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Annie's Diary

Im starting a little diary to write some ramblings on this journey. A little bit of history. I have always been on a diet since I was about 8 even though I was fairly average as a child and teenager, I also had bulemia for about 8 years and still have a binge problem at times. I was about 10 stone before I got pregnant with my first son but not happy at it, and I put on far too much weight, then was just starting to lose some and found out I was pregnant again. So here we go - I have lost a stone on atkins and want to lose another 3, Im not in a rush this time, Im determined to learn how to eat healthy for life and to be in control.

My weekly exercise goal is:

Yoga once per week for 1.5 hours
Bodypump once per week
Jog for 30 mins 3 times/week (treadmill)
Walk for 1 hour 5 days/week (with buggy)

Its ambitious but I really enjoy it and it is the time I get for myself which is a treat with two babies. So here goes and Im really looking forward to getting to know you all:)
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Well the weekend went well food wise, I did go over a little on saturday night when we were out for dinner but not too much. I love this diet so far - I way prefer extra easy its so much simpler. So I am off now to get breakfast, plan for the day.

B: fruit and muller light
D: Veg and somehting (not sure yet)

I go away tomorrw till the weekend but I am determined to stick to the plan - I want a really good first WI the week after!
Im having one of those days I just want to nibble and have had 4 mikado's and 5 almonds so far that wasnt planned but still within syns and I go to the gym tonight so that will keep me right this evening.
Thanks Teresa, I am loving slimming world, Im doing extra easy TBH Im not a big carb eater anyway but I do like potatoes now and then and brown pittas - yum!

Well I lost .5 lb which is a disgrace for my first WI but then again I was on holidays so could have been worse! Im going to do 100% this week and hopefully do better at WI next week! Im enjoying EE I find it so much simpler than red and green probably because I dont have to weigh anything - which I am crap at. I just know how much milk I can have and have one slice of bread a day or 2 alpen light bars and syn everything else.


Trying again!!!
Just thought I would say hi :)

Extra Easy is fab isn't it? I love it but do try to include the odd green and red day. Is body pump hard to do? I am very unfit but would really like to do something in the New Year.

Good luck for the week ahead xx ps I'm from NI too :)
Hi weemo - yeah I love EE its the business, Id say ill never change from it unless of course I stop losing weight (once I start that is lol). Body pump is brilliant although the first time I went I found it really tough but you get used to it quickly
Well Im back on plan with a vengence today! Im having my first ever past n sauce for lunch and lamb with roasted veggies for dinner.
Hi Annie how are you doing?

Which pasta n sauce did you have my fav is macaroni and cheese with leeks stirred in (2 syns but worht it)

I am trying to go syn free until wed weigh in as i ate so much on thursday so far so good.

I also have tried quorn swedish style balls and they are yummy

Hi girls thanks for dropping by - Im doing not too bad, had a hangover yesterday (a rare thing these days) and couldn't stop nibbling but I was a lot better than usual at the same time. Today I feel like I have blown my diet because I am stuffed after lunch - but it was all allowed/ synned for so ok there. Im going to have a free dinner and have yoga tonight so hopefully lose at least one pound tomorrow night. Mind you I have no babysitter tomorrow so will have to bring both boys so might wait and go thur morning instead.
2.5 off for me - Im happy with that - Im going to do 100% this week!
Thanks nan, wow yesterday was so hectic I barely had time to breathe -today is much calmer, so I have been for a walk and I am following the plan 100% for this whole week
Ahem well im shamefacedly returning to my poor neglected diary with a new attitude for 2010. I totally enjoyed xmas - ate and drank loads ( I was pregnant for the previous 2 christmases so had some making up to do hee hee) and I am back on track since yesterday with my first WI at group tomorrow night - it aint gonna be pretty but it does not matter as this is my year and I will reach my goal!

My goals for 2010:

To get to my goal weight
To jog 8km

Achieved by:
Following Slimming World and achieving small goals

Mini Goal:
7 lbs
14 lbs

Exercise goals
Jog on treadmill 3/week
Walk 40 mins most days
Yoga 1/week
bodypump 1/week

Oooooh I love new year - there is diet mags and programmes everywhere and I am more than a little obsessed!!


Trying again!!!
Glad you had a great Christmas and NY Annie, that's the main thing :)

Well done on getting back to plan, I only started back on Monday ~ tbh I am glad as I felt so sluggish and bloated. I'm the same as you, I want to get to target this year (preferably before my holiday in May) so we both having something to aim for ~ 2010 will be our year! Have a good week xx ps I'm the same as you with regards the diet mags and programmes, I love them!!

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