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Absolutely gutted :-(


Determination is Key
Have you perhaps been assuming something is free when it's not? Or have you been eating too much/too little? I know free foods are free, but they still have calories and if you eat too much of them, you're going to gain.
Ditto for not eating enough. Have you factored in the extra amount you need to breastfeed? Maybe you're eating too little.

Can we have an example of your food diary so we can make a better guess?
No offence but we found out that you should have been having 6 HEs as you are breastfeeding and that was only a few days ago. So it's a bit unreasonable to expect a loss until you have actually followed the plan properly for one week or preferrably four. So put this behind you and get on with following the plan as intended and I'm sure you will soon see a result.


Determination is Key
I don't see anything excessive there :s
Have you ever had thyroid problems? Or are you bloated/retaining water? Is it near the time of the month?

Perhaps give it another week or so, and see then...


Put the kettle on
Sarah, do you go to a class and has your leader reviewed your diary and given you advice on this?

I know youre gutted about wi, but I do think its also worth bearing in mind with your uncertainty over hex this could account for the gain. If you give it100% this week you may see a result.

I have t no experience at all of breastfeeding so have no idea about the hunger!! What I will say is that personally I thought some of what you were eating wasnt very substantial. Such as porridge for brekkie and snacking on alpen bars. I much prefer something like eggs bacon quorn sausage etc in the morning and it keeps me fuller longer than porridge ever would. I know you have a lot of hex to fit in, maybe include them in meals rather than snacks, have some bread or ryvita with your soup?

Also I remeber your post re the fruit. Maybe if youre having to eat so much fruit cos of hunger, actually have another meal rather than a snack? These are just my ideas though, stick with it this week and you will no doubt have sucess.


Want to lose a stone!
Thanks that makes a LOT of sense. I just ate 5 cheese triangles to get a Hex in this evening but it feels so wrong, Im thinking 5 cheeses! No wonder Im not losing! So thanks for that tip. I'll try and add them in during meal times instead.

With regards to the big breakfast its almost impossible. Im up at 6am and what with baby and the scho run for my eldest then getting baby back and off to his nap I wouldnt have time to do a breakfast like sausages etc until about 10.30am, which I dont think would work.

Porridge does actually seem to see me through, its just a bit hard between lunch and dinner and VERY hard after dinner. I feel hunget pangs an hour after my dinner. Most probably because my baby feeds more in the afternoons and mostly in the evenings.
I find my body is about a week behind itself so a loss doesn't always show on the scales when I've followed plan, it normally shows for me a week after so hang on in there :)


Put the kettle on
Tbh an early start doesnt have to mean you cant have a big brekkie. Im up at four this week!! Yes there is a four am!!! I will boil a some eggs while im getting ready and have that with some toast. Or for tomorrow I made some quorn sausages while i cooked tea tonight so Ill have those in a butty tomorrow. Beans are also dead quick in the microwave too. It is a bit of an operation sometimes but I know if I dont I will be starving by the time I get into work.


Want to lose a stone!
I usually screw my porridge up, it was like play dough this morning. I really dont think I want do something bigger whikst juggling the kids.

But go you for managing it!


Is a crunchy mama!
Hi Sarah! I know how you feel. When I was fully breastfeeding, it seemed like my body wouldn't let go of the fat. My losses were very much up and down, big loss one week, STS the next week and so on. Hang in there though, it will all even out in the end. If you've gained this week, brace yourself for a big loss next week!! Now that I've started weaning my baby, my losses seem to have picked up which is a relief! Don't give up, you'll get there in the end!


Want to lose a stone!
Another thread just got me thinking, 'syn' usage has never crossed my mind. Would anyone mind lookimg at my food diary posted above and see how many syns Ive had?


Is a crunchy mama!
THANK YOU Honey. You have NO idea how much I needed to hear that! Im letting him try stuff now so will be properly weaning him over the next 6 weeks.
Awww not a problem, I felt the same when I first started SW. Introducing solids is such an exciting process, enjoy!
I am a breastfeeding mum too, and find it really hard to eat all of my hexs. Since making more of an effort to eat them I have been losing weight consistently, in my book the weeks I hadnt been eating them all were obvious - half a lb loss or staying the same! Since making the effort I've been losing 1.5-2lb a week.

When you are breastfeeding you do need to eat more, in the first 4 months or so i was constantly hungry and thirsty, it was awful as no matter what I ate I wasn't getting full.

Now I fit the hexs in like this for example:

Weetabix & banana, with milk
2 cups of tea
(hex B + hex A)

Omelette/pasta etc
Superfree veg
28g cheese
(hex A)

Melt in the middle burgers x2 (extra lean mince, herbs, Worcestershire sauce etc mixes together and wrapped round a mini babybel, oven for 15mins ish) - huge hit with the kids!
SW chips
Broccoli or salad
(hex A + hex B for one roll if you fancy it)

Superfree fruit
Alpen light x2 (hex B)

Then if I have any hexs left I have an Options hot choc made with milk (use hot water to make a paste with the powder and then whisk into the milk)(hex A + 2 syns)

Plus anything to use up my 15 syns (ketchup/Mayo/sugar/chocolate etc.)

Since my eldest has been back at school I've been struggling to have breakfast between feeding the baby when I wake up and leaving for school. The other day I saw a post on here about the magic porridge - mix 28g of oats with a muller light and leave in the fridge over night - I mixed it up before I went to bed last night and this morning it was there waiting for me. I stuck it in the microwave to warm it up and had it with a sliced banana on top and it was lovely! Quick and easy as it's already made and filled me up until after my sons mid-morning feed.

Also i find it handy to have a snack and a drink while I'm feeding him, either an apple and a muller light, or an Alpen light, banana etc. It seems to stop the really strong hunger pangs after I feed him and stops me grabbing the nearest food!

I plan everything I'm going to eat the night before and write it down in a notebook. Then I prepare what I can (chopping vegetables for lunch and dinner, putting my snacks in a plastic box (easy to grab if I end up going somewhere unplanned), then if Noah is having a grumpy clingy day, or a feeding frenzy, I know that everything is ready to make a healthy lunch and dinner and if I'm hungry I can get something 'pre approved' out of my snack box in seconds. Then throughout the day I tick things off my list as I eat them, add in anything else I've had, and make a note of how much water I'm drinking.

Sorry this was so long but I hope it helps a little bit! Xx


Want to lose a stone!
Thank you. I definitely dont grab anything naughty and all my dinners are planned. Except my hexs so you have given me some excellent tips there thank you so much. Im soooooo going to make those burgers this week HOW nice do they sound?!

Im very pleased to hear your weight loss was more consistent when you had the hexs this is given me even more hope.

Thanks everyone for posting, Ive gone from feeling a bit 'oh feck this whats the point' to 'right, lets give this another good go' after posting this thread so I really value your imput!
To be fair I think your body is designed to hold onto a bit of fat whilst breastfeeding.
I dont know how you can gauge it either, when mine was feeding more it was to stimulate more milk production, so your boobs alone will weigh a bit more than last week.
I don't know how old baby is but personally I would hope for STS until baby is weaning, there's no point in putting extra pressure on yourself, you'll get tense, inhibit let down and have a frustrated fractious baby. Babies are babies for about five minutes, so enjoy him x


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Sarah23fly I read another post earlier today saying to make sure u have either the 1 scan bran or 1 ryvita mulitgrain (I think it is) for ur 28g porridge to count as a HEX B otherwise u need to syn the porridge.
and you havent a great deal of weight to lose remember (from your other post) so it is probably going to be slow with that and breast feeding. i know you were hoping for a big loss but your body will work out what is best for you, and with a small amount to lose it will be a steady constant.

i also gained half in my first week LOL i was gutted, but it eventually sorted itself out BUT it is still slow and steady, i dont have big losses to talk about

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