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Just had my 3rd wi and lost 4lbs, really pleased. Thats 1 stone 2lbs in 3 weeks which i never would have achieved on ww or sw. Im not knocking these diets but i dont get good results from them. Last time i did one it took me over 6 months to lose 2 stones. With lt you seem to get instsant results which for me makes it worth the sacrifice. Had to go and buy some new pants for work a dress size less.happy days
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Awww well done babe. 4lbs is a big loss if you ask me. Hold something that weighs 4lb (Then you might see) thats actually quite alot in 1 week. And just think if you lose 3-4lbs each week for say 7 weeks thats around 2 stone - thats good going. Keep up the good work I say :)
Thanks, my main aims are for may/june but going to france in march so will have to come off for a week, hopefully will be able to get straight back into it as its the easiest diet ive done.
Thanks thats the best bit, going for new clothes. Not getting carried away just some work pants.
It certainly is, I tried some black cargos that were inches away from being done up a few weeks ago, now they fit perfect. Its a nice feeling isnt it. :)
Yeah, it makes it seem worth the effort. If i can lose a dress size every 3 to 4 weeks it will be a brilliant summer as long as it dont rain of course.
Thanks, i love being on this forum every one is so supportive, its much better than a ww or sw meeting.


My husband = My hero
well done love thats a fantastic loss!!

and your quite right this diet is a fab way to loose quickly, then maintain with /ww or something! thats my plan!xx
Hope you dont mind me saying lauren but from your foto you dont seem like you need to lose weight, you have a very pretty face.
Hi Cazzy - Congrats on your wi results and the fab progress you've made on LT! Hope I'm as successful! Annie xx
Hi annie, sure you will i know im not losing massive amounts each week like some of the others but its going in the right direction and im happy with it. Let us know your first wi results im sure you will be pleased.


My husband = My hero
Hope you dont mind me saying lauren but from your foto you dont seem like you need to lose weight, you have a very pretty face.

Thats lovely of u to say hun, its a good photo believe me,

i weighed 17.6 stone at the start of this diet!

im 15st9 now, so it is coming off... :D

no one notices a pretty face when your carrying round the chub i am hehe

Just telling the truth as i see it. You are doing brilliantly, hope your oh appreciates all your hard work.


My husband = My hero
he really does hun, he would rather i wasnt doin it tbh, but knows it will make me happy!!

he could make me feel gorgeous at 100st
Well done Cazzy b on your loss. You are doing so well.

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