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Any other new starters on Lighter Life Light??

I am on my 3rd day on LLL. My first weigh in will be next tuesday evening. I just hope it will be more successful than WW and Slim wrld. It took for ever and I lost motivation.
At the moment I don't feel great but I know that my mood will change.
be good to hear from a new person to share stuff with.
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Hi Sue - I'm starting LLL on Monday, meeting Monday evening, so probably starting Tuesday. I have about the same amount to lose as you. I'm a bit scared - just hope I'll be motivated. How are you finding each day?

thanks for getting back.
So far not too bad. Day 3 (yest)was the worst. I felt so ill but woke up to day and felt much better. I think I have gone into this ketosis I hear so much about. I am no longer feeling sick with hunger.
I keep weighing myself though (about x3per day!!) have taken bat out of scales to stop myself. But according to my scales I have lost about 4llb-but a lot of that will just be water. The main thing is because I am sticking to it, it can only go down.
I am keeping a blog going which I will use for my recipies as I can't cope eating boiled chicken and veg. I need more interesting stuff.
Anyway good luck for next week and keep intouch.
I'm back! Glad you posted, I think I'll find it easier if I have some people doing this at the same time. What are you eating? It's one meal + packs from what I read. I really hope this works. My weight has just gone up over the years, and I can't shift it any other way. Do you drink a lot of water? I think I'll miss the white wine too
I think it will work. Yes it's 3 packs and one meal. I know what you mean about weight going on. I have done SWorld and WW-too damn slow and you have to think about food too much. I got sick of it.
my weekness was take-away indian and lager.
As for the water I have naturally felt thirstier than normal so am drinking about 1.5-2L per day. But it does say not to drink exces and too quickly. I think listen to your body is best.
If you need some recipies i will put some on my blog as i make them up (unless disgusting, like last night!!)
Best thing is to keep food tasty but basic or else you think about food all day-which is something I need to stop doing.
all the best.
Seen your blog - great. I'm not a great cook, but I'm willing to try anything to get this weight off before it gets out of hand. I'm off to my first meeting tomorrow evening, so start on Tuesday. Would be good to have others here who are doing LLL.
We both have our meetings at the beg of the week.
Tues eve is my first weigh in. Am quite apprehensive (which they had a spell checker on this thing!!) If I have lost loads I will say it's cos of water. If I have only lost a couple of pounds I will go mental!! which ever I will still moan. But that's me. I always give myself a hard time.
anyhow enough of me all the best for tomorrow. I love cooking so will keep putting ideas on my blog.
chat soon.
Hey mumbles how did it go today?
Hi - I went to the meeting last night, and started today. It was OK, just hope I can keep going. I'm nervous about that, but I know that it's up to me. I;ve had 2 of the shakes, one more to go. Also, I haven't had time to cook - late home from work - so i've had salmon (tinned) and tomato and onion , and it was fine. How did your weigh in go?
I lost 5.5llb. But I know a lot of it is water. Still that amount would have taken best part of 3 weeks to shift at WW and SW.
I am so exhausted (been very long day at work) did not have time to eat. I only had 125 calories from 09.00 until 8pm this evening. Felt terrible but had meal now (prawns with chilli,garlic and ginger + salad leaves) feel more human now. Will never leave eating that long again. I felt drunk and a bit disorientated come 4pm plus I only had goddamn soup left and they make me gagg. Have replenished shakes and some cerial bars this week.
Try not to be nervous about diet. Believe me if I can do it for a week anyone can.
hope to catch up with you later in the week.
Hi Mumbles

Hi - I went to the meeting last night, and started today. It was OK, just hope I can keep going. I'm nervous about that, but I know that it's up to me. I;ve had 2 of the shakes, one more to go. Also, I haven't had time to cook - late home from work - so i've had salmon (tinned) and tomato and onion , and it was fine. How did your weigh in go?
Was just wonering how you were getting on. Not seen you post for a while. Are you finding the diet hard? It is day 10 for me now and this is the first day I have not felt *hite. Think I have turned a corner. anyhow just wanted to check in with you
Good luck Mumbles!!! It's OK to be nervous. I was scared sh*tless when I started LL. It is a big thing we embark on doing this idet. I also find, a little fear is good - it keeps us aware and from getting complacent.

Sue - WELL DONE! Glad you are turning that corner - that is when things really start to happen. ANd yes, it is a very good idea not to go to long without eating - thats when control can be a difficult thing to maintain, so well done you for getting through the day.

Good luck ladies! :)
Hi everyone. Been away, and haven't posted. Suepass - it's OK! I managed a meeting with lunch one day this week and a birthday party last night, I just had the salad garnish. No one noticed. I've been feeling as normal, slightly tired at times, but alright really. My digestion isn't that brilliant, hope it gets better. I'm still nervous, I've felt slightly wavering at times. I know I'll manage until the first weight in, I just really want to do this and carry on after Monday night. Good to hear that you're doing well Suepass and thanks for your support BL - it's such a comfort when you realise that there are people there for you. Will be checking in later Mumbles
Glad you ok.
I know what you mean about wavering. My husband took his 12 yr old daughter and her friend out today and they went for proper chips. Thank goodness I could not go as not sure I could have resisted pinching a few.
I find it easier at work as kept busy and don't have to think too much.
catch up again soon.
I agree about work, it's much easier when you're busy. I'm still waiting to experience 'not thinking about food' all the time! I prefer the shakes too, not too keen on the soups, and made lumpy porridge one morning - horrid. Just want to keep it up, still shaky about it at times. Still best of luck. Catch up soon
top tip for mixing powder soups and porridge.

yes the lumps. I have found that if you mix soups/porridge in luke warm water they disolve almost instantlay. You must add the powder to the water.
Then shove them in the micorwave
or saucpan to heat through. Gauaranteed no lumps.
The only soup I like is the thai one. The peanut cerial bars are nice. but some of them have the texture of plastacine and I had to put it in the bin after only a nibble. thank god I only bought one.
I used a stick blender for everything - boiled a kettle, poured water, whizzed for about 10 seconds - lump free, hot and ready to have.

The porridge, I added boiling water, smooshed and stirred with a fork, broke the lumps up immediately - then nuked for 30 seconds to thicken it. Perfect. Porridge is lumpy after all, so it will never be smooth.

I could not have lived without my stick blender! :)


Is back in the saddle!
They really should put it in their promotional material that most of it is crap without a stick blender. They are not doing themselves any favours really.

Mind you, they could have given one out at the start rather than all the other stoopid stuff like plastic cups and ducks!!!


Is back in the saddle!
(Shhh, mine have been in the bath. Just to see the colour change of course.)

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