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a challenge with a prize!


Serial Foodie!
I was just answering a post by Sonkie called "sex lives" in the relationship forum and just had a thought....

I used to work for Ann Summers and have a garage full of stock. lingerie, nightwear and ummm...toys hehe!

I was just thinking, maybe after christmas someone could (and probably will) come up with a valentines challenge for weight loss.

If people want to do that then I would be happy to donate a prize. I have stuff in all sizes (clotheswise and toy wise) so the winner would get something they want.

and best of all....it could make their valentines go with a real bang (pun totally intended :p )

What do you lot think?
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Serial Foodie!
was just thinking that for some reason, there might be some wariness to do this as it may bring about a "winners and losers" vibe which is totally not what I want to create!

Just thought it might be fun and a treat to the person(s) who achieve the most.

As above, will wait and see what you all think :D


Serial Foodie!
not sure what the challenge could be or how it would be measured but sure one of you creative marvels could think of something. hehe

We could make it a 1st, 2nd and 3rd thing as well as theres plenty of stuff out there gathering dust and would be more of an incentive?

it should be done with people putting their names forward though so only the people on the list can be in the running to win. naturally, i would do the challenge but not be eligiable to win anything.

Im glad you think its a good idea to get people back into the zone after xmas and all the temptation.

the challenge (whatever it ends up being) needs to finish a week before valentines so that I have time to post the goodies too.

We have til the new year to come up with something but if anyone has any good suggestions, pop em down here!


p.s sonkie knows where my garage is! :eek: will have to buy a doberman lol
p.s sonkie knows where my garage is! :eek: will have to buy a doberman lol
So funny! I was also thinking it's a good job you are all the way down in Devon because your garage should be safe from Coley up there in Scotland.

You reading this Coley?

Booking your hols to the Torquay riviera?

Dizzy x

Just had a thought you should bring a bag of goodies to the Bath Spa meet up (have you put your name down yet?) and we could have a little Ann Summers party.
an idea for the challenge

What if you send everyone who wants to take part a .......Toy ! with new batteries, see who runs the batteries down first. LOL

Is there any of your naughty games we could reply to on here, the person with highest points win.

or we could all get a MUSTAFA and see who can blow him up the quickest

A few ideas I will keep racking the brain for ideas
You usually have good ideas.

Sonkie :eek: ;)


Serial Foodie!
lol. I was thinking more of a weigh loss challenge for jan- valentines. Maybe worked out on percentage of body fat lost within those dates. like they do on "the biggest loser" except u get an ann summers gift instead of a years gym pass lol.
hmmm... not so sure about that Karen.... this weight loss journey is about as individual a thing as we can get, and I don't want to get into the mindset of comparing my losses with others.. perhaps a lucky dip.. all who sign up for the challenge get an equal chance that way? after all, we're all winners :D


Serial Foodie!
I absolutely agree that its a personal journey and one that everyone should feel comfortable with. That why i suggested people put their names forward if they want to compete. I thought it could be a bit of a giigle and kick start some people after the festivities.

I have noticed other challenges going on for xmas and stuff and thought this kinda thing was normal? The only difference here is that there would be a valentines prize at the end.

I certainly wouldnt expect anyone to go along with anything I say (could lead u into all kindsa trouble!) or do anything they dont wanna do.

I personally dont see the point in a lucky dip as theres no motivation in it for getting on track after Christmas but i asked for suggestions and u have a valid point that others may agree with and prefer to do.

more ideas/thoughts please!!!
How about all those who have consistantly lost weight and stayed the whole course until valentines day. Then if there are more than three then make it a lucky dip.

Dizzy x

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