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Ali's baby diary wit woo !!!

Hi my name is Ali and ive been reading these threads for a couple of weeks now, and wanted to say hi and hope everybody is well...
Well a bit about me i started on here in Feb and did lipotrim for a bit( well a week to be honest) but it felt like weeks and weeks lol. then started doing low carb. Then in on the 13 th April met my new partner and 6 weeks later he moved in and now i am 6 weeks pregnant. I have two other children who are 18 and 15 in November, so thats a big age gap, but very happy !!!
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Ahhh many congrats with your pregnancy hun!! Ooo another May baby, I'm due on the 25th May. Feels like a life time away lol!
Hope you're well though xxx
Thanks everyone, yes i feel ok just tired like i could fall asleep at the drop off a hat, i was like that with the other two pregnancies though so i know it passes, thank goodness.


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There are quite a few of us due in April/May now!

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Congratulations! And welcome to the board. :) lovely there are a couple of you in May now, that's how us Decembers all started! lol
Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.. time does march by, just never seems like it will when you are at the start! lol


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Hi Ali!!

Havn't seen you on here for ages!

Congratualtions on your little baby! there is 12 years between me and my brother and it never bothered us, just means you have a built in baby sitter!!

Hope your ok sweetie, and welcome to the pregnancy section!



My husband = My hero
I know hun, its flying by! worryingly quick haha

Aww im so made up for you, are you over the shock yet? hehe

Congrats on the new man, and new house etc!!
it was planned just happened a bit quicker than we thought, so i feel very lucky as it can take others a long time, it still felt like a bit of a shock lol. it was like omg we have actually done it lol !!
ok feel a bit emotional today lol, got the appointment with the midwife tomorrow morning, have put six pounds on already which is a bit worrying, and me and oh are going to Turkey a week on Sat which is all inclusive, so will hope fully do some swimming in the pool.Not checked if i am ok to fly yet !!!!!!!!!

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I think the only set in stone flying 'dates' are late in pregnancy as the air companies won't allow it. I haven't heard of it early on but could be wrong.

Have a lovely holiday! :D All inclusive sounds bliss! lol

Don't worry about your weight gain, I was the same, and partly it was coming off CD. ((hugs))
Thanks everyone, been to see midwife today, she didnt weigh me which i was worrying about lol, scan booked for 28 th oct when i will be 13 weeks, she is coming to take some bloods at my house the week before, then i dont see her till Dec. And she said its fine for me to fly yipee !!!

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Great that you got on well with MW - also that you can fly! :D
My mw asked me my weight at home on booking in - taking blood etc. But hasn't weighed me ever and has never asked weight since. With my eldest 10 years ago I was weighed at the hospital where they took my bloods but again MW never asked my weight - only anaethetist asked it at a consultation before having baby.
Have noticed how different things are since my last pregnancy 15 years ago, a lot more laid back. Looked through my maternity booklet from the hospital which had loads more info than last time. Bought a few baby things today a babygro from h& m and some vests from matalan. Boobs have grown somewhat!! to much info i know. Also bought some bio oil 3 for 2 in boots. Did get OH to put that on yesterday but wont be doing that again he got a bit frisky lol. Felt really sick yesterday evening i couldnt even stand the smell of tea cooking its never been that bad so OH had to do it it was great lol !

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
lol at frisky OH ;)
and the nausea on smells - I was terrible for it earlier on I must admit. ((hugs)) glad your OH can help though.

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