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Andy's Weight loss target thread

Ok, I wanted to have a thread here to set targets for myself. I have a LOT of them as it means I'll hit some most weeks. This is a good incentive.

I lose track of them when thinking about them - so writing them down feels right. I will post to the thread each time I hit a target.

Weight targets.

[STRIKE]17 and 1/2 Stone[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]Under 17 and 1/2 stone = lightest weight in 10 years[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]Under 17 stone = lightest weight in 11 years[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]16 and 1/2 Stone[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]16 and 1/2 stone = 30% loss frim starting weight.[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]16 Stone and 6lbs = 100lb loss from starting weight.[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]Under 16 and 1/2 stone = would no longer qualify for STARTING Lighterlife.[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]Under 16 stone = lightet weight in 12 years[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]15 and 1/2 Stone
15 stone 4.5 pounds = 35% loss from starting weight. [/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]15 Stone
Under 15 stone = lightest weight in 13 years[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]14 stone 12 and 1/2 pounds = Under 30 on the BMI ("overweight at last!).[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]14 and 1/2 Stone[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]14 stone 2 pounds = 40% loss from starting weight.
14 Stone
Under 14 stone = Lightest weight in 18 years[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]13 stone 7.75 pounds = 42.5% loss from starting weight.
13 and 1/2 stone = old target weight
13 and 1/2 stone = lightest weight in 20 years (since I was at school).[/STRIKE]
13 stone = lightest weight since I was 14
12st 7lbs = lightest weight I can ever remember being, and probably final target.

Size targets.

[STRIKE]Fit into 46" waist trousers.[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]Fit into 44" waist trousers.[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]Fit into 42" waist trousers.[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]Fit into 40" waist trousers.[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]Fit into 38" waist trousers.
Fit into 36" waist trousers.[/STRIKE]
Fit into 34" waist trousers.
Fit into 32" waist trousers.

[STRIKE]Shirt neck size of 17.5"[/STRIKE]
[STRIKE]Shirt neck size of 16.5"[/STRIKE]
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Good Luck with all your targets, im sure you will meet everyone.

I noticed your exercise target of swims, I love swimming but just cant seem to get off my bum and do it!! I think I will steal your idea of starting with 2 a week for a month and add to it. Well done and thanks for the idea. Starting Dec ill do 2 swims a week!
I have hit two of my targets today - I am into a collar size of 17.5" for my shirts, and I am swimming 2 times a week (actually I've done the last 4 days and intend doing 5 a week every week).
Really good idea Andy, I always find it a great incentive to have many targets as it feels great when you can mark them as 'done' --- well done on the ones you've hit so far.
Cheers Andy, yep today is Day 1 and so far all is going well :)


nearly there!! :)
good luck hunni ull fly into them targets in no time xxx

I hope you don't mind but I might be about to copy your idea and post a similar thread of my own ..... it was you who suggested to me I should work out a list of important weight goals when I joined the forums!

I would have posted this on my own personal blog (I used to keep a blog until about a week ago) but unfortunately I got blog attacked by another blogger and decided to delete my blog.

Now I am just using the LL forums, which is fine for me for the time being -- I don't really miss the blog, other than not being able to post my individual progress.

Hope you don't mind + thanks for the inspiration.

Be careful SV

If you are not careful Andy your rats won't recognise you.
You've got that photo of you with your girls -time for an updated one don't you think??:happy096:

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Andy well done on all those targets, sometimes it can be quite difficult thinking them up, but you've done brilliantly.

Good luck
Thank you, everyone :) No new pics I'm afraid - I had some taken at LL last thursday and they came through today - really disappointing. I can hardly see the difference. So I won't have any more till I hit goal, so as to not affect how I'm feeling/doing.

Shaz, copy away! I am a great believer that if something might help, it should be tried! You may also find you can start a blog here in a fairly private setting.
Hi Andy

Sorry you are dissppointed with your pics. HOWEVER - don;t forget as we often discuss on this forum, many-if not all?-of us see ourselves completely differently then the way we really are - and that can happen with photos too - we might see them with our old eyes.

Not trying to pressure you at all, but I bet WE would see a difference - and that might be helpful to you. You sound disheartened, and I bet there IS a difference.

Just something to think about. If it would distract you, then don't. BUt I just bet its not as bad as you might think. :)

Have a good evening. :)



Fighting Demons....
Hey Andy,

Sorry to hear that you were unhappy with your pics. Like BL says, quite often you will not be seeing the differences that someone else would see in you! And as you've already said, people you know are commenting on the changes in your appearance.
You are doing so well honey. Just keep going and eventually your head will catch up and realise how much you have changed!

B x
I dont see a difference in my pictures at all, but lots of people have commented how different I look so there must be change. I would bet that if you posted them we would all see a difference. Its hard to see changes in yourself, we all tend to have a bad image perspective.

I find like LS says measuring yourself to be the best way for me to visually see my change. Our LLC holds the measure tape where I used to measure, its incredible! for me I prefer to see how many inches Ive lost rather than lbs lost as we dont see the lbs!

You are doing SO well keep up the good work!
Belatedly, I'm celebrating hiotting two targets this week. 17.5 stone and under 17.5 stone. The latter is my lightest weight in 10 years.

I'll be adding more targets later - I haven't got any that tally with stones/half stones lost.

About my pics - a lot of the problem is I am wearing black and baggy in all my pics, so there's no definition. I know I have lost loads of weight and inches and I also know that the pics will get better. My end pics next year will be in snug fitting clothes I think - plus IO'll get a picture in my clown pants of a suit :)

Thank you everyone - not ready to post pics - may share some on msn but probably not.


I just got to scratch off two goals - the 46" and 44" waist trousers targets.

I just tried on the pair of 44's I have in my wardrobe and they fit! I have now lost 12" off my waist this year. There is a chance I could get into 42's at the end of the year.

This is amazing. Totally amazing. I remember when my 44'2 were my "fat pants" now they're my "OMG where did the weight go pants" (for now). :D

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