ProPoints 7lbs to go.... Will I Shred it???

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  1. ross5

    ross5 Member

    I've been here before!!!

    Have this 7lbs on since last Christmas 2012 and going into the new year of 2013, It's been up and down but now I just want to totally get rid of it.

    Thursday is my weigh in but haven't been since beginning of feb, will be back next thurs..

    Right so this is what i'm doing, I started the 30 day shred 4 days ago and am pointing also.
    The first 4 days have been a killer, not too bad today, I can really feel the sore muscles going up and down the stairs :eek:..

    I'm on 26pp's a day... 49 weeklies....

    Here is my food diary so far today

    Breakfast 6pp
    Milk 3
    30g porridge 3
    cinnamon, 5 raisins 1 tsp maple syrup( don't know the pp for it)

    Lunch 6pp
    65g Tuna(tesco value one 1/2 can) 1
    Salad--carrot/tom/celery/apple 0
    1 tbsp light mayo 1
    Wholemeal pitta 4

    Dinner 12pp
    150g homemade garlic potato cubes 4
    Fish 3
    carrot/parsnip mash 1
    Liberte strawberry yog 2
    kitkat 2

    24/26 weeklies

    might have a chupa chups lolly or a beer :)..

    2 corona light 6
    crisps 4


    8 weeklies used
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  3. ross5

    ross5 Member

    Right so day i am on Day 5 Level 1 of the 30 day shred, its a killer on my thighs :eek:, I really feel the burn there!!!

    My food diary so far today has been;

    B 7
    Milk 3
    Shredded wheat 4 ( I don't really like them but since I bought a big massive box I have to eat them :rolleyes:)

    L 7
    Egg 2
    Pot cubes 50g 1
    Rasher 1
    Bread 3

    Steak 3
    Home made oven chips 4

    Will update later....
  4. ross5

    ross5 Member

    Only getting a chance to update now, haven't had time!!

    Ice cream 4
    Orange kitkat 3

    Velvet crunch 2
    ice cream 2
    corona light 3
    wheat cracker 1

    So i've used 11 of my weeklies

    30/49 weeklies
  5. ross5

    ross5 Member

    Sunday Mothers Day

    D6 L1 Of the 30 day shred also and i went for a walk/run in the morning, got all exercise out in the morning, it was such a nice day.

    Milk 3
    Porridge 4
    1/2 crossant 3 omg it was so yummy

    Omelette 2 with mushrooms, onions
    Bread 5
    Wine 3
    cake 3

    Chicken 4
    Pots 3
    Desert 5
    Wine 5

    Later finished wine 5

    Besides the daily 26 i also used 17 of my weeklies

    13/49 weeklies left...
  6. ross5

    ross5 Member

    Took a rest day today from shred but went for a short walk with my son who requested we go on a walk :), usually i'm dragging him out....

    Milk 3
    Shredded wheat 4
    Banana 0
    Rice cake 1

    Salad 0
    Mayo 1
    Chicken 2

    Pasta creamy chorizo 7
    Cake 5
    Skips 2
    Lolly 1

    26/26 used

    13 weeklies left
  7. ross5

    ross5 Member

    D7 L1 jeez this better be worth it.
    Out cutting lawn today also as it was a nice day, took nearly all afternoon cause the grass was so long :mad:...

    milk 3
    hoops 3

    pitta 3
    salad 0
    ham & mayo 2
    apple & celery

    pots 3
    chicken 2
    peas 1
    yog 2
    kitkat 2
    velvet crunch 2
    wheat cracker 2

    26/26 dailies
  8. ross5

    ross5 Member

    Right i'm up to date now..

    It's a horrible day here today lucky i've my dvd!!!

    B 6

    Milk 3
    Porridge 30g 3 ( made with water and some daily allowance of my milk, i like to add cinnamon)
  9. ross5

    ross5 Member

    Pitta 3
    Chicken 1
    Homemade carrot and coriander soup 1

    Rice fusions 6
    Salmon 5
    Kitkat 3
    Cookie 1

    2 over i think

    28 used out of dailies

    30/49 weeklies left...

    Weigh in tomorrow :eek:....

    Also did walk this evening pushing a very heavy toddler in his buggy...
  10. ross5

    ross5 Member

    I'm so bad at this updating..


    Well it was my birthday on Monday :birthday: so needless to say I was celebrating with wine, chocolates, cake and meals out, had a lovely birthday and it has shown on the scales.

    I find if I have a day like that I tend to eat naughty stuff next day also.

    So my weigh in is on a Thursday and am not going officially but my WW scales is bang on with my meeting scales and I've put on 3/4 lb so am not surprised.

    Back on track yesterday had 27 daily, couldn't be bothered to type it all up sorry, cut the lawn also.

    Still doing the shred dvd, am on level 2 now oh good god its tough :eek:...
  11. helsbels1977

    helsbels1977 Silver Member

    Hi ross-here to subscribe, how are you finding the 30 day shred-I'm really tempted to do it-just need to get finger out of bum!
  12. ross5

    ross5 Member

    Hiya Helsbels,

    Its tough going.I found level 1 not too bad after the 3rd day!!
    Level 2 is ok but I find the arms weights a flipping killer!!! Some times I follow the harder one other times its the beginner level depends on which exercise she is doing.

    I don't find her annoying and music is grand also. Had a Davina dvd and hated the music in it

    Am taking a break from it for next few days, going away, will try and walk though.
    Will update when get back.
    Ate all my weeklies sat night, well like 30, nothing left now, weigh in Thursaday but will be still away, will have to really watch it. :eek:
  13. helsbels1977

    helsbels1977 Silver Member

    Hope you have a fab time away :)
  14. ross5

    ross5 Member

    Well am back from few days visiting my parents and friends, best not post what I've been eating for the past few days :(.

    Starting again tomorrow :).....
  15. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    draw a line under it :) and start a fresh..
    as long as u had a lovely time!
  16. ross5

    ross5 Member

    Will update tomorrow but so far have had 30pp
  17. ross5

    ross5 Member

    OMG i've gone to hell :break_diet:, chocolate crisps and no exercise, tryed to get back on track then kids take out lindt bunny and i'm eating it with them ahhh :mad:....

    Every day, i say to myself right start again today, but inevitably I eat something naughty.

    Right start again tomorrow.....
  18. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    sooooo hard with all the leftovers from easter!!!

    good luck for tomorrow hehe x
  19. ross5

    ross5 Member

    I've have been so busy hadn't had time to put anything up. I have been watching what i eat and am on d6 l2 of the 30 day shred, has a big break due to easter break but have been exercising just didn't get a chance to do the dvd.
  20. ross5

    ross5 Member

    Right, here I am again, back with a vengeance. Haven't really been tracking or watching it since may!! I can't remember when I was at a meeting last. Am going back to class on Wednesday, have to kick this and get back on tracking etc!!

    My food today...
    Milk 3
    LF Yog 2
    tiny bit of granola

    3 rye ryvita 3
    low low chesse triangle 1
    chicken 30g 1
    salad, lettuce, beetroot, gerkin, grated carrot, tomato, red onion 0

    ginger nut biscuit 1

    don't know yet

    did big walk today and am in the middle of cutting the lawn having my coffee....
  21. ross5

    ross5 Member

    Well didn't go to class this week either but am tracking myself and weigh in I was up. It's so hard, i've really lost my mojo with this ww lark, Am starting correcting tomorrow so that should keep my mind off food :)...
    It's raining here now so don't know when i can get out for a walk but might do my dvd if I can make time, kids also getting hols on friday :eek: 9 weeks off!!!!!
    Have eaten 26 dailies no weeklies, I try to keep them for weekend...

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