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5' 7" Question.

Hi everyone!! I hope you are all well. Am 5' 7" and my goal weight is around 10st 4lbs to 11st. Not yet fully decided. Anyway my question is what size are you if you are 5 ' 7" and you fall within that weight margin?

I know it doesn't necessarily mean that I too will be that size as people carry their weight differently but it will give me a rough guide of a realistic target.

Many thanks. :)
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hi im 5 7 and currently 11.7 stone, and fitting nicely into size 12, although i am bean pole materiel when thin ie no boobs, no thighs or waist etc, hoping another stone i will be in the 10s
Thanks Cherry!! I was aiming to be a size 12 so I may have to aim for 10st. We will see. My BMI will be healthy at 11st so I will decide whether I need to lose more to be happier with how I look closer to the time.
People tend to say you drop roughly a dress size per stone, particularly as you get smaller. If you are say 18 stone to start with you probably will find its more like a size every 2 stone, but I'd say from about the 14st mark down, it's pretty accurate... not sure if that helps? xx


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I think it varies on where you lose your weight if you know what I mean.
All my weight seems to drop off my legs and bum but my tummy is still big compared to the rest. Because of this my legs/bum will fit into a size 10 but I can't close it because my tummy is still too big... (and yes, it really is the tummy lol coz it fits perfectly everywhere and then the front can't close coz of my bulge:p)

Hope that makes sense somehow, LOL. If you loose weight equally divided over your body I guess the 1 stone 1 size thing works, if you are like me and drop massive weight from 1 or 2 areas and keep it on other areas you may find you need to lose more in certain areas to fit into the size you want.

That's a good point - my belly and arms cause me problems and mean I'm a size bigger than I otherwise might be! Having said that, since I started doing 50 sit-ups each day before bed but tummy as got loads better xx
I think am losing weight all over quite evenly. I have lost inches everywhere. I am worried about my upper arms though. I will have to start some mild weight training.

Oh plus I have also dropped a shoe size. Was a size 8 now am a size 7, I used to be a size 6 years ago.


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That's a good point - my belly and arms cause me problems and mean I'm a size bigger than I otherwise might be! Having said that, since I started doing 50 sit-ups each day before bed but tummy as got loads better xx
Oh, lovely. Will be trying that then :). I have been using scrub and lotions etc and for me they do work (as in, my stomach isn't saggy skin it's still surprisingly firm lol.) but they don't really help the weight go off there. I will be doing some sit ups.. or some wii-fit hula hoop stuff (it huuuuuurts!!) the next few weeks :)

Good plan chick. I've experimented a lot over the last few months and have come up with some amazing products that seem to work miracles!

My top tips which seem to be working so far:

- Use a firm body brush before a shower to help with cellulite and firming up skin.

-Use a good quality sugar scrub in the shower (recommend FCUK's one - it comes in a pink pot from Boots... it's a body scrub with natural oils - jojoba, shea butter and something else that leaves a natural moisture in your skin. Seriously smells amazing and works wonders on the skin tone and moisture side!).

- If you're a bath person, get bio oil and put a few drops in your bath: it's amazing stuff for stretch marks and scarring! Beware, it makes the bath a bit slippy tho!

- Use Palmers body lotion for skin-firming and stretch-mark reducing power after a shower!

- Do 50 sit-ups a day, doing more if you can and building daily if possible to increase strength

- For your arms, when you are sitting down in front of the telly, get a couple of tins of something (heavy as poss) and do some arm weight exercises. If possible go to the gym and use their weights. For the flabby bit on the backs of your arms, do "Kick-backs" (google it if you've not heard of it) - you can use tins of things for these too! No money required!



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Ohh, lovely tips! :)

I'm from the Netherlands but I have some expensive (but also good) scrubs with sea minerals/algea.. alge... those seastuff thinglets!!!!!! which is amaaaaazing for stretchmarks/scars, softness, moisture etc.

And a firming lotion (god knows the name) from l'oreal (mum bought me 3 bottles heheh, can use em but wouldn't be able to afford myself!!!) which really works for me too.

Will be trying the bio bath oil thing, I love taking a bath when I have time to do it! The arm-excersizes sound quite good too and easily doable!

Sorry Bijoux for stealing your thread away a bit!!! xxx
Yup Bijoux, that's the stuff. Only discovered it at the beginning of december but it's absolutely the best I have ever found!

I've heard the algae stuff is good - we have the l'oreal stuff here too but haven't tried it.

Glad to be of help - share the knowledge that's what I say!

PS you can use Bio Oil directly onto the skin too if you have bad stretch marks, just massage it in daily and the results are amazing! So you can use it in the bath and/or directly. Fab stuff :) xxx


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No Lostris its fine. This information is very useful!
Okido!! :) I saw you were talking about it too after my post, just didn't want to rob your thread from you as it seemed very rude to me so just wanted to clear that up to be sure haha;)

But with cremes and lotions and such, I guess it varies per person if it works or not? Mine work for me but maybe they're less effective for others, that's what I think anyway because there are tons of people out there saying no lotion or creme will ever ever work...

So.. out of curiosity.. have any of you noticed yet how fast your body can change? Seriously, I look at myself in the mirror and really don't recognise myself, my legs and arms are tiny!! :confused: I know I've lost weight and all but.. silly enough, its quite confusing...... I fit into this mini skirt, black, that I haven't been able to wear in quite a bit and seeing myself in that is, to say the least, very very odd... Does that make sense? :eek:

I started using Bio Oil about 2 weeks ago. I have also used it on my face and I can definitely see a difference. I am searching the web for a good firm body brush with a long handle but can't find any!! Will have to trawl the streets tomorrow. Thanks for that tip!!

I am already loving 2009.

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