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Am I being unrealistic?


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Hi, I'm getting married on 6th August 2011.

I'm currently a size 22-24. Am I being totally unrealistic to aim for a size 16 for the big day? I can generally get myself down to a size 20 without *too* much trouble but anything under that is a little overwhelming for me at the moment.

There's 15 months to go...is 4-5 dress sizes a stupid goal? I'm under no illusion that I'll get to anything smaller than a 16 in such a short amount of time!
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I think that's achieveable. For every stone I lose, I go down a dress size (I lost 6 stone years ago & went down 6 sizes). So if you're roughly the same then you need to lose 3-4 stone in total. That's roughly a stone every four months, less than 1lb a week.

You should be able to do that :)


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Thank you for the kind words. When I tried Slimming World before the weight dropped off thanks to exercising at the same time. However, now that I can't move very much and rarely leave the house it's going to be diet alone.


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Best of luck! A pound a week is very very achievable and sensible. I've no doubt you'll loose more but 64lb lost by your wedding date at 1lb a week would be awesome :D
Exact;y a year ago, I was a size 26/28 and I'm an 18/20 now...and that was having about 4 months where I lost momentum maintained but didn't really lose anything. So I reckon it's defintely do-able.

good luck!


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Thank you, all! I've got all my bits crossed!!
My daughter is getting married on July 4th 2010, she joined slimming world in September/October last year (2009), she has now lost 3.5 stone and has gone from a size 18/20 (she would never admit to it always saying she was a size 16) to a size 14. So it is possible. She inspired me to join this year, I have lost just over a stone so far and want to lose another one before the wedding. So Fray have faith, it can be done and you can do it!!:D
Hey hun,

Its definitely not unreasonable at all, if you are a determined lady, you will lose it. I am getting married in October this yr and I have lost over 2 and a half stones since early March (mind u I am doing Lipotrim) I have my wedding dress ordered in a size 10 and already my size 14's are too loose :)
I think with really healthy eating, cutting out carb heavy meals and doing moderate exercise you will have no problem reaching your goal and you will look FABULOUS :)
You can definitely do it! I started slimming world at the end of august and have lost 6 stone and have gone from a size 24-26 to a 14 in 8 months. Have started Cambridge last week to get the last couple of stone off nice and quick!
Good luck- you just have to really want it and you will stick to it xx


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Thanks guys. I was having trouble this week with the unsupportive OH so I haven't lost any. I can but try again. :(
Hey Fray,

Sorry to hear OH is being unsupportive this week- just remember, you are doing this for you, nobody else, and while your goal is to lose it for your wedding, you are ultimately losing it to feel healthier and better about yourself. Also bear in mind that no matter how supportive or unsupportive somebody is being, only you have the power to decide what to do! Good luck with your journey hun and we're all here if you need support xxx


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Thanks! On the plus side, I didn't gain, right?

I find it really difficult at the moment thanks to unexplained dizziness (under investigation) and vision problems. I can't exercise like I used to but I'm getting one of those portable peddle things I can do whilst sat down. Yeah, I know they're for elderly mobility purposes but it will do the job. My OH is one of those freaky eaters...cheese, bread, dairy, meat, pasta, cream, pizza, burgers, takeaways, chocolate and cake. He won't touch fruit or veg! *sigh*


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I find it really difficult at the moment thanks to unexplained dizziness (under investigation) and vision problems.
Be careful honey - don't overdo things and bang the drum for your results!



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Fray my wedding is 2 weeks after yours and Im planning (hoping) to get down to 4 dress sizes smaller. So we can do it together :)


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I was until this evening. I still haven't weighed myself but we went out to eat at a friend's tonight and I had a LOT of bread. *sigh* I've barely synned all week. We're talking 1.5 syns a day on my 0.1% fat actimel that I drink to keep IBS in check and nothing else. I'm so disappointed in myself but that was what dinner was and as my OH is a fussy eater there was nothing else there but breaded chicken in baguettes. We go over there every other week. The alternates they come to us and I can keep it somewhat in check.

I was all set up to weigh myself next week and now I don't think I will!

SammyE! Fingers crossed for both of us!! xx

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You're definitely not being unrealistic and I think it's a more than achievable goal (and what an incentive to have, eh? Getting married!!)

I started out on 1st January as a size 22 and now, just over four months later and almost five stone lighter, I'm fitting comfortably into size 16s.

Good luck with it. I've never done SW myself, but I've heard many good things about it and it seems to work so you can definitely do it!

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