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TS AAM Another TFR newbie :)

Hi guys, starting Exante for the first time today! I'm a newbie on MiniMins as well, so I suppose I should introduce myself - I'm 31, have about 6 st to lose, and I'm a stay at home mum of 2 little [strike]monsters[/strike] angels :)

I've never tried a VLCD before, and I'm hoping it will work for me! I've tried Slimming World and calorie counting, so this is a bit daunting, but a lot less hassle since I've got 2 littluns to worry about these days! DS is fascinated by my space food so I'm hoping he'll keep me on the straight and narrow :)

Weighed and measured this morning and took a before pic, was horrified by my lardy arse and belly! So easy to kid yourself how fat you've got until you take a picture!!

So far today had a vanilla shake (bit blech) and a choc orange bar (nice enough), just having a mug of bouillon after the torture of making kids tea, glad to say I didn't cheat at all, even though the noodles were whispering my name the whole time...

Will have my soup after kids have gone to bed, not feeling all that hungry so hoping 100% should be a breeze today.

Here's to a good start anyway, hope everybody else is having a good day!
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I made noodles tonight as well and I absolutely love them. Was a struggle not to even taste them, lol.

Welcome to the board and to Exante. You'll find a bit of coffee in the vanilla does wonders for the flavour. In fact it does wonders for the flavour of all of them.
Cheers for the coffee tip Joanne, will have to try that one! Bought some peppermint and almond essences as well on the assumption that a tiny speck of them won't affect anything but might make me want to gag less :) Strawberry wasn't so bad this morning, just can't quite get over the strong soya smell and slight saltiness - suppose I'll get used to it.

Impressed by the soups though, really enjoyed them - wasn't expecting to be keen on the mushroom since most mushroom soup makes me want to hurl, but it was actually really properly mushroomy and nice! A few chilli flakes helped, really perked up the Thai chicken I had tonight as well.

Day 2 has been another good day, 100% and not really feeling any hardship so far apart from smelling kids tea again - who knew a Tesco value fishcake could be quite so enticing :) Not been properly hungry at all though, just really thirsty and a tiny bit headachey, so hoping tomorrow will be OK, just waiting for day 4 or 5 of doom :)

Hope all you guys have had a good day too! Really enjoying following everybody's diaries, giving me plenty of inspiration to carry on.
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I have just woken up to start day 2 today so it has been lovely reading your posts! Well done on not succumbing to the kids tea! I really feel your pain there. When I made dinner for hubby and son last night I nearly passed out from the unfairness of it all hahaha! Luckily hubby sent me up for a bath whilst he finished it off. Hmm actually maybe its because I stink and he was not actually being kind :D

I hope your day goes really well today, I have found sticking by the boards as much as you can invaluable, there is always someone at the same stage OR someone who is just a bit ahead of you where you can take inspiration from!

Look forward to following your diary x
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good luck!!! i am a new start as well and it is great to meet people that are in the same place as i am!! the begining!!! good luck!!!
Cheers for the encouragement ladies! Still going well, 100% again today.

Really noticing food everywhere now it's the forbidden fruit - DS wanted a bedtime story about Bob that involves a giant pizza, sat down with DD for a cuddle in front of CBeebies and Aunty Mabel was off to the bread factory... just can't escape the stuff!! Think I'm going to give up commercial telly since every bleedin advert is for something yummy :)

Quite enjoyed the food today, choc shake which was OK (think I'll add a drop of peppermint next time), choc orange bar and the notorious tomato soup :) Was OK with some chilli and Worcester sauce, think I'll up the flavourings next time though, it is a bit of a peculiar flavour, I can see why people aren't keen.

Not so torturous making tea tonight, trying to empty the freezer so kids had some burgers which caught a bit under the grill. Set the smoke alarms off but they enjoyed them and the smell made me glad I wasn't having any!! At least hubby took care of himself at lunchtime at work, can't imagine having to do a load of sausages for him, you have a will of steel SummerRain!

Nice to hear from you and igotthis, I'll keep an eye on your diaries, I'm a bit forum shy but it's always good to have diet buddies at the same stage. Hope you've all had a good day and good luck for tomorrow.


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S: 21st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 3st3lb(14.85%)
The amount of adverts about food is scary as well. Its amazing how much more you notice this when you're not eating. Well done on another day.
Cheers Joanne, I really appreciate you looking in - you're a star for egging on all us newbies. Checked out your diary - what an inspiration, you're doing so well! The mental game is always what gets us dieters eh, I suffered with a binge eating problem for years, still do a bit but had some great counselling (care of the NHS) and feel a lot more in control of things these days, oh and some happy pills are doing the world of good :D

Food still haunting me today, Aunty Mabel went to the marmalade factory today :) Big news of day 4 is that hubby is joining me!! :clap: Will make it so much easier when I don't feel obliged to whip up something more than beans on toast of an evening. He's got a hell of a lot to lose so I shall try not to get bitter about him inevitably losing more than me :) He really struggled with the soup though, but fingers crossed he'll get used to them.

Had a stressful day - DS has a few behavioural problems and we spent most of the day butting heads and trying to calm down tantrums, and DD has her big molars coming through and is totally miserable. Keeping 100% was tougher than it has been so far, meh! Still, I would normally have caved in and ordered pizza faced with that, so I'm happy.

Going to flake out in my bed now, mentally exhausted! The one side effect I seem to be having is brain haze, can't even string a... some words in a row, you know... a sentence together :D

Good luck for tomorrow all x

(oh and banana shake is really yummy with a hefty pinch of cinnamon btw)


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S: 21st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 3st3lb(14.85%)
Sounds like a tough day. Well done for getting through it.

Brilliant news that hubbie is joining you. It will definitely be much easier with both of you doing it. He will have much better losses than you though (men always do) so just focus on how well you're doing and not him.

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