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Advice for Atkins novice???


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Im currently on Lipotrim but am finishing in less than 2 weeks and im thinking of either switching to Slimfast with just protein and salad for the evening meal or atkins.... but i really dont know much about atkins :-(

I dont eat eggs so think im going to be stuck for breakfast on Atkins, does anyone have any suggestions on this???

I would prefer atkins as im currently in ketosis on LT and would like to stay in it for as long as possible :):D:D
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hi. slimfast is high carb, so not sure it would work with a protein dinner?
certainly atkins is tasty and done properly it works.

you may of course find that there would be an initial gain until your body adjusts.

all the best, whatever you choose!


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Have you read the "So you're thinking of starting Atkins" stickie katie? I'd read that and the "What are we eating today" thread for ideas.
Jump ship to us lot ......... they are great at answering questions that they must of heard a thousand times !! slimfast is expensive xx


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Hi there. I am starting atkins now, this minute. I just can't do carbs anymore. I started my weightloss on LT, but since trying to get back into it, well I just can't go without food now, so moving over to atkins.

DON't do slim fast, it is not as good as low carb way of eating.

Take care and good luck.;)


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Thanks for the advice everyone.... i would still like to hear what other people eat for breakfast - as ive read all the lists and there isnt anything else really thats breakfast-ie other than eggs and i need to get it into my head before i commit....


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Hi Katie from another Katie :D

Can you have egg in things or none at all?

Flax is likely to be your answer, you can have mims (see sticky), flax bread or quax flax porridge.

Also some people just have low carb shake or last nights left overs

Plenty of choice :)


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I keep hearing about quax flax porridge. How do you make it? I can't seem to find it on the sticky :( x


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I have whatever my fancy goes with for brekkie. For instance, this morning I had kippers with last night's left over veg and lashings of butter. Absolutely yummy. Another day I might have sausages or beefburgers I guess. It really depends what you like.
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I make a cocoa MIM for breakfast...with loads of butter! Its like a little a chocolate muffin. There are also atkins bars and shakes which are lush. There really is an option for everything and you dont have to miss out....for instance, going for a star bucks with friends?? Have a filter coffee with cream in.....want a cuppa? Use light soya milk which is very much like skimmed milk. There is also a atkins cereal that I have seen in some shops.

I switched from Cambridge to Atkins and lost weight without any initial gains!! So it can be done...just be strict on the induction part. Have you got all the books? I would recommend the diet revolution, cook book and carb counter. Amazon is the best place to get them for £1 each.

If you want to eat, be able to socialise ie, drink, but stay in lovely kitosis then atkins is for you!!! Im loving it!

Good luck


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Just a note: the atkins cereal is not suitable for induction, and even on later stages there are better options elsewhere.

I had a pork chop for breakfast this morning. sometimes i have a dietimeal chocolate shake, or slices of precooked crispy bacon from marks and sparks. I have omelettes, too but def. not eggs every day. Cream cheese and cucumber, cream cheese rolled up in smoked salmon, prawns and mayo...


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Hi everyone, thanks so much for the advice, its made things a little clearer for me but im still not sure what to do....
I dont eat eggs but do have them in things but omlettes are too eggy lol.
I live in Canada and have never seen the atkins bars or shakes but will pay special attention next time im in the drug store. Living in the uk is so easy to diet haha!!!


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I'd expect you'd have access to a much wider range of the American Atkins products in Canada. We have to pay huge amounts for imports. Check out the official Atkins site for lists of stockists - but I personally think the bars can slow weight loss and would go for the shakes.

Did you have a look at the mim thread in the stickies? Makes good toast.

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