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Advice on how to loose 5 stones in 7 months

Hi everyone

I am looking at loosing 5 stones in 7 months, I have recently joined a gym and for the past 2 weeks go there twice a day and workout on recumbent cycle 25 mins each time.

I am quite sensible with what I eat.

My waist is 47" and I hope by June next year it goes down to 38".

You think my goal is achieveable.

I would really welcome your comments and suggestions.
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Back to the grindstone!!
Hiya Kurtis,
There are lots of things you can do but the gym is a very good start. There are numerous ways to eat better/lose weight but for the speed you are thinking of I would look to the atkins forum. Jim has posted lots on there and has lost and kept off a scary amount of weight.
Go find his posts and see if that sounds like something you could do.
There are other plans which take you out of the world of food and onto packs and shakes like Cambridge diet, Lighter life (i am on this) or W8. Bit more drastic in some ways but the weight falls off if you follow them to the book.
Good luck and if your head is in the right place then there is no reason why you can't achieve your targets!

Thanks for your comments.

Now as far as the diet goes I am a vegetarian, (no eggs or fish). I don't drink. I am happy with fruits and salad. I would love to read someone's diary who have tried shedding under a stone each month with a combination of gym and vegetarian diet.
joining the gym is definitely the first step, so congrats on that. Regarding your diet... 5 stone is 70lbs, I think, so that's 10lbs a month to lose. You need to do some real research. WW and SW could be good for you, my friend is a veggie and loves SW green days. Or for a more drastic approach you could try one of the meal replacement diets. it really depends on things like your budget, lifestyle etc..
Is there a particular reason why you've only given yourself 7 months to shed this weight?

With regards to the the gym, I'd advise adding some weights sessions to you workouts. Do weights first and maybe follow up with some interval training on a cardio machine.

hey, have u considered trying total food replacement? ive lost 50lbs in the last 10wks on lipotrim. im now at goal :)

good luck with whatever u decide to do

x x


has to be done this year
jenny belte u look amazing, well done girl:)

The Moog

Silver Member
I'm aiming on that sort of weight loss in that sort of timescale. I started at the beginning of December 2010 and I want the weight shifted before my birthday at the beginning of July - so it's just over the 7 month period by about a week!

I'm on track to do it (unless something awful happens between now and then) and I'm achieving it by calorie counting and making sure I eat healthily. All rubbish and snacking is banned ;)

I'm not there yet, so I can't 100% say that it can be done, but it's looking like it's possible. Hope that helps you a bit.

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