've done slimming works too many times & to be honest I do find it restrictive.

    Like you can eat as much as you like on foods but anything off that is really high in syns. I also find it's boring. I start off great but few weeks later start to rebel.

    But it obviously works for you so well done.

    I'm actually enjoying this plan. I don't count 5 days a week & the other 2 days are like a detox & a challenge.
  10. ktcymru

    ktcymru Full Member

    I'm in week 2, weigh in Monday so hoping to lose another lb or 2 by then.
    Finding it so much easier than anything else I've ever done so far!
    SW was great but didn't suit me long term either, this makes me feel more in control somehow :)

    Good luck everyone
  11. ktcymru

    ktcymru Full Member

    Ooh Keleta tortilla pizza?? Recipe please!!!
  12. keleta79

    keleta79 Full Member

    Ha ha!! All it was was

    Ww tortilla wrap
    2 tablespoons of tom purée
    40g onion
    2 tomatoes
    3 slices wafer thin ham
    60g half fat mozzarella
    70g frozen peppers

    Chopped up all small and spread unevenly by my 3 year old! Lol

    On a baking sheet in oven until cheese melted & topping browned.

    Lovely jubbly!!!!

    Evening snacks were 10 cal jelly, hot choc options (which I still seem to get lumpy) & an alpen bar.

    Now I think I better go to bed. Looking forward to the deflated feeling in my belly tomo!!!!
  13. keleta79

    keleta79 Full Member

    Omg! I'm such a failure.!!!! Lol

    Darling fiancée let me have scales last night to weigh a parcel I'm sending. Well he forgot to taken them back! So yes I scale hopped this morning!!!

    Thankfully shows a 3lb lost!! Whoopee!!

    9 in total.

    Will have to confess later lol
  14. ktcymru

    ktcymru Full Member

    Temptation to weigh can be far too strong!! I tell myself to wait 7 days but can't help a cheeky look mid week :-/
    Can derail if you see it fluctuate though!! Great idea getting them out the house.

    Woohoo about the 3lb though, well done!
  15. keleta79

    keleta79 Full Member

    Yes if only I could resist to a once a week weigh in it wouldn't be so bad! I feel like I've had a terrible day today. Day after fast I feel I could eat everything!! Started with 2 crumpets, but really wanted 3. Coffee..... Fine.

    Then finished off Jaffa cakes. About 4 of them late morning.

    Hula hoops & coffee shortly after.

    Picked up no1 son from nursery.
    Thought I needed something substantial for lunch.

    100g pasta with grated cheese & bit of salad cream.


    Mid afternoon no1 son wanted biscuits. Opened Jammie dodgers. He had 2, I had the rest!!! Doh!!! Think there's 8 in a pack?

    Tea was minted lamb chops , veg n mash.

    Couldn't eat all my dinner ?.

    I bet tomo I'll be fine.

    Fasting days are getting easier.

    Day after fast I'm picky

    Day after a non fast day I should be able to make more sensible choices!

    I'll see if this is a pattern!
    Last edited: 17 January 2014
  16. ktcymru

    ktcymru Full Member

    I would kill for a Jaffa cake right now!!! I can actually taste it.... Problem is 1 Jaffa cake then the pack has gone!

    Had a good day though, even had a small pack of Parma Violets but still under my 500 cals :)

    Had a massive meal for 331 cals tonight & I'm stuffed thank god cos I really wanted to pick earlier. Roll on normal day tomorrow, going to relax a bit as according to MFP I'm still 5,573 cals under target for the week based on 1,200 a day it's been a good one so far even taking the 500cal days into account.

  17. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Subbing :)
  18. keleta79

    keleta79 Full Member

  19. keleta79

    keleta79 Full Member

    Tried to gain a bit more control today.

    4 crumpets for brekkie.
    Lasted till lunch.

    Using up Xmas Brie we had bacon & Brie baguettes. Half a foot long one. & bloody Jaffa cakes!

    Some cheesy biscuits & treat size haribos.

    Tea was BBQ ribs, jacket spud, salad & coleslaw.

    Not a great healthy day. But less snacking I think.

    On a plus note I think we have finally found our wedding venue!! And knocked about a grand off our original plan!! Just need to email some details for proper quote & a tasting session to convince other half this is the way to go. Got butter flies now!!!!
  20. ktcymru

    ktcymru Full Member

    Eek exciting!! Great saving too :)
  21. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Hiya sorry about the very short reply, but I wanted to read back through your diary before I commented and I knew I wouldn't find it again lol :eek:

    Ive just rewatched the the horizon programme on this and came on looking for some info and inspiration but you are right there is very little on here about the 5:2,

    im im like you in that I am much more of a grazer than a big meal eater. The health science behind this really appeals to me, do you have any tips please?

    ive tried all diets I think (except vlcd's, I think they are yucky and could never even last a day lol) and I'm sick of flitting between this one and that one, so thought, it can only be worth a shot :)

    youre doing great so far! Well done! Do you have any tips please? X
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