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And so it begins

So started TS today.

Had around 2.5 liters of water so far and am currently half way through a choc shake for lunch. have to say the shake is not the best but drinkable so I'll just have to get on with it.

Not really getting any hunger issues as yet but thinking this is more in the mind as ive been convincing myself all morning that i don't need to eat my usual junk food.

Weighed in this morning at 18s 13lbs.just though i'd start i diary to track my progress.
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Good luck!!! Personally I think the choc shake is the worst one out of the shakes but it can be really lovely hot with some cinamon in it!
So now getting to end of day one and feeling really good.

Had mushroom soup for dinner which I choked down(really don't like it) , but got there in the end.

So all in all it been a good day for me.

My wife who also started today is struggling and only managed her shake and most of her tomato soup. had to visit tesco to try their bars as the exante one were to dry for her but she's struggling with that also. Any suggestions welcome?

Thanks for the support so far and the speedy replys to any question I've asked.


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Hang in there you'll both be in ketosis before you know it!

The tomato soup I have to have with lots of black pepper, I find it quite bland to be honest. With the soups I find adding spices helps to add a bit of variety to them.

Apparently the biggest loser bars are ok (my friend is on LL and alternates to these some days), I'm not sure myself as I'm allergic to choc and can't eat them so hopefully someone else can help you with the bars question - but they may be worth a try?
Well done on day one! The key is not to compare it to normal food because it will never be that. If you can't get over that then may struggle. I think the key with any replacements bars - which are all dry is to drink. That's a time to get fluids in you. I hope your wife can stick with it as it is worth it. Keep it up and the weight going down :D

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Hello :)

Sorry to hear your wife is having a tough time. I struggled with the bars too. I found chopping them into smaller chunks and nibbling on them over a few hours helped. Also having them with a few sips of water made things easier.

Good luck to both of you and let us know how you get on :)
So start of day 2 and still feeling good.

not had any of my "food" yet but not feeling like eating. my mouth is so dry and tastes terrible.

I'll update later today.


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LOL - sounds like we are complete opposites on the flavours - I adore the mushroom soup!!! In relation to the bars - chop them up and guzzle loads of water with them - they are really bulky and fill you up so once you get used to the texture they are really great!

Good luck to you and your wife today!
Is it wrong of me to have jumped on the scales today?

Couldn't help myself this morning when brushing my teeth.

i know it to early to tell for sure,but the scales were showing nearly 7lbs down from the same time yesterday.


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I jumped on the scales 3 days early just as a sneaky peek and was 7lbs down also and I am in the same region as you for weight and height.

Then on my official weigh in I only lost a further 2lbs.

I think the first dramatic weight loss is water and after 4-5days you hit the good stuff (fat) hence the decline in weight loss. But my first week is now done and I am 9lbs down and 18stone exactly. The next few weeks I am aiming for 5-6lbs a week of fat loss
I'm really struggling to get any of this food down. yesterday was bearable but feel I'm verging on being sick every time i have a drink of the shake.

hope i can stick this out.


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Don't think of it as food - it's purely fuel and, like medicine, will make you feel better so is worth the pain!

If you are both really struggling, maybe WS would be a better option??
Have you tried adding things to the shakes - a tablet sweetner, cinnamon or coffee. I do to mine after Reading other threads and I prefer mine hot. The soups im adding pepper and tobasco which helps and i have them in a bowl with a spoon rather than drinkIng them. It helps me get them down - maybe worth a try? Keep going though it's all worth it and a chance to take stock on your relationship with food.

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So my wife has just informed that shes been sick all morning and is going to ditch the TS.(but then i never thought she should have been doing it in the first place)

I'm just finished my bar and had a vanilla shake earlier. also managed to get down about 3 and 1/2 liters so for today.
Feeling really good and have so far had no hunger issue at all. Is it to early for me to be in Ketosis? to be honest ive not been hungry since starting yesterday.
So day three almost of and still feeling good.

Weighed in today and showing more than 11lbs down.

for the most part trying to get the shake and the soups down are the worst parts of my day. :cry:
I add stuff to almost all of the shakes and soups.
I have all the shakes with coffee, hot. I only have half a shake at a time, so it has the consistancy of coffee, and not the shake :). Sometimes I add sweeterns :)
I add curry powder to the mushroom soup. And chilli to the Thai chicken, and to the tomato and basil soups. The veg soup, I dont add anything too ;)
Good Luck :)
Ok so on day 4 and still going well but today as I've not been at work I'm finding all I'm thinking about is food.

Been considering cheating all day especially as the kids wanted mcdonalds earlier and I had to endure them eating while I was having water.

Anyway I've decide to stay strong.

Also finding my dreams are crazy at the moment. Sometime about food:mad:

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