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another newbie

hi all;

got about 8/9 stone to lose and VERY determined this time. am size 20-22 at the mo and am aiming to be a size 16-18 for june and hopefully size 12-14 by the end of 2010! although saying that if i could go into topshop and know i could fit into anything in there as the biggest size they carry i think i would be quite content with that!
i've started exercising again and in all honesty i am totally unfit- only started yesterday and used to be able to do 45mins on a bike without breaking sweat- FIVE MINS in and i thought i was dying :rolleyes: :asskick:
today i've done a bit better, 10 mins/3 miles this morning and i'll hop back on this afternoon!

anyway i hope to get to know some of you a bit better, how fab is it to have somewhere where we all have empathy with each other's struggles with weight? x
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Gone fishing
i've started exercising again and in all honesty i am totally unfit- only started yesterday and used to be able to do 45mins on a bike without breaking sweat- FIVE MINS in and i thought i was dying :rolleyes: :asskick:
today i've done a bit better, 10 mins/3 miles this morning and i'll hop back on this afternoon!
Yay Well done :clap:


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Hi Colly Strings

Yes I agree it is a great site.

Good luck with your exercise, I keep thinking I should but............. I guess as the weight is coming of I should do something to tone up otherwsie I will end up with lots of flabby bits but right now that seems like too much effort.

Are you following any particular diet? I am on Go Lower which is working for me.

Now Topshop that is somewhere I haven't even walked into in years, I can't imagine what it would feel like to be able to buy clothes in there again!
thank you kindly kd, although i don't feel i should be applauded, i feel ashamed of myself for letting myself get this bad :(

suzyk, i am just calorie counting alone for now. i am quite a picky eater so find that it's easier for me to eat the foods i know i like and just try to keep it to around 1200 cals per day. i've never heard of go lower- will go research a bit now.

i used to go to the gym but just couldn't afford it- bought a reebok exercise bike for £70 on ebay and it's great, not as good as the multi thousand pound gym ones but has an onboard computer for changing programme/intensity and keeps record of how far you've gone, speed, etc. it's all i need, really.

by the end of 2010 we will both be walking into topshop, trying on something and admiring our new improved figures in the mirror, i can't wait personally. even if it's a size 16, that's a-ok by me :p


Gone fishing
thank you kindly kd, although i don't feel i should be applauded,
Of course you should! You did 10 minutes today and that's 10x more than you did 2 days ago :clap: AND you beat yesterdays time :clap:

In fact :clap: :clap:

It's all relative isn't it. Be proud of your 10 minutes (it's more than I've done today :giggle:
Hiya colly, and I echo what KD says, be proud of your achievements, no matter how small, they are still your achievements :)
And you still did better than me....my exercise bike is still in the ruddy box :rolleyes:
Good luck with the diet, you will do great. I got bout 13.5st to lose so know how daunting it can feel. Great support on here though!

I am going to boycott Topshop when I have lost weight, only becuase too expense haha!! Sad as it is I personally can wait to be able to raid primark....haha how tight do I sound!! x
haha ill be in about primark too mark my words! just love the idea of being able to shop in topshop more than the clothes i think!
I know exactly what you mean, just having the option would be good. First step (well for me prob not for some of u) is ASDA, upto a size 24. Gotta dream big havent ya haha!!! x
Hi Colly Strings,

Yes I agree with the others. Any achivement is good so be proud of yourself! Did you do any research on Go Lower, for me it has been great.

Alibalibee, at least yours is in the box, I haven't even got that far yet!
I am thinking of maybe a Wii because so many people are raving about them but I am not sure yet.

Regarding shopping I just want to be able to buy clothes I like rather than clothes that fit! I also think I may have to accept that I am maybe getting past the TopShop age! In fact let me be honest I am way past TopShop. It is just a nice thought to be able to try their clothes on. Does anyone know if they still have those horrible communal changing rooms?
lost 8lb this week, so am very happy with that :)

suzyk i did look at go lower, as i say though i'm very picky and i'm not sure i'd be able to eat much of the foods that fit into that. i'm a nightmare!

was saying yesterday that 2010 WILL be the year i get lighter than i've been since i left school- so below 13st. can't wait!
8lb.....:eek:....wow, well done u!!!!

I am really pleased for you. I dont know about u, but a weight loss like that gives me the motivation to keep going.

Well done again hun xx
Well done Coly Strings that is a great loss.

I am also very fussy about food, probably why I put the weight on to start with. I don't like veg or salad and am also very picky. I am a great fan of pretty much anything that is NOT heathy for me! However, GL is working for me because I am able to eat the foods I like.

See how you go because you are doing really well, you may just want to bear them in mind if you need to.

Keep up the good work.
thank you both xx
i haven't had a great day to be honest, all achey and ill feeling so been feeling a bit sorry for myself, instead of 1200 cals i think i've had about 1600, but still isn't bad i guess! blah :cry:
You sure you arent coming down with something Colly? At least you didnt go crazy and have 2000+ cals. Write it off and start again tomorrow. Forget about it Miss Westwood (V Jealous) just told hubby and he said I can have something designer of my choice when I hit target. So thank your other half because in a round about way he has helped me get something special too hehe x
feeling a bit brighter today,although my throat's a bit sore so maybe i am coming down with something, slept for 12 HOURS (!!!) last night which is absolutely not like me so perhaps, yes! but i'm surviving so that's the main thing!

oooh lovely other half, you best tell him to start saving cause you've got expensive taste!! when i get to target my mum's promised me the same thing, and i told her that! she needn't think it's going to be a £50 bag or something, i'm thinking chanel! lol. in all honesty though being at target would be reward enough in itself (but if people want to buy me nice things then that's fine too of course ;))
Lol dont blame you! Ooooh Chanel maybe that I'll have to have a look at their website. Hope you feel better soon xx
Hi CollyStrings,
How are you feeling today, not coming down with flu I hope.
So you had a bad day yesterday. Today I am sure has been better and if not, tomorrow is a new day and you will do great. To lose 8lb is fantastic and you will keep losing.
You just need to keep motivated and remember all those reasons you want to lose weight. Repeat them like a mantra if you need to everytime you feel yourself being tempted.
We are here to support you and you know you can do it!
had a better day yesterday thankfully, am still feeling a little under the weather today but have a job interview at 3 so will have to brighten up before then! had a sneaky mid week weigh in and look to be 1-2lb down so feel quite good about that. xx

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