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A New Image ???


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I really want a new image, I seem to wear the same type of clothing all the time, for work trousers/skirts with vest tops and cardigans.

When I go out (not often) it's usually some kind of top and skirt/trousers.

I would love to wear more interesting clothes and look more 'trendy' for my 34 years !

Any ideas ? Any sites on inspiration to help ? Feel like I need an overhaul !!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm the same! would love to have more of an idea about fashion. I'm considering going to the debenhams personal shopper service once I get to goal, its free and you're under no obligation to buy. I've also been getting Look magazine for some ideas.


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Aw hun! That's a fab idea. :)
It's so much easier to buy nicer clothes when slimmer. The 'fatty' shops (as I call them!) like Evans are so old fashioned.
If I was you I would start a 'wish list' - have a look at shops online that you haven't shopped in before, but would love to and get some ideas.
I like the sophisticated look normally. But lately I'm liking patterned garments and stripey tops.

I got a dress from wallis today (never been able to shop there!) and I was even impressed with the bloody bag they put it in!!! :):):) ha ha!!!

Hugs x x x


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i'm 30 so know what you mean about feeling trendy!

I seem to spend most of my life on the following sites

I have a managerial professional job, so wear regular office clothes to work....but outside work i do a lot of experimenting...and its a lot of fun! I no longer buy within my comfort zone....i even bought some bright blue tights from next the other day....i have an ace black dress i can wear those with!
First thing i would do if i were you, if get to the hairdressers and ask for the senior stylist and get a no 'do'....and then work from there on the rest of the image....Debenhams is super, but just going with a girl-friend and hitting the shops will be good enough to start seeing what's hot and what's not!
Just becuase your not sure about something on the hangers doesnt mean its not worth trying on, thats half the fun!!!

have a look at clothes on line first, then take it into the shops....enjoy! :D:D:D:D:D


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Oh thanks for all the advice girlies !
I will check out the links !
Emma I am so proud of you getting your dress but want to see pix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I got lost somewhere with fashion !!! I just don't get this whole 80's revival thing either - leggings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think I have ever been cool !!!!!!!!!


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As others have said Mags, online.............. or just go to the shops and try on and see what suits you........... its great!!!!!!! Love love love shopping.......... you then turn into a shopaholic......... xx


WILL be Slim!
oh my, leggings and tunics are fab for hiding the bad and showing off the good! :) although i dont get the luminous coloured ones! lol

Just have fun with your wardrobe hun, i do a lot of shopping on ebay too becuase then if it doesnt look any good/fit, then its only cost a couple of quid! :D


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I love leggings too........ living in them at the moment!!!! have them on as I type........ so comfy too...... I have them on with a denim tunic... and they are so much more comfy than jeans..


WILL be Slim!
the best bit about leggings at the moment, is that i'm having to buy a size 10 as the 12's are far too big! It rocks!!! :D:D:D:D:D xxx


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I do have a pair of leggings....................bought about a year ago, maybe they should come out !

I am going to wait another month then will have to sell my entire size 16 wardrobe as it is getting too big. I bought loads of stuff in Next a few months ago in a 16 and it's all too big, tops and linen trousers etc, only worn a few times. Best get them gone so I have some pennies for more stuff !
I need a new image also. Thing is i'm not a typical girl/woman really and I'm not the type that goes for heels/skirts/or anything sparklie. So i'm stuck... i'm more the surf shop type....! hmmmm!


can see the end in sight!
I love clothes!! I have a very specific taste though, I like plain classic things, no patterns for some reason . I am so tall that if I wear anything too fussy I feel like a trannie. Asos is fab, and I reckonjust window shoppingis great for getting ideas too, especially in places like selfridges etc! I would rather buy quality over quantity any day. Enjoy yourself and have fun with it!


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Believe it or not but Scope the charity shop has a quality section.they put all the good stuff in there i went for a route the other day and got a really nice pair of next linen fitted trousers for 4 quid. Bargin they are a little tight on the waist but a couple more weeks and i'll be there.
I think that on the way to goal i'm gonna buy a few nice simple pieces to live in and then go mad with the pennies i'm saving while losing weight


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I know exactly what you mean, I went shopping for an outfit to wear for a wedding reception yesterday and just find myself drawn to the same styles that I always used to wear.

I have bought something that I would never have picked up previously but I plan on going to the Debenhams (or Selfridges - haven't decided yet!) personal shopper when I get to goal.

Where is the best place to get leggings that are a bit more substantial than tights? All of the ones I've looked at seem a bit flimsy?

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