A none mover at 11st 7lb!


:mad: :mad: :mad: I'm on day 17 of LL as a restarter.

:) WI 1 -8lbs
:confused: WI 2 -3lbs

:eek: My scales havent moved for about a week. they seem to be stuck on 11st 7lb. I'm using skimmed milk and have had 3 tins of tuna in that time? (oops!) I'm still in Ketosis but my scales are stuck.

:mad: I'm due on period, first one since miscarriage 4 weeks ago. I'm also pretty constipated...

:confused: Anyone give me any indication of whats going on. Is the tuna REALLY making a massive difference (I dont think so, I mean 790 people lose weight?) ARGGGHHHH...I'm so close and yet feel so far! Started to feel deprived as the scales dont seem to be moving....

:mad: P**sed off.....feeling like I may move to management but then will feel annoyed with myself....such a minefield of confusions...
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Whatever diet you are on the last stone is notoriously the hardest. Couple that with the constipation I am not surprised you are standing still. Also, you mention the miscarriage, which I assume you are sad about, I wonder if you are just asking an awful lot of you right now. I think maybe a change of diet would be a jolly good idea, you might find that gets the old constipation sorted and sometimes a chnage kickstarts the weightloss. Really hope you can sort it all out and hope you are ok.

Lots of love
Hi Barb!:)

:eek: Been reading your thread and didnt want to barge in on your thread but really sorry to hear about what happened with your son. I admire his bravery. I have a son who is 8 and am already over-sensitive and protective to the point of paranoia. You dont expect something like this to happen when they become young adults. Hope youre all OK and finding strength to move forward! (((HUGS)))):eek:

:mad: Yes, you assume right I am totally gutted about my recent MC. Its my 3rd in 2 years. have had trouble conceiving too. Ballooned to 15st 7 after second one and restarted LL as sh1t scared of doing the same again. Had about a stone to go before I did a positive pregnancy test...so thought as I was no longer Pg I'd better gte back ont rack. Thinking about christmas and also focussing on something positive...well that was the idea although i'm sliding a bit!:(

:confused: I'm going to see my LLc tomorrow so will see what she suggest....

:confused: Do you think the tuna has done me harm? A touch of skimmed milk in my tea? Im still In Ketosis but scales not moving!!!!!

ARGGGHHH:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

:) Thanks for your advice....a change is as good as a rest eh? But feel a bit of a failure as only managed SS restart for almost 3 weeks....literally hanging on by skin of teeth!

BTW we have had tests and have appointment with consultant on 20th dec to decipher our probs with fertility and carrying baby! Dreading it..:(
Nic, don't dread it - it is all progress towards your ulitmate goal, a beautiful baby. If I tell you it took five miscarriages, including losing a set of twins for us to get our 4 fantastic kids, maybe you won't feel it is as unlikely as you do. After the 1st one my Gp was very casual and it wasn;t until we had lost baby no 4 that he decided to get some tests done! Turned out Mine and Hubbies bloods were not a good mix and that after the first MC I should have been given an ANTI D injection to stop my own body rejecting the baby. Anyway, cut a long story short, we eventually had a lovely boy, then girl and then twins, boy and girl! So, all the investigations, the waiting, the longing were worth it. Although that was all a long time ago those experiences stay with you, so my heart goes out to you. I truly hope that your next experience has a happy ending.

With lots of love
Hi Barb, I kind of suspected from your intial thoughtful post that you'd experienced some losses yourself. SO So sorry to hear of your losses. The blood thing 'sticky blood' is apparantly so easy to put right but so annoying they have to wait til a woman has lost 3/4 babies before they hand out some aspirins. i guess Im still at the bitter stage....anyway...yes we're looking forward to our ultimate goal. Sounds like you got yours and your hands full!!!!!:D

Thanks for caring!x Means a lot right now!x:)

Love & angels...
Nic ,
so sorry to hear about your miscarrage, I have had 2 myself and its a very hard thing to deal with. I had a terrible time conceiveing my first 2 ( hence 6 1/2 yr gap between the first 2!!) but now I have 3 lovely boys, 20, 13 and 10, so never give up. I never forget the pain though, like when friends tell you they are pregnant and you want to be pleased for them and you are, but also it cuts you really deep, so I do understand.
i wopuld think that this will pay a major part in the non moving scales, your body had been through a real roller coaster ride and will need sometime to recover, I take my hat off to you for being so positive about carrying on with your weightloss journey, you are coping well, I hope that things settle for you soon and you get to your target, both weightwise and babywise.
i wouldnt worry aboput the tuna and milk, you are still having a low cal diet and am sure your efforts will be rewarded soon.
Hi Lavender, so sorry to hear of your losses also:( ...and wow....boys at those ages sounds so lovely. :) I bet they have great relationships! My son is almost 9 so gonna be a big gap but in some ways Ive got used to that and think it would be great! :)

I hadnt initially thought that my bod may still be adjusting. Its been 4 weeks now and im getting signs of period so maybe its water retention etc. Glad you were able to reassure me about milk/tuna. Ive kinda needed a cuppa to keep me going..funny but i used to detest tea as a young adult was hooked on coffee...:rolleyes:

Take care and good luck with your journey. Ive read some of your threads and you sound so so positive and determined in a no nonsense way. Go for it!:p
Aw bless ya, Nic - I've had 2 as well - just horrendous, I know.

I'm glad you're coping reasonably well though. I wish you every success in the future - I'm sure it'll work out for you, hun.

Re the diet - you're just hanging on to some water, that's all. The lbs will fall off you! Just hang on in there, babes!
sorry to hear about your loss, i've been there & know what you must be going thru.take time for YOU, get yourself in a place wgere you can sort things out possitivly, then try the diet agin, ore else you are aking your body to cope with too much all at once
good luck
Nic, you've been having a really tough time, it is only to be expected that your body isn't behaving normally. A friend of mine who suffered a MC told me that it took months for her hormones to settle down afterwards, and I wonder if that might be having some effect on your water retention.
The tuna in itself shouldn't be a problem, but if it is canned in brine you may be getting more water retention due to the extra salt.
This really isn't a time when you should be too hard on yourself, I know you want to finish the job now you are so close to target, but you may feel better to maintain until Christmas is over and then try to lose the last stone more slowly. You'll be in some turmoil emotionally anyway and your system probably doesn't need any more stresses right now. Take care of yourself (((hugs)))
Thanks so much Claire Jen!

Maybe I am trying to do too much but I guess Im trying to refocus on something that the first time around gave me pleasure! Being in control of losing weight. Seemed a breeze the first time. I originally embarked upon vlcd as i blamed myself and my obesity horrendously after my 2nd MC. Now I feel that its not my weight...so it must be something else...but WHAT??? Will I ever have another baby? Will my son ever have a sibling? Will my husband ever have a biological? So many questions.....

Anyway I do feel that if i give up i may lose control and eat for comfort...i guess thats why im hanging onto VLCD..plus i would like to get to 10st7lb, preferably by christmas.

Thanks for your caring posts...i really am blessed to have such great support on this lovely foroom!!!
Hi hun - soz I've only just seen your question...doh!

Re the water retention - I think that whenever your body has had a bit of a shock be it illness or your own personal tragedy, it kind of goes into famine mode and hangs on to every oz of water that it can, to ensure that you recover as quickly as possible.

As to when it will let it all go, I reckon it won't be long cos of all the vitamins you're building your body up with.

Got my fingers crossed for you that it will be soon, darling xxxxxxx
Your spot on the same as me now and yes If I ss totally until christmas eve I could probably drop another 14lbs but i like you am having skimmed milk in my coffee and last night had a salmon fillet and salad for tea, followed by some sugar free jelly and a low fat yog, i think I am going to carry on with my small sensible eveing meal as the thought of it gets me through the day!!!
Does this mean you aren't coming tomorrow night???

Sorry about the lack of a loss and very aware that I owe emails again, I am just plain useless at this keeping in touch thing.

In my defence I've been stuck in a bloody boring VAT importing seminar all day :eek: (and I kept falling asleep all the way through, I couldn't keep my eyes open).