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I watch that too. Yeah I totally agreed with them getting rid of Annamaria she seemed to have some sort of body dysmorphia issues! And she was a right b*tch!! haha. I know what you mean about Ann but she is 6ft 2 and is just naturally thin. She talked last week about how she eats loads. I think it is the role model thing - Annamaria was saying that she was starving herself to get even thinner. Plus you could see all her ribs etc whereas Ann is not as bad as that.

I think that's the difference anyway!


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I think its totally wrong that anyone can get their hands round anyones waist no matter how tall they are!!

On another note no one stands out yet where as last year quite a few did
I have already looked on the internet to see who wins!! I am terrible for doing that. But if I didn't know then yeah there aren't really any stand outs.
I've already seen who wins. I found out accidently when googling about one of the contestants wondering "surely she won't get far in the competition" to only find out she had won
ruined it for myself
I can't control myself if I know I can find out online. I read the end of a book before I get too far in too just to make sure I don't get too attached to anyone who turns out to be evil or dies haha. I am a weirdo
I'm watching it - in fact just going to sit down and watch last night's! :) I am tempted to see who wins but will try and resist :D I still think Tyra knocks spots off any of these new girls tho!
What is ANTM ???


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I am a nightmare for looking on Wiki to see who wins! But this season, I have so far resisted. But yeah, I agree. Nobody seems to stand out at the moment, but from the other series, it seems to be a few weeks in before people start to seem really spunky or just down right winners.

Fillymum - ANTM = America's Next Top Model. On Living.
Thanks !!


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I adore this show. Loved the last episode too.
Anamaria was clearly delusional about herself. She was far too skinny.
I love Ann. She is so quirky and different. Also like Rhianna.
Its already annoying me the Terra/Chris thing. Yes they are sisters but they are still competing. They dont have to be referred to as one person!
Kayla annnnnnoys me! I just keep seeing that hair from episode one and it turns me haha!