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Total Solution Anniegolightly whose not so light...not YET!


Miss Mac

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They are great losses hun, well done and welcome to exante!!..x
Thank you for your warm welcomes :)

I have ordered my first weeks worth... i will be finishing my lighter life foodpacks by Thursday and then into Exante- 3 a day instead of 4 but I'm thinking long term... better value!

Ordered the mixed bag to see whats what... I'm quite excited!
I am going to stick to Thursday Weigh Ins bu this diary will be my only tracking device- so watch out lots of useless entries coming this way!
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Having a bottle of ice cold Coke Zero- as I've read on here that its allowed! Wow, as my diet hasn't had an sugar in it for a few weeks it has definately affected my taste buds...and can I say this Coke tastes lush! :)

Miss Mac

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Feel free to rant away...its how most of us get through the day!!

I love dr pepper zero, it feels like such a treat!! Will look forward to seeing your first weigh in..x
You can have Dr Pepper Zero too :D
I read this but haven't tried it yet... great for being out and about nd actually being able to buy a drink other than water!

Tesco tomorrow to stock up :)
Coke in the fridge. Food packs arrive tomorrow ready for Friday start. LL packs finish Thursday so then that's it!!
One question- anyone know anywhere good to buy water flavourings?
I'll buy flavoured water I think. It was just easy with the LL counsellor to buy the tub of flavour and was wondering if there was something similar I hadn't found. But thanks.

Packs arrived today :) going to try a day on exante tomorrow- too curious to compare the two!
Lunch: Toffee Nut and Raisin bar & Coke Zero
Tea: Mushroom soup
Supper: Hot Chocolate
3 Litres of water through out the day.

The cereal bar was really nice, quite sticky and chewy but in a satifying way. Washed down with a can of Coke Zero it didn't even feel like I was on a diet!

The mushroom soup was, well just like Heinz Mushroom soup! So again a real success!

Hot chocolate later- maybe made with peppermint tea for a little mint kick!

Weigh In day tomorrow and although I am not going to a 'counselling session' as LL followers do I will weigh and update after work and a haircut!

Happy dieting peeps!

Good Day- The

Lunch: Chocolate Orange Bar
Dinner: Vegatable Soupd
Supper: Stawberry Shake

The bar wasn't as nice as the one yesterday but, don't get me wrong it was lovely. The soup was nice and veggie- with lots of bits in it. Shake later when I watch the telly :)

Hair cut done-although like ever don't like it :(

Weighed In (At home) and have lost 4lb this week! Great :) Really pleased and as ever motivated to stay on the straight and narrow!
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Lunch: Bar
Dinner: Soup
Supper: Chocolate Shake

A few people commented today on my weight loss ( it's taken a stone and a half for anyone to notice mind you!) so that was nice!

Hopefully after half term it'll be two stone and I can buy some new summer tops a size or two smaller than last years :)
Training day with free lunch- looked really nice. My type of buffet :( but stayed away from it and ate my bar with a can of coke zero. Caved and had a tea with milk in tho- this shouldn't be that bad should it?


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sounds like the transition to Exante is going well, and nice work on the 4lbs lost :)
I don't like tea or coffee at all, so can't really comment, but I know some others have a little skimmed milk in their tea /coffee and I don't think it makes much difference.
Hope this week goes well too :D

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