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5 months after tfr picture!!


blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Thanks for the inspiration you look fantastic! We need more posts like this to keep us motivated well done.XX:)
Your pics are lovely, you have done remarkably well, and just goes to show the weight CAN be kept off after lipotrim. Thats the one remark I am getting from people when they know I am following lipotrim, "oh you will put it all back on when you stop" but there is no telling them, they just believe what they want to believe.
I think they are only jealous.......lol.
Well done again, you look fab.
wow, you are an inspiration.. i am starting at nearly your start weight and your weight now is my goal!!!!! well done girl.. on my second day so feeling a bit rough but your story has cheered me up and given me that little boost.. If you can do it so the hell can I xxxxx
Thanks everyone!! I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be posting a pic 5 months after, and actually kept the weight off. It was my biggest fear from day one and maybe thats why I have kept the weight at bay..Fear is a great motivator!! Good luck to you all on TFR, you can do it and you will. xx
thanks for posting the pic :) More proof you can maintain after lipotrim :) That'll show them! :D:8855:
congrats - well done you look fabtastic
would love it if you can post your eating habits, so we can all take a leaf out of your book on keeping the weight gain at bay.. you look so fab in the photos.. has your life changed much since loosing the weight xxx
Jeez thanks everyone, your kind words mean so much. I was quite lazy at posting on the refeed section but basically I followed the refeed to the t for 2 weeks, then did a week maintenance where I had a shake for brekkie, a maintenance bar for luch and a low carb and cal dinner, after that I exchanged the morning shake for porridge or granola with skimmed milk, lunch was then either tuna or prawns with salad and balasmic, and a small wholemeal pitta. I tried to stop snacking as much as possible unless I was ravenous then I would have an apple or 2 Nairns ginger oatcakes to keep me going till dinner. Dinner is usually chicken breast, fish (unbreaded), few baby potatoes with roasted veg or salad. With my coffee after dinner I usually have a ginger oatcake or 2 or a ww yoghurt. Really I just tyr to only eat when I am really hungry and not the mindless eating I did pre TFR. I still have treats but only if I really want one an know I will enjoy it.
Read from one up.... anyway, thats it really, not rocket science but it works for me. I also try to get to the gym 3 times a week, do 30 mins walking and running on treadmill(yes running.. can't believe it) then 15 mins on crosstrainer and 20 mins or so of weights and crunches. I really enjoy then gym so thats half the battle. Tasha, I do feel like my life has changed in many ways, obviously the clothes issue is one of the main things.. being able to walk into any shop and pick something up is truly an amazing feeling. My confidence is so much better. I used to think that the first thing anyone thought about me when they saw me was "God..she's fat" Now, I know thats not the case, but that took some time for me to realise that. I have so much more energy now and don't waste my days off in bed cause thats what I did when I had the weight on, I was constantly tired. I am not out of breath now just walking up the stairs which I always was before. It feels wonderful. So my advice is just keep going, the prize is so worth the pain. Thanks everyone again for your lovely comments xx

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