amanda holden


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Such sad news that has emerged today...she has lost her child at 30 weeks.

I was born at 30 weeks over 26 years ago and this news has really upset me. I have my health problems....bad eyes, bad heart but I am so grateful to be alive

RIP baby Holden xxx
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So so sad isnt it, specially when she kept the news of her pregnancy quiet for so long until she got to a 'safe' time. To lose the baby so late is just heartbreaking


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Yes it is very sad. My son stopped growing it 32 weeks (IUGR) and he was so tiny when he was born. He's a great big gangly lad now mind you.

Such a sad time for her and her husband.


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I heard about this today, so sad for her :(


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So so sad, I am devastated for her - both my kids were born prem, dd at 32 weeks, and ds at 34, they were teeny and ds had some breathing troubles, but god do stories like this make me realise how bl**dy lucky we have been!

Sleep tight angel baby xx


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How very, very sad. She is such a lovely person who always comes over as being very kind and caring.


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It's so so sad. But the press have really pissed me off, classing her loss as a miscarriage, she was 7 months, its stillbirth. I lost my first son Riley at 25 weeks Nov 2009, a few people called him a mc and it was horrible. I know mc's are just as devasting, i just hate how the press and people label the loss something it isnt.

Fly high baby Holden.