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Hi Everyone

was just sat here wondering what kind of healthy eating plan / diet people follow or intend to follow when they have finished LT? Its just that I got a shock over Christmas how easy it is to slip back into very bad old habits and wondered what methods people plan on using or are using (like Porgeous who seems to have maintained so well).

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rainbow brite

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Some people stick to a lo GI diet, some follow SW, some do WW and some are just careful I think hun. I guess once we're off TFR for a while we'll be able to see wha foods we can eat and what ones we can't without gaining again. May be a case of trial and error for a while xx


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It depends on what you are sensitive too.... I am very carb sensitive and low carb mixed with low GI works for me...using the low fat products didnt work as they laden them with ohter s**te instead..mainly sugars...which is ultimately a carb...Low GI is fab like RB says you will find the right one for you...its a bit of trial and error at first.
Try one see how you go and if it doesnt work switch to a different on the adjust to suit x


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I plan to start eating totally differently. I need to put more veg into my diet and take up more excercise. I will eat the things that I do like, but I will be eating a lot less than what I used to.

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I plan to do the re-feed and then low carbs, trial and error I suppose. Porgeous has done brilliantly!:)


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think after refeed may go with SW or WW for a short while to help maintain or GI. I have some GI books already as I was looking in to that before...I'm a long way off but nothing like forward planning


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Hey all

I moved over to calorie counting when I came off CD, I didn't want to do anything restrictive as I wanted to move away from feeling like I was on a diet. I now eat whatever I want in moderation and it seems to work.



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I did calorie counting for about 6-9 months now just do the moderation thing :)

Calorie counting was great for me as I could go onto 'normal' food as opposed to low fat, which I didn't want to do :)


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I did refeed then just kept my carbs low for a while, then ate pretty much what I liked but only a nibble of this or that, not a plateful or a whole pack...

Over Christmas I gained 6lb but have been doing LT for a few days and most of it has gone.

I got fat by being greedy, not particularly by gorging on the wrong foods, simply by eating too much food. I'd eat till I hurt, and I'd eat constantly, and eat when I wasn't hungry just in case I got hungry later. :rolleyes:


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iv been off lt for nearly 4 months now i done the refeed week i eat whatever just in moderation but to be honest iv gone off all the crap foods i used to eat if i fancy a treat i have ww stuff x


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First thing I am going to do is get myself some SMALL plates hehe.... will go low carb for a good while and then moderation plus treadmill and swimming.... x


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I hope to stick to sensible eating, low carb - eaten earlier in the day and wholemeal - and no snacking!!!!!! I want to be able to have a treat if I want to but don't want to pig out like I used to! I guess, as has already been said, that it will be a case of trial and error for us all. I know I get the serious munchies in the evening so will have nothing after 6 except veg as a snack if I really have to! Fingers crossed!!!!