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A new year and a new diet!!

Hi All

Im new to Weight Watchers and im still a bit confused about how this diet works but im hoping im doing it right!! And this is why I have decided to make a food diary and I would like to hear what you all think about it and give me some tips on how to make it better (im just hoping i havnt got any of the calculations wrong too) !!

Wednesday 5th January

Breakfast - Quaker oat so simple sulatanas, raisins, cranberry and apple With Semi-skimmed milk (6 points)

Grapes (0 points)

Snack - Wotsits (3 points)

Lunch - Weight watchers from Heinz carrot and lentil soup (2 points) 1 slice of bread (2 points)

Tea - Paella (13 points)

Packet of weight watchers crisps (2 points)

Total points =
29 points + 1 point from weekly allowance

Thursday 6th Jan

Quaker oat so simple sulatanas, raisins, cranberry and apple With water - (4 points)

Snack - Grapes & WW crisps (2 points)

Lunch -
Rice dish - 6 points
WW cookie bar - 3 points
WW Strawberry and cream sweets (2 points)

Tea -
Cod, runnerbeans, peas and sweetcorn (6 points)
Packet of Wotsits - 3 points

Total points for the day - 26 points

Friday 7th Jan

Breakfast - Porridge with water (4 points)

Snack - WW crisps (2 point)

Lunch -
Mugshot pasta snack tomato n herb - (2 points)
3 McVities Go head crispy slices Fruit forest (5 points)

Tea -
Chilli-con-carne with grated cauliflower (this is excellent and great to add when you dont have enough points for rice... I really liked it try it) (11 points)
Mullerlight Yoghurt - (2 points)

Total points - 26 points

So far I havnt had any trouble with this diet but tomorrow im hoping its going to be ok as im doing a curry dinner for friends and im hoping its not going to be too high!! but I will calculate it and use up the weekly points too.
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Ok here are the 2 days I thought would be really bad but I've managed to stay within my points!!

Saturday jan 8th

Breakfast - Quaker oats so simple (cinnamon) with skimmed milk (5 pp)

Lunch - mugshot chicken (1pp)

2 onion bhajis (6pp)
Massaman curry (11pp)
Rice (6pp)
2 glasses of Rose wine (6pp)

Milk skimmed (1pp)

Total points = 38 pp
29 daily allowance
9 weekly allowance

Activity pp earned today is 6 (I'm not sure what to do with these yet too)

Sunday jan 9th

Breakfast - weetabix and skimmed milk. (4pp)

Lunch - roast beef dinner (20pp)
Treacle sponge and custard (13pp)

Tea - small portion of chilli an rice ( I didn't know how much to point this out as so I've put the full portion pp for it.. 17pp)

Glass of orange juice (3pp)

Total points = 57 pp
29 daily allowance
28 weekly allowance

Activity pp - 2

Ok so I've done 2 bad days but still within the points... I'm still not sure I'm doing it right but I will see when I go for my weighing on Tuesday!! But so far I'm happy :D
Monday 10th Jan

Breakfast - oat so simple and skimmed milk (5 pp)

Lunch -
Bacon and egg sandwich (10pp)

Tea - Burgandy beef stew (11pp)

Total pp - 26

Tue 11th Jan

Breakfast - oat so simple and skimmed milk (5pp)


Lunch - now i made myself something to take into work with me but forgot it :( so i decided to try and buy something healthy from a shop.... but i didnt as when i worked it out it was approx 16 pp so i was gutted!!! :cry:

Chicken Ceaser wrap (16pp)
WW crisps (2pp)


Creamy bacon and vegetable pasta (13 pp)

Total points - 35pp
First weigh in and i lost............... 4 1/2 lb HORRAYYYYYYY!!!!

Im loving this diet.... I cant believe i spent all those months trying slimming world!!!!!!

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