A thank you to you all...


Resident geek
Hey everyone.. wasnt sure where to post this.. so here it is..
Just wanted to say thank you to you all for the flowers.. they're beautiful.. and my mam really loves them.. Nana loved flowers.. so she appreciates them too i'm sure..
You're all so kind and lovely..
Cat x x x
Awwwww Cat, darling!!!!!

We are all so very sorry for your loss and are thinking of you and your lovely family during this difficult time.

You know where we are if you need us, babes.

Much love xxxxxx
I know.. You're all stars.. and i think its really cheered my mam up.. she was so made up when she came back to find them at my nana's.. and the messages everyone has left.. its just so overwhelming.. Everyone is so supportive..
Cat x x
That's cos we luv ya both!!!!!!!!

Take care of yourself, sweetie - and that lovely mam of yours!