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Amanda's Atkins Diary

Hey everyone!!
My first day on the Atkind diet after many failed attempts at every other diet under the sun!! I have just come off of Cambridge as I was missing food and got really depressed and snappy!
Im going to keep a food diary to help keep me on track, if I make any visable mistakes please point them out to me!
Stats: SW ~ 16st 4lbs
GW ~ 10st 7lbs
Breakfast ~ left over Cambridge shake
Lunch ~ Pepperami and 2 babybells
Dinner ~ Chicken breast with cheese
I am trying to drink 2 litres of water per day and also 30 mins swimming 2-3 times per week, the other days will be 40 mins biking

PJ x
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Rebel without a calorie
Hi and welcome. It's a bit quiet on here at the weekends but there's usually someone around. How many carbs in the CD shakes? I was on Exante and they were about 18 I think which is too much for Atkins as you need to get most of your 20g from green leafy veggies if you're on induction.
I dont put anything in my scrambled eggs, just whisk eggs up and bang in the microwave..done :)
Just checked my CD shakes and they are 7g carbs so even better than the 12 I first thought!!


Never give up
Hiya Amanda! Have you read the book and the sticky threads up top?

Your menu looks fine although you need green veg and salad tomorrow and everyday thereafter. Both Lisa and I came here after VLCDs and it's a really good move as you stay in ketosis and keep burning fat. Good luck! :)


Never give up
Cross-posted with Alpa and Dizzy, and we're all saying the same thing, LOL! :D


Clean green leafy machine
Hi Amanda and welcome

The others have all said it for me, read the stickies, get your carbs from greens and drink loads of water, abd you should do well.

Haha well someone needs to take up Jim's veg stick at the weekend when he's not here :D
How very dare you! I wouldn't touch Jim's veg stick if you paid me! :eek:

Is that what he plays with on the naughty step then? ;)


Clean green leafy machine
:8855:pMSL you naughty girl
i don't mind his veg stick, it's his meat one that you have to worry about!

hello anmanda, welcome to atkins.....sorry about the chat its erm, well its just us really!

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