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Attack Antomhic's Food Diary

Day 1
Breakfast: pint of lukewarm water, coffee and 3 small darnes of salmon cooked on the wok with one spray of Frylight.

Snack: tub of Quark

Lunch: seafood salad with a sprinkle of lemon

Snack: tub of Quark

Dinner: fat-free mince cooked on the wok with one spray of Frylight and some parsley. 2/3 tbsp of Onken Fat-Free Natural Yogurt

I drank Coke Zero and water all day. 1-hour walk but couldn't find oatbran.

Day 2 - PS: lost 2lbs already:)

Pint of lukewarm water, coffee and 2 biggish darn of salmon.

Snack: tub of Quark with 1.5 tbsp of oatbran

Lunch: fat-free mince (leftover from yesterday) with 2 tbsp of Onken fat-free yogurt.

Dinner: skate + 1 tub of Quark with smoked salmon.

Drank Coke zero and water all day.
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Goat herder(ess)
Good start, Antomhic. I have to ask, though - what on earth is a "darn" of salmon? (I don't eat fish and know practically nothing about them, so this is probably a daft question, sorry.)


** Chief WITCH **
It's the French term, isn't it? It has a bone in the middle so I never buy it!!

How big is a tub of quark? Two tubs yesterday - no worries in attack where dairy is unlimited but just wondered for future reference in Cruise
250gr Maintainer - why, what happens in Cruise? You're right about the darne, it has a bone but mine were actually fillets, coming to think of it, as there is more flesh!
Day 3 - lost another lb

2 fillets of salmon, coffee, pint of lukewarm water

Nearly full tub of Quark with oatbran

2 fillets of trout

Rest of tub of Quark

Plate of mince with two tbsp of Onken Fat-free Natural Yogurt.

Water, coffee and Coke zero throughout the day
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** Chief WITCH **
In Cruise, dairy is limited to 1L... no worries in attack though. Are you eating enough?
Hi Maintainer, I think I am - in the sense that I have my three meals and 2 snacks and I am not hungry going to bed or at any stage during the day. The portions are very generous and given that these are proteins, I get a sense of fullness quicker without feeling bloated or "heavy". Do you think I am not eating enough?


** Chief WITCH **
Yes, most people would find they're in ketosis (at least) by the end of day 3 hence your not feeling particularly hungry. Given your current weight, your quantities look fine. (Just the "2 x trout fillets" made me wonder if they were the tiny ones...).

How many days' attack are you aiming for? Have you weighed yourself yet? Given your current weight, I'd move to Cruise now
Just before I answer, today, day 4, I had:

Breakfast: 2 tiny eggs (one of my husband's colleagues has chickens and they started laying eggs:)) with leftover trout from yesterday (the fillets were huge!)

Snack: (this is before I checked the sugars in the yogurt) 2 tbsp of yogurt with oatbran

Lunch: small bowl of leftover mince

Dinner: tub of Quark with smoked salmon

3 lt of liquids

How many days' attack are you aiming for? Have you weighed yourself yet? Given your current weight, I'd move to Cruise now
I was planning 5, so tomorrow would have been my last day, however, I checked on the Dukan site and they suggested only two so I would possibly start Cruise tomorrow. Why would you think that given my weight it is the right time to move onto the next stage despite the very little weight loss in Attack?


** Chief WITCH **
Dukan says two to three days are fine for relatively small losses. Seven to ten days are really for people with a lot to lose. He says that he's studied the difference in loss to a lighter person between a 7-10 day attack and a 3 day and it's not significant enough to counter the side effects of such a long period without salad/veg. (Constipation comes to mind, not to mention lack of variety, crunch, vitamins etc.!)

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